Ladies, Crews, Juniors, Seniors Race 2016

It was a pleasant evening with a SW3/4 blowing. The Sailing Secretary set a line upwind of 3 with the course being 0-1-A-3. There were 14 starters.
 Ken helming the GP tacked off onto port following the start and it initially seemed to pay off but it was the single handers who were soon at the front of the fleet with Neil sailing really well and leading Tony and Jim. Then came the four GP’s with Ken and Sue keeping up with the conventionally helmed Mike & Joan but split by Hazel’s Radial.

 By the end of lap 2 Tony’s Solo had a slight lead over Neil’s Laser but Jim had retired the Nova. Bob Gate’s Radial and John’s Pico were then finished on two laps before Tony led the three lappers across the line. The exception was Eric Wasilewski who capsized his laser during a gybe and retired.

 Of the awards Neil took Senior, Hazel Junior and Ken Crew. Julie in her L2000 won the Ladies Trophy. Simon and Steve were competing in their L2000 but Steve’s wife was on hand and had prepared a superb meal.


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Weekend Series

A long overdue dry weekend brought with it a good force 4 to exercise and challenge the fleets for another championship  weekend series. A swinging wind swung the wrong way, as far as the beat was concerned, and resulted in a one sided beat which might explain some of the results for the first race. Capsizes, or near capsizes (including one by Scumper in his RS100), was another factor. Jon took out his Laser, and seemed to get away with a keen start, but retired after capsizing.

In the F15s, Ian/Lezliann took a while to get out of first gear but, when they did, they went on to win both races from Tim/Ian comfortably.

Tog had a guest appearance in the front of Robbie D’s RS400, and had a good lead in the first race from Joe in a Laser, and Tony in his Solo. In the 2nd race, there were some better reaches, and the beat returned(!), which Scumper took advantage of to secure 1st place from Steve/Ruth in a Merlin, and Robbie D, who is overnight leader.

Jim/James in their Hartley, despite James feeling tired after the first lap(!), had two wins from John in a Pico and Mik in a Mirror, to lead the slow handicap series overnight.

Another three races were sailed on Sunday in mild, sometimes sunny conditions, together with wind.

A wind shift on the start prompted a port on port start – it worked for Steve/Ruth, but Phil/Naomi had to tack off for the rest of the fleet. The gybe marks again were the cause of some capsizes, while others were just overpowered in various gusts.

Zefer and JD had some close racing in the first race which JD protected his position by cover tacking up the final beat. It didn’t prove necessary in the next race after Zefer had a collision just before the start, causing him to capsize, and giving the rest of the fleet a head start!

Banter borrowed Tog’s boat for the final race, and promptly capsized! Overall, it became a battle between Scumper and Robbie D which ended in Robbie D’s favour by one point who won the Wythop Trophy.

Mike/Kayla won all three races, but it was not enough to beat Ian/Lezliann who took two 2nds and the Scarness Cup.

Poppy sailed with Jim and won two  more races to win the Reflection Trophy, with John 2nd.

AJ/Sue and Kath/Glenys were the only boats to race in the GP fleet – AJ took two wins and the Graham Cup.

Final results

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Night Jar 12 

It was a pleasant evening with a constant f3 wind from the West. With the line laid near A, Nigel chose a course of 0-9-4. Of the sixteen starters John capsized the Skiff just before the start but was soon back on the rails and sailing hard. Not so Peter & Lottie in their Laser 2 who were forced well over the line and struggled to find a gap to return.

Tog & Joan in their 200 were first to the windward mark but, by 9, John was through and away. Then came Mike & Eric’s GP, Neil’s Laser and Tony’s Solo. Joan & Jack were starting to move up in their GP after, for them, an average start.  Further down the fleet there was a close contest between Julie Tomkinson / Sarah Newport in the L2000 and Alex Kasiliwski just ahead of father Eric both in Lasers.

 Results showed the 4.7 of Hazel taking the PH win from John’s Pico. On FH it was Mike & Eric from Joan & Jack. But Tony in his Solo continues to dominate both Series.

 Next Thursday it is all change with the Ladies, Crews, Juniors and Seniors races so do give some thought which category you would like to sign in for. That is, if you have a choice!

Final results FH PH

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A Future Star

A fleeting visit by Swallow from the forthcoming Swallows and Amazons film which was recorded locally last Summer.

Word has she may return during The ONE Bassenthwaite Sailing Week – you have entered haven’t you?!

Merchandise is available to preorder online at discounted rates until 23 July


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Flying 15 GP Open

A long term forecast of gusting winds and rain improved, for Saturday at least, providing a window that tempted a good fleet of sailors to make last minute entries for the GP14 and F15 opens, part of the Waples Wine Northern Traveller series.

The rain had passed through as the OD set off to start racing in the bay where the SSW winds were swinging around Sale Fell. However, the winds proved to be steadier (in direction) through the Scarness narrows, so a course was set to beat to mark 7, with the leeward mark dipping back into the Northern bay.

In the F15s, Dovestone sailors Dave McKee and Mal Hartland got off to a flying start, but Simon Longstaff and Jon Denwood broke through and led to the finish of the hour long race. In the GPs, Commodore Mark Somerville teamed up with Phil Hodgkins, and despite slipping back at times, fought back through to beat Mike Fairlamb and Eric Smith.

After the start of the second race, squalls started to pass through the course area as other parts had little wind. The GPs had a general recall, by which time the squalls were getting harsher and more frequent. As more boats in both fleets were flattened by down draughts, the OD kept a close eye on the situation, and as the F15s completed their second lap, he opted to shorten the course and take the fleet ashore to see if conditions would improve. In the F15s, Simon took another win with Nigel and Gavin Tullet 2nd. In the GPs, Mark won again, with Jean-Louis Simons Mark Hinton from West Kirby 2nd.

Sailors voted with their feet once ashore, and with no sign of the weather abating, racing was abandoned for the day.

The overnight situation has Bass boats leading both fleets.

The Bass micro climate again beat the forecast with many of wild gusts being held at bay, enabling racing to get underway. The wind did strengthen as the morning progressed, and there were various capsizes along the way, especially at the gybe marks which seemed all to frequent for some crews! Two races were completed before lunch and the final race, one having been held over from Saturday, after lunch.

The GPs result was determined before lunch with Mark securing a 2nd and his third 1st, but the F15s result was dependant on the final race as Dave McKee won both morning races. Spinnaker problems put paid to Simon’s chances of beating Dave in the final race who went on to take his 3rd win of the day, and the open meeting trophy.

The prizes were awarded by the Commodore’s wife, Kirstie Somerville. Dave McKee gave a vote of thanks to the club for its efforts over the weekend.

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Night Jar 11

Surprising few boats turned out for this Thursday night sailing. The wind was steady and the clouds were broken. A few last minute changes to the race organisation left with Alan Jones being in charge and generously lending his boat to Dave & Lynn Lawson (their boat being out of action).

A trapezoid course was set which would hopefully cater for the various types of boat taking place. The wind was gusty before the start which unfortunately caught out Peter Winfindale who was sailing with Lottie in the Laser 2. Peter went for a swim whilst Lottie looked on! The start was clean and the FF of John Riley & Tim Knowles were just beaten to the first mark by John’s Skiff. The three GPs of Dave & Lynn, Joan & Jack, Val & Ken followed in close pursuit.The wind remained for most of the race but eventually began to fade. A shorten course was called and the slower boats finished in good time, unfortunately the boats became quite strung out due to there position on the course and large gaps developed. The final results were delayed until later so they could be processed.

A fine meal of substantial Steak pie and peas was provided by John Roberts and enjoyed by all.

Latest results FH PH

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Racing on 2-3 July 2016

First to the Birkett on Ullswater. Out of 235 entrants Simon & Jon finished 6th Overall having been 3rd after the horrendous Saturday race. Mark & Zepher finished 13th by manually holding a broken boom together and Mike & Kayla 21st despite running aground and damaging their keel. The carnage on Saturday reduced those going into the second day to 80. We lost Dave & Lynn with a bent mast while Alex & Olivia retired with undisclosed problems. Back at Bass Saturday was abandoned after a storm brought tumultuous rain and whitecaps to the Lake.

Sunday brought sailable conditions and new winners. In the morning John Riley /Nigel Lewis topped the GP’s and Peter Whipp the Handicap Fleet. Lunch was enlivened by Poppy chasing up her Kayak Challenge RNLI sponsorship money and liaising with OD Tim Chittenden to obtain publicity for presenting it.

Ten boats started the afternoon Pennant after Tim promised not to send the fleet beyond 7. Instead it would be two laps of an elongated Bay which was quite sufficient after everyone was becalmed in the 8-7 narrows. Rory and crew were first to escape in their Fifteen with Jim’s Nova and Peter Whipp’s Dzero (you may well ask!) in pursuit.

But the Main Event came on the run to the finish on the final lap. Mike & Eric were a length ahead of Ken & Val rounding 2 to starboard. The dice up the fetch to the final mark before the line was riveting with both helms continually trying to get to windward. Val went into 3 still behind but tight and with more speed. Mike’s repost was to luff her head to wind on exit! And with that He and Eric claimed the Pennant. 


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Night Jar 10

A rainy evening reduced the takers to ten boats. Jon Anson set a long course 0-9-A-1-2 which, yet again, had three kite legs divided by tight gybe marks.

 Rounding 9 the first time caused all sorts of problems as the wind was coming in from both sides of Sale Fell. Toggle and Joan in the 200 handled it best and led the GP of Dave & Lynn for a while before both were passed by John’s Skiff. Then came Tony’s Solo and the Geeps of Val & Ken and Mike & Eric all in close company.  

 Peter Winfindale and Alex Wasilewski were next in their Lasers but, after they had gone through the line, it was decided to shorten John Roberts’ Pico and Paul Gannon’s Radial to one lap. With the wind backing South it was getting more difficult for the 200 to fly its asymmetric kite but the crew held on to finish a mere 23 seconds adrift of Dave & Lynn.

 Neil was handling the food and, it being Wimbledon fortnight, strawberries were on the menu – along with a strong curry!

 FH results showed Dave & Lynn taking this week’s win from Tony and then Val & Ken. The PH win went to Peter with second and third being the same as on Fleet Handicap. At just beyond the half way point Tony leads both series, Mike & Eric being second on FH and Peter on PH.

Latest results FH PH

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Celebrity Glass Pursuit

A mid summer fun weekend was planned, it’s a shame the weather put a literal dampener on some of the proceedings, not that the rain dampened enthusiasm!

Sunday started brighter, but with the threat of more rain in the afternoon. There was a good westerly breeze for the Celebrity Glass Pursuit which was being held as a two race series.

Jim/Poppy were first to start in their Hartley and held off the rest of the fleet for most of the first lap, but were overtaken by the GPs in which Val/Ken were putting up a good fight against Dave/Lynn. Some good gusts on the reaches helped Scumper/Joe in their RS400 claw back ground and take the overall lead with a leg to spare.

The afternoon race wind was a bit more variable and eased as the race went on. There were still gusts strong enough for AJ/Sue to recall what it is like to capsize, but they were not as prolonged as in the morning. This time Tony in his Solo led for half the race before being passed by Dave/Lynn, and they held the lead to the finish, though Scumper was very close on their tail at the end. As both Dave and Scumper had a 1st and a 2nd, the tie was split on the last race in favour of Dave.

Overall results

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Night Jar 9

It was again fine and reasonably warm with the wind blowing in from the South prior to the start. OD Izzie reckoned a trip to 12 was in order! But, as the wind shifted SW she set a diamond course 0-9-1-B. This, again, had three kite legs which suited the GP’s.

From the start Val & Ken took the lead from Mike & Eric and Joan & Jack with Tony’s Solo and Neil’s Radial close astern. Despite the best efforts of the other GP crews Val & Ken were not to be denied. They held off the competition to become the first three lap finisher.

As the leaders completed their second lap the wind started to drop a little. The decision was made to shorten just after AJ had gone through which didn’t best please his crew Hazel! Jon Anson’s Radial was the first to finish on two laps followed by Richard Broughton’s Solo and the Radial of Simon Smith who had taken time off from crewing the L2000. 

Then it was in for the meal – NOT SO! No-one had put their name down to prepare it so we had a bunch of starving sailors! This is the first time in many a moon that this had happened and it ruined the chance of the usual after-race social craic. Let’s hope we are back to normal for the remaining rounds.  

I was politely reminded that the Night Jar is primarily a PH series so here are the key results. An excellent win for Simon from John Robert’s Pico with Richard third. But this is not to decry Val & Ken from their FH win. Some people tend to forget that they are past Club Champions!

Latest results NJ NJF

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