Great North Asymmetric Challenge 2015

We’ve tamed the wind, hopefully the rain will ease too! The competitors are signed up.

Let the competition begin!

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MJM Trophy/Asymmetric Cup

Previously run as a long series, this has been compacted into a weekend series of 5 races. Sun and blue skies were the order of the day, while the wind struggled to settle down.

A forecast easterly did come in, but the strength was variable throughout the afternoon. Feedback from the sailors suggested the wind direction was equally variable! Simon was keen to suggest to the OD (every time he passed the Bates) that the course was in the shadow of Sale Fell.

Before the start, Gary queried AJ as to how Chris/Julie managed to stop dead still. He discovered a second later when, he too stopped dead in his tracks when ran aground! AJ opted to strip to his shorts before jumping overboard to get them underway again.

Scumper/Zefer had a flying start in the 2nd race, only to be recalled. Later in the 2nd race Simon/Jon were reluctant to give up their lead on Mike/Kayla and invoked some mega luging tactics. Although they won that war, Mike went on to win the battle…

Sunday was cloudier and cooler with slightly stronger winds which were to be useful to get the three scheduled races in (even if tiring for some sailors).

While Sue was recovering from her daughter’s wedding, AJ recruited Karen, the flagpole dancing decorator, as a temporary stand in. Tim was keen to push Simon over the start line in the first race, but failing to realise he too was over, and not returning after being recalled, led to him being awarded OCS.

As ever, Mik was enthralled by the tweets and webcam images, and decided to pop down to sail. Actual conditions put him off, so he returned home to watch the Grand Prix.

Tim was later involved in an incident with training officer Neil who collided with Tim, capsized, and realised his leg was caught in the mainsheet!

Banter was in the groove today, being more confident that he was finding how to tune his RS100, he was able to have some close racing with Scumper/Zefer, securing a 1st in the 2nd race of the day, to add to his bullet from Saturday. Scumper won the final race of the day and the Asymmetric Cup.

Simon/Jon had a better day leading all three races, but rear commodore Andy and Ginger Phil in a GP put in three good races as well taking a 2nd and two 1sts to win the MJM Trophy.

If you want to see how Andy/Ginger Phil worked the shifts check out this link that shows what was recorded on his GPS during the afternoon racing. It shows his 11miles of sailing!

Final results

Next weekend we are hosting the Great North Asymmetric Challenge, to benefit from the £10 early bird discount make sure your entry is submitted by midnight tonight (Sunday)

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Now that the sailing season is underway, and the clubhouse is being used again, it is important to keep it clean, tidy, and in good repair, so that it is inviting to members and visitors alike. Whilst everyone can do their bit by leaving it tidy when leaving, we are in need of a House committee chair to coordinate the tasks, and maintenance issues.

So please form an orderly queue to speak to Commodore Mark Somerville about the role.


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Blue Skies…

… just weren’t enough. A lovely, sunny, afternoon but high winds, or was it low temperatures, put numerous would sailors off. So AJs stressful OD duty was straightforward- just get settled into a few cups of tea before abandoning racing for the day.

Winds eased overnight, but it was a wet start which seemed to dampen enthusiasm for the various sailors that were on site. However, after lunch the rain stopped and the one and only race of the weekend got underway – the Eric Twiname Trust pennant, typically raced around the lake. Fortuitously the OD only set the course as far as 10 as the wind eased soon after the start!

Alastair/Gayle in a RS200 were first to 10 and held off Scumper/T in a RS400 all the way back to Scarness. Despite being in the slowest boat, Jim/Poppy stayed ahead of a RS400 on the water, and won on handicap.

Final results

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Push the Boat Out 9/10 May

This year The RYA promoted Push the Boat Out initiative is being run over 9-17 May. We are playing our part over the first weekend 9/10 May and encouraging newcomers to get on the water. They can try out single handed sailing dinghies, double handed boats, paddle boarding, kayak, rafted Canadian canoes, rowing boat, keel boat and catamaran… all free.

They will be able to park in our ample grounds, have a picnic, go for a stroll, buy snacks and drinks, and admire the glorious views over Bassenthwaite Lake and surrounding mountains. 

Encourage your friends and colleagues to come down and join in where they will be able to talk to club officials to find out what we offer, and what it will cost. Also, they will find out that we offer tuition to adults and youths over 9 years on learning to sail, as well as powerboat courses to adults and teenagers, and first aid courses. 

They will be able to see club members taking part in our weekend races and see that we take safety very seriously by having several safety boats even if it is calm.

All in all we need your help, to encourage new interest by inviting friends/colleagues, and by being around to act as ambassadors for the club, as well as being available to take visitors on to the water.

Please try and do your bit in whatever way you can.


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We Need Your Photos 

After seeing last week’s Press Report on the notice board or in the paper, you might have looked at the accompanying photo and thought to yourself “Surely the Press Officer has been around long enough to know the difference between a Solo and a Vareo?”

Well, we all make mistakes – but this wasn’t one of them!  You see, Mik has run out of Photos and needs Members to send him their favourite action shot. His plan is to feature different boats and crews each week from those who are competing.

For this to work, he needs a good, high quality, picture – a shot which clearly shows the helm and any crew in the boat they will be sailing this season.  Some in challenging winds would be ideal, although the photo sent to the papers should reflect that weekend’s conditions. Send as a jpg attachment to Mik at his email address in the Handbook.

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Great Weekend for Photos

Photos (C) Simon Longstaff

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Thomas’ Twitter

Our foreign correspondent has returned from Puy to report on the Bass meeting

Priority – Which beer should we have?

Can we manage with smaller hot plates?

Social committee were there too

They spot the paparazzi

Obviously meeting went well, William must have left the Bass cheque book lying about

Date of next meeting


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Easter Weekend

The first, and longest, bank holiday weekend of the year started off wet and windless. However, a light breeze did fill in sufficiently to get racing underway for the Good Friday Challenge. Dave/Sarah had their second ‘casual’ start of the season, but it was Mike/Kayla that were some minutes behind the leaders when they were the last to start.

As the drizzle faded, the wind eased and the OD was preparing to finish the fleet part way round the first lap. The light breeze returned in time for the leaders to continue on for a second lap. The excitement must have been too much for Robbie D/Banter who retired and have yet to complete a race this season!

Although Steve/Ruth were first on the water, the corrected times placed the GPs of Dave/Lynn as winners with Mike/Eric 2nd, and Steve 3rd

Final results 

Tog reckoned we were in for some good weather for the rest of the weekend- would he be right? Well started off very promising with a dry start, but a light, patchy, wind. The wind did settle down a little, though mainly after the slight sea breeze kicked in shortly after the start. There was an eggsellent turnout of over 30 boats across all four fleets

Some consistent sailing in the F15s with 5 out of 7 boats getting the same result in each race. Mike/Kayla won both, Wendy/John and Graham/Elaine each with a 2nd and 4th. Dave/Lynn won both GP races. Despite a substantial lead in the handicap fleet, Phil/Naomi in a RS400 finished 2nd to Ian H in his Solo. Steve/Ruth won the 2nd race. Mik won the only slow handicap race, as the long first race took its toll on various younger competitors so they didn’t partake in the 2nd race.

MG Series – latest results 

On Sunday morning the fog was so thick that it wasn’t possible to see the end of the jetty! Fortunately it cleared, and a stronger than expected breeze filled in to enable racing to get underway on time. Well it would have started on time if it had not been for Ben Ainsley who caused a signal to be missed (indirectly). Despite the temporary delay, various people were caught out, including that reluctant headline grabber vice commodore Robbie D, and were still late starting!

The wind did swing and vary in strength throughout the day, but there’s nothing unusual about that! Disappointingly the mist/low cloud came over for a couple of hours preventing the temperature from getting up to the forecast 17C

The second special award of the season goes to Steve/Ruth at having to do the first set of turns of the season after misjudging where the front of his boat was.

By the end of the third race the skies were clear, and the wind had settled for some good racing. Finishing at 0 caused confusion when some believed it to be a hook finish, but we don’t get caught out that easily.

Fascinating scenery – was it a vapour trail from a RIB?!

Monday morning proved to be just as foggy as Sunday, though it took a lot longer to clear. A SW breeze coming from a cloud bank did not last long so it was decided to postpone till after lunch.

The wind did fill in from the west, and came through in waves resulting in short periods of light/drifting conditions, but both scheduled races were held and there were more casual starters (from helms that should know better!)

After eight races, and over 200 finishes, the weekend ended with on a high – blue skies, nice breeze.

Neil/Rory won the F15s, with Mike/Kayla 2nd. Dave/Lynn had a clean sweep in the GPs from Mike/Eric. Similarly Bean/Naomi back in their RS200 had a clean sweep in the Handicap fleet from Robbie D/Josh also in a RS200, while Jim/Poppy in their Hartley held out and won the slow handicap series from Mik in a Mirror.

Easterly Trophy etc – Final results 

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Racing Results 

With a long weekend ahead, and a full racing and social programme, please accept this as a timely reminder that club rules state that results will not count if subscription payments are not up to date.

You have been warned!

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