Stop Press!

We are pleased to confirm that Santa is getting prepared and will be calling in at the club on Sunday with presents for our younger members!

Come along and watch him arrive by boat, then join him singing some Christmas carols. While waiting, there will be a bring and eat buffet (so if your child has special dietary requirements make sure they are catered for). As usual, if the kids don’t finish the buffet, the adults will be free to tuck in.

Hope you can be there to make it a very special visit for Santa.

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63rd AGM

Mark Somerville has been elected Commodore at the 63rd AGM held in the clubhouse.

In addition the following were elected to support him for the forthcoming year.

Vice-Commodore- Robin Dawson
Hon Treasurer – William Carruthers
Hon Secretary – Pauline Nicholson
Hon Sailing Secretary – Jon Denwood
Boats/Buoys-Phil Davenport
Grounds-Mike Cowan
Asst Sailing Sec-Lezli-Ann Pearson
House-Alan Jones
PRO-Mik Chappell
Bar-Stephen Kirkpatrick
Safety-Chris Rolle
Galley-Lucy Thomas
Training-Neil Garrison
Membership-Dave Lawson
Social-Claire Duncan

Fleet Captains
Handicap-Phil Davenport
F15-Graham Kirkpatrick
Mirrors-Mik Chappell
GPs-Mike Fairlamb
Topper/Laser-Neil Garrison

Hon Auditor-Kirstie Somerville

Some healthy discussions were held on various aspects of membership and sailing, and an inflationary increase of subscriptions was agreed.

With business completed while there was still some daylight, Mark thanked Andy Smith, on behalf of the membership, for his input and efforts over the last four years

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It’s All Over

What little breeze there was this morning quickly disappeared leaving a mirror like lake, and the OD quickly hoisted N over A to abandon the final race of the season. Joan/Jack were not displeased and they had turned up to defend their lead in the series, but their competition may have been limited due to a lack of interest after last night’s annual dinner

Final results

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Annual Dinner 2014

2014-11-29 23.03.28

These Queens were so crowned for supporting their kids during training (and other times too!)

The annual dinner dance was held at Hundith Hill Hotel last night, and was attended by 80 members and guests, including Bass Week friends Kevin Bilham and Gary Ungless and their wifes. In fact their efforts to attend were recognised during Commodore Andy Smith’s speech and alternate prize giving when they were awarded a a spare trailer wheel (due to be proudly displayed in the home club of Ely!).

AJ could be more exposed than he usually is (whilst cleaning) if he sports the new garment awarded for being King of the mop!

The Queen’s to the left received their crowns for the ongoing support of their children through sail training and beyond.

2014-11-29 21.44.14

Neil Garrison was represented with his RYA Community Award for Outstanding Contribution to Sailing

2014-11-29 22.15.51 2014-11-29 22.16.52 2014-11-29 22.16.29 2014-11-29 22.15.28 2014-11-29 22.15.00 2014-11-29 22.14.20 2014-11-29 22.13.56 2014-11-29 22.13.13 2014-11-29 22.12.23-2 2014-11-29 22.11.46 2014-11-29 22.10.51 2014-11-29 22.09.57 2014-11-29 22.09.06 2014-11-29 22.09.01 2014-11-29 22.08.29 2014-11-29 22.08.14 2014-11-29 22.07.26 2014-11-29 22.06.17 2014-11-29 22.05.42 2014-11-29 22.05.18 2014-11-29 22.04.34 2014-11-29 22.03.51 2014-11-29 22.02.57 2014-11-29 22.02.13 2014-11-29 22.00.47 2014-11-29 21.59.26 2014-11-29 21.58.19 2014-11-29 21.57.29 2014-11-29 21.56.45 2014-11-29 21.56.08 2014-11-29 21.54.44 2014-11-29 21.53.50 2014-11-29 21.52.54 2014-11-29 21.52.36 2014-11-29 21.52.12 2014-11-29 21.51.24 2014-11-29 21.50.49 2014-11-29 21.49.44 2014-11-29 21.47.44 2014-11-29 21.47.12-2 2014-11-29 21.46.44 2014-11-29 21.46.02 2014-11-29 21.45.24

Prizewinners 2014
Club Championship
Osprey Trophy Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
Arthur Carr Trophy Ethan Dawson
T.S.B Trophy Mike Cowan
Eagle Trophy Ian Hall
Kirk Decanter Ethan Dawson
1972 Trophy Ethan Dawson
Flying Fifteen
Brackenrigg Cup Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Anderson Trophy Ian Campbell Lezli-Ann Pearson
Wheel Trophy Graham Kirkpatrick Elaine Fairlamb
Maurice Dalton Memorial Trophy Simon Longstaff Jon Denwood
Lawson Trophy Graham Kirkpatrick Elaine Fairlamb
Elwyn Banner Mendus Cup David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Philp Prize Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
Twiname Prize Alan Jones Sue Watson
Hatrick Prize Kath Davis Glenys Kett
Grant Cup N/a
Beginners Prize Mike Cave Neil Garrison
Mirror & Topper
Mirror Trophy Mik Chappell
The Kirkpatrick Trophy Hazel Newport
Excalibur Trophy Pam Bath
Iberia Cup Hazel Newport
Bassenthwaite Bell Izzie Hunter
Fleet Trophies
Flying Fifteens
Denton Trophy (Night Jar) Eric Guillois TBA
CSSA (Fleet A) Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Flying Free Trophy Simon Longstaff Jon Denwood
Blencathra Trophy Ian Campbell Lezli-Ann Pearson
Transom Trophy Tim Chittenden Ian Macpherson
Dawson Trophy Ian Campbell Lezli-Ann Pearson
Ullock Tankard Graham Kirkpatrick Elaine Fairlamb
Morgan Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Bryson Helms (Fleet B) Graham Kirkpatrick Elaine Fairlamb
Flying Enterprise Trophy Mike Moore Sally Roberts
Scarness Cup Neil Currie Rory Yardley
Easterly Trophy Simon Longstaff Jon Denwood
Jak Pot Simon Longstaff Jon Denwood
Mellor Mug Andy Smith Ian Preston
Auditors Trophy (Fleet C) Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Easter Holiday Trophy Phil Smith Naomi Smith
August Cup Robin Dawson Izzie Hunter
May Holiday Cup Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
Dodd Trophy Mike Cowan
Comet Trophy Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
Skiddaw Trophy Mike Cowan
Wythop Plate Mike Fairlamb
Foxtail Trophy (Fleet B) Ian Hall
Evening Plate (Night Jar) Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Personal Handicap Pursuit (Fleet C) Hazel Newport Izzie Hunter
Barf Plate Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
Spring Holiday Plate (Fleet A) Steve Hunt Ruth Critchley
Isel Cup Mike Cowan
Grisedale Cup Ian Hall
Mustard Pot David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Personal Handicap Pursuit (Fleet C) Alan Jones Sue Watson
Commodores Prize Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Lyne Tankard David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Aitken Cup David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Graham Cup David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Spring Cup (The Jak Plak) David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Night Jar – 2 Tankards Alan Jones Sue Watson
Ross Wear Helm (Fleet B) Alan Jones Sue Watson
Bass Tankard David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Bowman Trophy Paul Bowmer Vicky Bowmer
Stables Prize Jonathan Bovington TBA
Bowes-Sinclair Trophy (2nd Stables) Mike Cave Neil Garrison
Harney Hetherington Trophy (Fleet A) 2matching cups David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Autumn Cup Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
McMillan Cup (June Cup) Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
Mirrors & Toppers
Singlehanded Trophy Harry Binns
Peel Pot Harry Binns
Round Table Tankard Pam Bath
AB Series Hazel Newport
Red Sails Trophy Mik Chappell
Orsova Cup Mik Chappell
Reflection Trophy Mik Chappell
The Albert Bates Trophy Hazel Newport
Mirror Mug Mik Chappell
Kirk Helmsman Trophy (Fleet B) Pam Bath
Personal Handicap Pursuit (Fleet C) Mik Chappell
M Series (Night Jar) Hazel Newport
All Classes
Good Friday Challenge David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Calvert Trust Pennant Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Winter Trophy Personal Handicap Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Paul Carruthers Memorial Trophy David Lawson Lynn Lawson
October Series Personal Handicap
October Series Fleet Handicap
Tinker Trophy Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Asymmetric Cup Mike Cowan
Winter Series Fleet Handicap Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Crews Race Ken Bell
Sandra's Salver Sue Watson
Senior Race Mike Fairlamb
Max Joule Memorial Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Albert Bates Retirement David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Jimmy Lancaster Memorial Trophy David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Banana Stakes David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Celebrity Glass Trophy Mike Fairlamb Nigel Lewis
Eric Twiname Trust / Bassenthwaite Burgee Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Junior Race Hazel Newport
Night Jar under 16 Hazel Newport
Starters Prize (Tankard for crew) Andy Smith Phil Hodgkins
RNLI Pennant Robin Dawson Ethan Dawson
Jubilee Sailing Trust Jim Christie
Ladies Race Sue Watson
The Roger Pryde Memorial Trophy TBA
Consistency Cup TBA
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Winter Series Update

Whilst there is glorious sunshine there is a total lack of wind so the OD has abandoned sailing for the day.

Last weekend there was only one race as the second race was cancelled due to no wind. Jim C won on the water in his Supernova, but Joan/Jack won on fleet handicap just 5 secs ahead of Ian in his Solo. Joan’s win took her into the series pole position one point ahead of Tony who still leads the personal handicap series.

One final deciding race next Sunday followed by the AGM!

Latest results

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RYA Awards

Following our nomination , we are pleased to announce that Neil Garrison will today receive a RYA Community Award for his Outstanding Contribution to sailing from HRH Princess Royal at a ceremony being held in London.

The nomination, and award, recognises his extensive efforts over recent years not only in regard to the training courses that he has coordinated and run, but his ongoing help and support with projects such as the recent upgrading of the men’s’ changing rooms.

Congratulations Neil, your award is very well deserved!

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Annual Prize Giving

For those that have bought tickets for next week’s dinner dance, please note that the timings have been amended to 7pm arrival for 7.30pm dinner.

Just before the bonfire was lit and fireworks released, a prize giving was held for the Youth Squad to celebrate their successes throughout the season both during training, as arranged and delivered by Neil Garrison, and in club racing.

Congratulations to one and all, and we hope they all return to challenge us next year!

Thanks to Nick/Sarah for the following photos

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.37.09 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.36.50Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.36.33 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.36.03 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.35.43 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.35.14 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.35.01 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.34.29 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.34.18 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.34.00 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.33.45 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.33.27 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.32.46 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.32.29 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.32.14 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.31.51 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.31.02 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.30.18 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.28.44 Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 21.27.44

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Sunny Remembrance Day

Sunday started cold, bright, breezy but with some drizzle. Fortunately the drizzle soon passed through and 15 boats (well 16 if you include Gary’s new F15) took to the water after many sailors had put forward their advice and requests to the starters and OD which included finishing early so that some could get to Remembrance Day parades, and having the races back to back to avoid getting too cold.

Chris/Julie led both races in their F15, but were to be beaten on fleet handicap as several others were close on their transom. Joan/Jack would have been closer if they had headed to the correct mark on the first beat! Newbies Peter and Tony battled it out in their full rig Lasers while Jim grumbled around the course due to the lack of close reaches… With less than one min between the first five boats on fleet handicap, Peter took the honours ahead of Jim and Tony. Sailing directly to the correct marks helped Joan/Jack take a convincing win in the 2nd race followed by Chris and Jim. Tony leads the series 1 pt ahead of Jim.

On personal handicap, Tony won the 1st race from Jenny and Chris, while Chris won the 2nd race from Tony and Joan.

Latest results

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Lake Level

The level of the lake is rising. It is up to the bottom of the race office already and likely to rise.

If your boat is on the foreshore, please arrange for someone to check it, and move as necessary, as soon as possible.


Not sure whether our training officer Neil lives at the club (as he’s always around), but he had a busy morning moving boats to higher ground before some other help arrived. We are assured that the water is deeper than the height of his wellies! Thanks Neil.

Although your boat won’t float away, you still need to check it is suitably secured as there aren’t many tie downs at high level. Remember, it’s your property, and your responsibility.

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A Place for Winter Sailing

IMG_0250-0.JPGA couple of shots of Hebe Haven Yacht Club 24 hour charity dinghy race in Hong Kong this last weekend. Bet a bit warmer than Southport.

Sorry to say have been enjoying myself in temperatures of around 25C both outside and in the water.

The shot of the finish shows Herb’s ideal committee boat but also 2 specially designed boats for the disabled. One of the club members gained the first sailing medal, a bronze, at the Asian Para Games the other week. Sort of sailing a reduced sized model of an Americas Cup boat. Only been sailing around 2 years.

One shot shows them using a sky born remote cameras to photo the race. The little spider in the sky.

Good fun for everyone.

Several will be aware that a past member of Bass, Lesley Anderson, is a member of HHYC and her father was a founder member, and one time commodore. Like my daughter she lives close to the club under the mountain Ma On Shan which is approaching the height of Skiddaw.

Somehow looking for a reason to stay in the warmer weather!!!

HHYC are always open to international teams for the 24hr. Many school and club youth teams take part. Has made HK$1,000,000 or £70,000 for charity each year and really brings in the local community.




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