Final Club Championship Races

Sunday’s Dessert.

With early mist shrouding the Lake the prospects didn’t look too hopeful. It soon cleared bringing sunshine but there wasn’t much sign of wind.  So we had a postponement while the Bates went in search of some.  A usable patch was found near the eastern shore near 5 and 6 but, as the Postponement flag was still up, no one was sure whether to launch.

Eventually all reached the line and, this time there were starts in the FF and GP fleets. It was good to see Jack back on the water crewing for Joan and they won the one race they entered. Paul and Vicky took the GP series.

In the Fifteens Mike & Kayla won in the morning against Neil & Rory but then suffered a major setback.  Someone switched off the galley extractor hood which cut the oven before Kayla’s meal was cooked. They were beaten in both afternoon races which the crew put down to food deprivation!

In the Handicap fleet it was great to see the 100s of Mark, Ethan and Alex at speed just a couple of lengths apart. Scumper and Alex had a dead heat in Race 5 but it was Mark who took the series with Joe second.

Final results.

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Final Championship Weekend Series

Saturday’s Serving.

The Commodore’s Coms had reminded members to compete but the turn out was less than hoped for.  No sign of a GP, just one FF, and just the Handicap Fleets to keep the activity level buoyant.

Yes, it was chilly but there were no particularly strong winds and even a little sunshine late on. The fourteen Handicap Fleet boats included Mike & Kayla’s Fifteen which had some close racing with Steve & Ruth in the Merlin but no one could match Mark’s 100 in either race.  Alex / Olivia and Ethan were closely matched near the front in race 2.

The Slow Handicap fleet consisted of Mik’s Mirror and Matthew and Cameron in Teras.  When Mik trawled his kite in race 1 it looked to be Matthew’s for the taking but the Mirror just held on.  Race 2 was a short affair but the brothers weren’t to know this and retired at zero leaving Mik with another win.

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Storm Ali

Today’s strong winds blew a number of boats at the Club off their trailers. A small group of members have kindly uprighted and repositioned them, but it may be worth checking your own boats if you get the chance.

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Sad News

Very sadly one of our past members passed away at the weekend. Many of us have very fond memories of John, Lillian and their children both on and off the water. The family have sent the following message.

“It is with deep sadness that we announce that Mark Parnaby was suddenly and prematurely taken away from us last Saturday 15th Sept whilst competing in the cycle section of a charity triathlon at the foot of Ben Nevis,  Scotland. He is survived by his two children and partner Basia.  If you would like to contact the family or organise to be at the funeral please email his brother Nick Parnaby at :- [email protected].  Thank you”

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Paul Carruthers Memorial Trophy 16th September

A bit of a difference from yesterday.  There were only nine starters,  mainly due to the forecast of heavier winds.  Yes, the gusts were stronger and more challenging. Especially in the morning race where Ethan’s 100 and Neil, sailing a Vision with Barbara, failed to finish. The Fifteens of Mike/Kayla and Angus/Mike H finished ahead on the water but it was Joe who got the win.

After lunch it was Alex/Olivia, first harrying the lead Fifteen and then pulling away to take the race. They hadn’t sailed in the morning so it was Joe who had the best cumulative result and took the trophy.

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Bart’s Bash 2018 – What a turnout!

Bass – Bart’s Bash : 15 September 18

A Bit of Bashing

Not physically, but had to match the heading that William composed last week!

The Bash had more competitors than a normal club race but, with many of the top crews not involved, it felt more like a Night Jar round. And the wind was its ever fickle self.  Having set a line for 8 as the windward mark it swung 90 degrees to 0 so a new line had to be set and the course re-measured.

Who were the stand-out crews?  Well the leaders were Alex & Olivia.  They relished the tight kite legs as did AJ & Sue.  Nigel & John were well to the fore at one stage but they dropped back mid race while Paul was progressively moving up in his Laser and battling with the Solos of Tony and Stan.

Xanthe went for a brief swim and Barbara a longer one but they both righted and went on to finish.  Martin & Alison got lost – they said they couldn’t find 2 and blamed the organisers for moving it out of position!

Jon decided to throw in a second race.  Not sure what it counted for?  But it gave a chance for Joe, James & Jenny and Val & Ken a chance to redeem their usual Front of the Fleet positions.

Latest Positions

This is a great Charity and you can donate here:-

Series results.

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A Bit of Tinkering

A brief wet spell on Saturday didn’t put off the Tinker fleet of 11 boats from having an early race before scheduled club racing.

John Reekie’s son planned to sail his Oppie but perhaps needs a little more training on tying knots… 

There were only three boats for club racing, but with Jonathan retiring there were only two finishers, of which John Reekie took the honours with Ant/Jo 2nd.

Jo was keen to practice her life on the trapeze wire, but there were no others takers.

Sunday’s winds were lighter than forecast and there was a better turnout of boats. Mik kept the course out of the way of the Tinkers race area but it resulted in using 8 which was in the shadow of Sale Fell so there were some big shifts, down draughts and holes to contend with. 

Even though Jo didn’t get out on the trapeze again, they still managed to win the morning race a minute ahead of Steve/Ruth in their Merlin. Although Ant/Jo were leading the series, the overall result would depend on final race.

Don’t often see this, but it’s good when we do!

Steve didn’t help his chances capsizing 30 secs before the start, and giving the fleet a 5 min head start! Although he pulled up to 2nd on the water, it was Dave who won in a Laser Radial, with Ian/Tim in a F15 2nd. Ant/Jo’s 3rd turned out to be a discard as they maintained their overall lead to win the Tinker Trophy.

Final results

Malcolm Ellwood won the Tinker open (again!)

A group of club members competed in the Southport 24 hour race in an Enterprise finishing 34th overall. Even after the rain had passed, some were getting wet, especially when the changeover didn’t go to plan…

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Night Jar 17

Better than last week…but only marginally.  Eleven boats crossed the line and headed for A.  But it was painfully slow.  Val & Ken turned around and paddled back to the livestock as John’s Solo had taken an initial lead and wasn’t going to be caught.

The wind filled in from the west but it didn’t reach across the Lake and the drift to B was painful.  Stephen, who was race officer, decided to take a trip in the RiB with Chez and finish all at B.  So, following John, it was Richard Hughes in his colourful Laser after a superb light weather sail. Jon Anson’s Laser was next.

Did anyone want a tow back?  No.  The wind filled in enough to allow all to make it home for the meal!  What meal?  The chefs didn’t turn in for the first time this season.  A disappointing end in several ways to a mammoth series.

Final results

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What Happened There?

While the rest of the country enjoyed more sunshine, the lake was cloud covered all afternoon, though there was no sign of showers that were evident just a matter of miles away. There was a promising southerly force 2 breeze when the start line was set, but the risk of a swing to the south west came to fruition much sooner than expected when it affected boats on the first beat! The Sale Fell effect continued throughout the race causing holes in the wind alongside large shifts.

It seems that some of the later starters were able to benefit from the major shifts/changeable conditions. Neil Garrison in an Enterprise, started on the starboard end, took advantage of the lift from the SW and went on to take the lead, finishing a matter of seconds ahead of Joe on the finish line. In the GPs, Nigel/Glenys had to restart after being OCS giving Paul/Vicky a head start. That order is not one that many would expect to change but Nigel managed to reverse it! Mik took the honours in the Mirrors ahead of Paul/Evelyn, and leads the series.

With the wind ‘more’ settled in the SW, the results of the second race were more as expected with Paul winning the GPs (though Nigel leads the series), and Joe the Handicap fleet, strengthening his lead in the series.

Latest results

Sunday’s weather didn’t offer the wall to wall sunshine that other parts of the country enjoyed, but there was a southerly breeze which picked up to force 2-3 just before racing started to offer some champagne sailing conditions!

It is clear that very few sailors had read the handbook to determine the format of the morning’s pursuit race, and of the two that did, Mik opted out of racing with the wind picking up, so the first start time had no takers. The next start for most of those racing would be 11 mins later, but with three Laser Radials lining up there was a Laser that thought it was their start too! Calling back the Laser confused the GP that should have started with the Radials… Last year’s winners of the race Mike/Kayla knew the format, started at the correct time, and went on to win! Their win wasn’t straightforward though, having had a contretemps with Neil regarding water at a mark, and they ended up doing a 720. Perhaps miracles do happen? What a morning…

Celebrity Glass final results

The afternoon race was the Banana Stakes pennant sailed around the lake which is, of course, where Hugh ‘Round the Lake’ Godfrey sent the fleet of four boats. The beat took Mike/Kayla 40 mins, and a further 30 mins to get back to the finish. His closest competition was Neil Garrison who failed to finish correctly due to rounding the finish mark the wrong way. There was similar confusion with the others but it was Paul Gannon that was next to finish correctly, finishing 2nd on handicap to Mike/Kayla.

Banana Stakes final results

The race counts towards Sandra’s Salver for female crews. Kayla being the only crew, and female, strengthened her lead in the series

Sandra’s Salver latest results

Congratulations go to Andy and Phil on winning the Scottish Nationals at Loch Lomond this weekend, and secured the 2018 GP14 super series as well.

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Night Jar 16

Bates ready at jetty and Safety ready to go.  But the wind was disappearing:  Can’t use 0.  Maybe 4-A-B?  But wind faded at A, then B.  Val waited until the last moment but raised N over A so “no racing today”.  And she didn’t even get a 3rd for OD!  So must win next week’s final round to get the Fleet handicap win.

But Katia and crew have now secured the Personal Handicap category so it was time for high fives before packing their boat away.

Latest results

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