The Fourth Dimension 

IMG_0339 Otherwise known as the Neil factor…

Sunday started with light, patchy, conditions from a cold NE direction. By the time the race started for the three competitors the wind had bedded down for the simple, triangular course.

With the Bates out of commission for the rest of the season, Herb told AJ, the OD, that the race would be started from the race office (whatever the wind direction!). This meant 0 would be left to starboard for the start, though the course was to be left all to port. This is where the Neil factor kicked in as he decided to always leave 0 to starboard…

When the race was shortened Neil was in the lead but again left 0 to starboard so never actually finished in accordance with the rules. Mike/Dave were not too far behind and taking pole position on personal and fleet handicap.

After a break for lunch to warm up and build up their energy, the flip chart was pulled out and AJ drew the course, especially for Neil, to show what was expected in terms of sailing the course. All three boats sailed again, and Neil took the lead, but finished 2nd on handicap behind Mike, being the same overall positions on both fleet and personal handicap.

As if by magic, the wind disappeared just after racing ended…

Just one more race scheduled, after the annual dinner, so unlikely to be too many takers.

Latest results FH PH

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Annual Dinner and Prize Giving – Final call for tickets

Sunday 22nd is the last day to buy tickets 

Our Annual Dinner and Prizegiving is being held at Greenhill Hotel, Red Dial, Wigton
on Saturday 28th November 2015
starting 7 for 7.30pm

Please book your tickets at

Tomato & basil soup
Chicken liver pate with Cumberland sauce
Turkey with all the trimmings
Roast topside of local beef with Yorkshire pudding, caramelised onions and mushrooms in a red wine sauce
Mediterranean vegetable strudel in a spicy tomato sauce
Sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce
Strawberry, mango and passion fruit pavlova
Coffee and Mints

Only £28/head

Dress code: Black Tie

Don’t forget to return your prizes in good time!

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Winter washout


Don’t do it Mik!

Wind and more rain led to the abandonment of racing for the third weekend in a row. Shame because Mik was ready and raring to go!

A few more boats were removed from site, and with more rain forecast it would be sensible to consider removing yours too if it is still on site.

Jose and Ginge wish to give a big thank you to all that helped move their boat to high ground earlier in the week.

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Weather warning

You may be aware that the Lake levels are currently so high that it is lapping close to the winch by the boat house. Weather forecasts are predicting 150-200mm of rain in next 48 hours.In 2009 a 300 mm rainfall caused lake to rise 4 metre, flooding where your boats are currently parked.

We recommend that you prudently either take your boats home today or if you are wanting to sail tomorrow and next week, then move to even higher ground.

You may be thinking that your boats are insured but Lasers are very robust boats more likely to get scratched than holed.

Make the most of today’s break in the weather and do something to protect your property today.

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Prize Winners 2015

Are you a prize winner this season? If so, many congratulations, and make sure you book your place at the prize giving dinner on 28 November at Greenhill Hotel, Red Dial

Prizewinners 2015
Club Championship
Osprey Trophy Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
T.S.B Trophy Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
Eagle Trophy Ian Hall
Kirk Decanter Alex Leonard Olivia Storey
1972 Trophy Ethan Dawson
Arthur Carr Trophy Ethan Dawson
Flying Fifteen
Brackenrigg Cup Neil Currie Rory Yardley/Nick Smith
Anderson Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Wheel Trophy Ian MacPherson Elaine Fairlamb
Maurice Dalton Memorial Trophy Ian Campbell Lezli Ann Pearson
Lawson Trophy Neil Currie Rory Yardley/Nick Smith
Elwyn Banner Mendus Cup David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Philp Prize Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
Twiname Prize Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Hatrick Prize Dave Nicholson Sarah Wilkinson
Grant Cup N/a
Beginners Prize Jonathan Bovington
Slow Handicap, Mirror & Topper
Excalibur Trophy Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Mirror Trophy Mik Chappell
The Kirkpatrick Trophy Hazel Newport
Iberia Cup Hazel Newport
Bassenthwaite Bell Josh Hunter
Fleet Trophies
Flying Fifteens
Ullock Mug Neil Currie Rory Yardley
Easterly Trophy Neil Currie Rory Yardley
Mellor Mug Neil Currie Rory Yardley
Scarness Cup Neil Currie Nick Smith
Blencathra Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Morgan Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Flying Enterprise Trophy Mike Moore Sally Roberts
Denton Trophy (Night Jar) Gary Mansell Michaela Sheard
CSSA (Fleet A) Graham Kirkpatrick Elaine Fairlamb
Flying Free Trophy Ian Campbell Lezli-Ann Pearson
Bryson helms (Fleet B) Ian MacPherson Elaine Fairlamb
Jak Pot Simon Longstaff Jon Denwood
Dawson Trophy Mark Ninnim Ian Preston
Easter Holiday Trophy Phil Smith Naomi Smith
August Cup Phil Smith Naomi Smith
Isel Cup Phil Smith Naomi Smith
May Holiday Cup Phil Smith Naomi Smith
Comet Trophy Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
Foxtail Trophy (Fleet B) Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
Barf Plate Ian Hall
Spring Holiday Plate (Fleet A) Ian Hall
Wythop Plate Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
Skiddaw Trophy Phil Davenport
Dodd Trophy Alex Leonard Olivia Storey
Grisedale Cup Steve Hunt Ruth Critchley
Evening Plate (Night Jar) Tony King
Commodores Prize David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Lyne Tankard David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Aitken Cup David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Spring Cup (The Jak Plak) David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Bass Tankard David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Stables Prize David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Ross Wear Helm (Fleet B) Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Harney Hetherington Trophy (Fleet A) Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Autumn Cup Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Graham Cup Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
McMillan Cup (June Cup) Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
Night Jar Alan Jones Sue Watson
Mustard Pot Val Bell Ken Bell
Slow Handicap, Mirrors & Toppers
Image Tankard Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Round Table Tankard Jim Christie Poppy Christie
AB Series Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Red Sails Trophy Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Orsova Cup Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Reflection Trophy Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Singlehanded Trophy Jim Christie Poppy Christie
The Albert Bates Trophy Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Peel Pot Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Windfall Trophy (Fleet A) David Rodger
M Series (Night Jar) David Rodger
Mirror Mug Mik Chappell
Kirk Helmsman Trophy (Fleet B) Seb White
All Classes
Paul Carruthers Memorial Trophy Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Tinker Trophy Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Winter Series Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Jimmy Lancaster Memorial Trophy Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Jubilee Sailing Trust Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Ladies Race Joan Hardie
Asymmetric Cup Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
Celebrity Glass Trophy Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
Calvert Trust Pennant David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Albert Bates Retirement David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Junior Race Hazel Newport
Night Jar under 16 Hazel Newport
Starters Prize Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
RNLI Pennant Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Eric Twiname Trust / Bassenthwaite Burgee Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Senior Race Mike Fairlamb
Crews Race Olivia Storey
October Series Personal Handicap Phil Davenport
October Series Fleet Handicap Alex Leonard Olivia Storey
Max Joule Memorial Trophy Andy Smith Phil Hodgkins
Sandra’s Salver Poppy Christie
The Roger Pryde Memorial Trophy TBA
Consistency Cup TBA
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Tuesday 10th November – Water Level Update.

Calls have been received from a number of members regarding the rapidly rising water levels, if your boat is near the lake shore you are advised to move it to higher ground as a matter of urgency.  ⛵️☔️

Update 4.30pm – All boats have been moved to higher ground but you are advised to check them at your earliest opportunity as not all could be secured.


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Autumn Storms

Following successful bonfire night celebrations for which the daytime rain clouds parted for long enough to enjoy the bonfire and fireworks display, Sunday’s forecast was not at all encouraging (sustained winds in excess of 50mph).

A few sailors turned up, with Poppy being the most enthusiastic, but it was too wet and blustery to tempt anyone to even prepare their boat, so the OD was not slow in declaring the abandonment for the day.

Perhaps next weeks conditions will be perfect?!

NB. A couple of boats were blown over in the gusts, and some were rocking. Also, the lake has risen substantially over the last 24 hours, and at risk of rising more after further rain, so it would be worth checking sure your boat is still secure, on high enough ground, and not at risk of being damaged.

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RS Aerocup in Barcelona 

harryOur Youth Squad sailor Harry Binns has travelled to Barcelona this week to take part in the RS Aerocup Barcelona regatta, a three day regatta sailed on the seas in front of the impressive city of Barcelona, with entrants taking part from 9 countries.

A training day was held on Thursday to make sure the sailors were getting the most out of their boat and giving them tips on how the RS Aero can really be pushed in competitive sailing.

With only very light winds on Friday and Saturday, sailing was postponed until there was enough for racing to start. When it did commence Harry soon got used to the waves, and his competitors, and was laying in 5th place.

Sunday was a complete change with the wind blowing up to 35 knots and the swell on the sea began to grow. Racing was postponed again and finally abandoned as conditions continued to get worse. Therefore the final results didn’t change and Harry was unable to improve on this position.

A great time was had and having the sunshine throughout made up for the times when sailing was not taking place. A great event and Harry looks forward to the next RS Aero event where he can meet up with his new friends again and maybe even bring back the cup.

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Final Countdown

With the arrival of November, racing is scheduled for Sundays only, and that means just five days racing left this season. The day started misty with no wind whatsoever, but the forecast looked promising. However, 11.30 came and went and there was still little sign of wind in the northern bay, but it was nice, mild, and bright, and several boats were rigged ready for action. By 12.15 various zephyrs were filling parts of the bay, so the rescue boat was launched and the Bates brought ashore.

Knotted flagThe OD opted to make the most of what little wind there was, and while waiting for the fleet to get to the start line set in the light southerly, the wind swung to the west, so the line was moved and racing was soon underway. Perhaps the raising of a knotted class flag was the OD’s way of keeping his fingers crossed that the wind would hold. 

Although the wind swung a little more to the north, and was somewhat shifty, the wind did hold long enough to get two races in back to back. However, by the end of the second race, the clear blue skies were gone, a mist was starting to roll in, and the wind was fading to nothing again.

The results show how fortunes varied in the changing conditions with first three positions going to Tony in a Solo, Mike/Eric in a GP, and Neil in a Laser in the first race, and Steve/Izzie in a Merlin, Jim/Poppy in a Hartley, and Val/Ken in a GP in the second race. Steve/Izzie lead the fleet handicap series while Pete is winning the personal handicap series

Winter series latest results

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Conclusion of October Series

Saturday’s races was held in a light but bitterly cold southerly wind. Competitors having to endure nearly four hours of racing were pretty chilled but at least they were moving around. The Bates and safety crews were absolutely pickled when they finally came ashore.

There were eight starters although Joan and Jack had an early capsize and were well down the fleet. Banter Phil was first on the water but Mike & Eric won on FH and AJ and Sue on PH The following race held back to back in ever lightening winds had a long course and took an age to finish. Jim in the Supernova was fed up with conditions and bemoaning no reach in the course so he came ashore. Banter was again first over the line 5 seconds ahead of Mike & Kayla. There was no wind when coming into the slipways and the Geeps had their paddles out. But Mike & Eric were again winners on FH with Banter taking the PH win.

Conditions on Sunday were much of the same. Chris & Julie had a flyer at the start of the morning race at the start and it took Mike & Kayla in the other Fifteen a fair time to get by them.

 After lunch the action switched to lower down the order. Richard lost the forestay fitting on his Solo and retired, luckily without further damage. Meanwhile Joan and Jack brought their Geep ashore for de rigging prior to their forthcoming holiday adventure. Mike & Eric took two further bullets to make it a full hous

Latest results FH PH (to be updated…)

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