Celebrity Glass Pursuit

A mid summer fun weekend was planned, it’s a shame the weather put a literal dampener on some of the proceedings, not that the rain dampened enthusiasm!

Sunday started brighter, but with the threat of more rain in the afternoon. There was a good westerly breeze for the Celebrity Glass Pursuit which was being held as a two race series.

Jim/Poppy were first to start in their Hartley and held off the rest of the fleet for most of the first lap, but were overtaken by the GPs in which Val/Ken were putting up a good fight against Dave/Lynn. Some good gusts on the reaches helped Scumper/Joe in their RS400 claw back ground and take the overall lead with a leg to spare.

The afternoon race wind was a bit more variable and eased as the race went on. There were still gusts strong enough for AJ/Sue to recall what it is like to capsize, but they were not as prolonged as in the morning. This time Tony in his Solo led for half the race before being passed by Dave/Lynn, and they held the lead to the finish, though Scumper was very close on their tail at the end. As both Dave and Scumper had a 1st and a 2nd, the tie was split on the last race in favour of Dave.

Overall results

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Night Jar 9

It was again fine and reasonably warm with the wind blowing in from the South prior to the start. OD Izzie reckoned a trip to 12 was in order! But, as the wind shifted SW she set a diamond course 0-9-1-B. This, again, had three kite legs which suited the GP’s.

From the start Val & Ken took the lead from Mike & Eric and Joan & Jack with Tony’s Solo and Neil’s Radial close astern. Despite the best efforts of the other GP crews Val & Ken were not to be denied. They held off the competition to become the first three lap finisher.

As the leaders completed their second lap the wind started to drop a little. The decision was made to shorten just after AJ had gone through which didn’t best please his crew Hazel! Jon Anson’s Radial was the first to finish on two laps followed by Richard Broughton’s Solo and the Radial of Simon Smith who had taken time off from crewing the L2000. 

Then it was in for the meal – NOT SO! No-one had put their name down to prepare it so we had a bunch of starving sailors! This is the first time in many a moon that this had happened and it ruined the chance of the usual after-race social craic. Let’s hope we are back to normal for the remaining rounds.  

I was politely reminded that the Night Jar is primarily a PH series so here are the key results. An excellent win for Simon from John Robert’s Pico with Richard third. But this is not to decry Val & Ken from their FH win. Some people tend to forget that they are past Club Champions!

Latest results NJ NJF

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Fun weekend

As the weather is looking ok for the upcoming fun weekend, we’re overdue a rounders match, and your sociable social secretary is hoping to have another communal BBQ with our lovely and shiny new BBQ’s, followed by bingo, other games and killer pool!

Hope that sounds like fun and it tempts you to join in!!!

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Ullock Mug etc

After a cloudy morning, the clouds started to part, the heat of the sun was felt, which was useful to combat the cooler than recent breeze, from a more typical SW. Indeed many were pleasantly surprised by the strength of the breeze that led to a few capsizes, and some good planing conditions.

Ian/LezliAnn took an early lead in the F15s in both races, but their downfall in the first race was rounding a windward mark the wrong way, which Neil/Rory took advantage of, and held 1st position through to the finish. In the second race, Neil sailed a better beat to take the lead through to the finish, though Ian remained on his tail throughout.

Robbie D/Banter in their 400, and Scumper in his 100, were the main contenders in the fast handicap fleet. Despite having the slower boat of the two, Scumper had some close battles with Robin, taking water at one mark (whether he had it or not!), only to get his comeuppance when he capsized, and struggled to right it as nimbly as he did the Vareo.

No particular changes of position in the slow handicap fleet, with Jim leading the fleet in his Hartley, followed by John in his Pico, and Mik back on the water in his Mirror.

Sunday started with the wind blowing down the eastern edge of the lake as Sale Fell shadowed the western edge. By the time racing started the wind had backed a little to the south so that OD Neil Garrison could get a beat from 1 to 8 and then zig zag the fleet back downwind again. The various gybe marks were the downfall of several helms in the stronger winds, one being Joan/Jack leaving Val/Ken to continue to the finish to take a 1st place in the GPs. The same happened in the next race, resulting in Val winning the McMillan Cup.

Neil had a fresh crew in the F15s, and the strengthening conditions suited him and Nick, securing another two 1sts with a good lead to win the Ullock Mug and let him finish early to go and watch the tennis!

With no racing in the slow handicap fleet, John Roberts results on Saturday earned him the Round Table Trophy with Mik finishing 2nd, and too shattered to race on Sunday!

With overall positions being very close, the cream of the fast handicap fleet battled it out to the end and were suitably shattered after the 5th race. It was Robbie D/Banter that secured the trophy from Scumper with Alex/Olivia 3rd.

Overall results

Congratulations go to Andy Smith and Phil Hodgkins on winning the GP14 Scottish Championship at Arran this weekend.

Duncan and Peter were 2nd, Mike and Eric 4th, and Alan and Sue 7th

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12 Hour Race

Good luck to Izzie Hunter, Hazel Newport, Ethan Dawson and Jenny Dunn who are entering the Southport 12 hr race next Saturday…thanks to Alex Leonard lending his enterprise (or an enterbucket as Robbie D would call it!). Izzie will be crewing for the whole 12 hours to raise money for the Asha school the Hunter family are volunteering at in August.

If anyone would like to sponsor her (and thank you again all those who have and who supported the curry night) please visit her JustGiving sponsor page

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Night Jar 8

We had overcast skies but a constant medium wind from the North East. Julie chose a 0-2 beat and then a near run to 9. Using B midway to 0 this gave three kite legs although the final one was tight.

There were sixteen starters although John got the Musto’s fixed rudder trapped by the Bates’ anchor warp and nearly had to capsize to extract it! It was a long line and most went for the port end. Tony’s Solo had a good start as did the Geeps of Joan & Jack and Val & Ken. The Solo got ahead but Joan got through by the end of the beat, both boats remaining close throughout the race.

Josh retired his Tera although Owen persevered in his. Steve & Simon turtled their L2000 but the Safety crew was on hand to make sure they righted it and continued.

As usual when there is enough wind, the Musto rocketed ahead and completed four laps. Both Geeps, enjoying three kite legs on each lap, flew them right to 0 but this nearly caught Joan & Jack out when a gust caught them as they were dropping for the final time.

Then, it was in for an excellent meal prepared by Karen and production of results. On FH it was Tony from Joan & Jack, John, Val & Ken and Mike’s Streaker. The PH winner, putting in a superb performance, was Jon Anson in his Laser. The sister boat of Peter Winfindale was classified second.

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Topper, Laser and Solo Opens

Pumping allowed. More wind than on the water at times!

This weekend, in addition to club racing, we are holding three open meetings, so it’ll be busy, busy, busy! Fortunately the Bass micro climate beat the local forecast which was based on wall to wall rain but very little wind. A drizzly morning dried up and a light breeze filled the bay tempting the OD to get the fleets on to the water. The wind continued to seem promising until the line was set, at which stage the wind eased and swung through 45 degrees…

Race 1 got underway in very light airs and was shortened at the end of the first lap with sailing sec Joe Roberts leading, and winning, the Lasers with Toby Hubbard from Killington 2nd.

By the time the rest of the fleet had finished, the wind had filled in again but swung another 20 degrees, so the line and course was reset, and race 2 started. Hazel demonstrated one of her party tricks of getting caught on the inner distance mark anchor warp – not recommended! There was various changes of position throughout the race, including the leaders, but Joe took the honours again, securing the series. Andrew Hewell from St Mary’s Loch finished 2nd, but Toby’s 4th place resulted in him being 2nd overall.

In the Toppers, Leigh and Lowton are leading overnight with the top three places, Lorcan Knowles in the lead with a 1st and 2nd, and Brandon Banner next with a 2nd and 3rd.

With the wind fading again, racing was abandoned for the rest of the day. Time for a prize giving then rounders, but the rain put paid to that!..

Sunday was brighter, warmer, and started with an early morning southern breeze which faded to nothing. As the Solo fleet had not got to race at Windermere on Saturday, they were keen to get on the water at any cost (almost!), so when there was a hint of a breeze from the NE, the OD took to the water, laid a line and the hint of wind promptly veered to the SE, backing to the E. The race sequence started, the wind shifted, and racing was underway, albeit starting on a fetch! With the light airs picking up to occasional planing conditions, and continuing to shift, sailors did not get the best that Bass had to offer, but it was a race, and places were there for the taking, with our Tog pulling through from last to 5th in the Solo fleet, with the race being won by Innes Armstrong from Burwain.

The course was reset for the 2nd race, and conditions were somewhat better, and slightly more consistent, with Innes taking another win and securing the series trophy.

While there was some wind, it was decided to hold the final race of the day, but the wind was in a devilish mood. swinging though 360 degrees! Commitment to progress the racing resulted in a reaching start, but it did mean there was a beat instead of a run on the third leg of the course! The wind continued to swing, and vary in strength, but sailors were generally satisfied to have been on the water, however frustrating that may have been.

In the Toppers, Lorcan mastered the conditions taking another three wins and the NW Championship. Some bunching at marks led to Toppers and Solos vying for position, and it was good to note the Toppers standing their ground and threatening to protest Solos for barging into spaces which there were not entitled to be.


Topper NW winner Lorcan Knowles

Laser winner Joe Roberts with Kirstie Somerville


Solo winner Innes Armstrong

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F15 Scottish Championship at Kippford

Three boats from Bassenthwaite competed at the FF Scottish Nationals at Kippford over the weekend. 

The first day was good sailing after being towed out from the estuary sailors were surprised to find a force 4/5 wind making good exciting sailing. At the end of the day, after two races, Neil Currie/Rory were lying 5th, Simon Longstaff/Jonathan 6th and Mike Moore/Kayla were 7th. 

In the evening everyone feasted on Loch Fyne produce and listened to Simon Longstaff telling everyone that there would be no wind on Sunday. Morning dawned with only a slight breeze at the clubhouse so Simon/Jon packed up the boat and departed for home. The rest of the fleet were towed out to sea and had two good races starting in a force 3 but dropping towards the end of the second race. However there was still enough wind to allow the fleet to sail back up to the clubhouse on a dead run against a strong current. 

At the end of the event 18 boats had competed and the event was won by Steve Goacher (what a surprise!!). Neil/Rory moved up to 4th after listening to Steve’s tuning lecture on Saturday afternoon. Mike/ Kayla finished 8th and Simon Jon 12th (not helped by counting a DNS)

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Sultry Saturday

A cloudy start to the day cleared offering mainly sunny spells throughout the afternoon. With no wind at home, several people who turned up were surprised by the strength of the wind as there was some white horses. It again blew from the NE though at 22C it was warmer than recently, and warmer than many other areas of the country!

Although the F15s were competing at Kippford in the Scottish Championship, and no doubt looking forward to an evening sponsored by Loch Fyne, there were 17 boats racing for the first races in, inter alia, the Autumn Trophy! (Hopefully Summer is over just yet?). In the GPs, Val/Ken seemed to lose ground for a while (what wasn’t Ken doing that Val thought he should?!), and the first race was won by John/Nigel with a good lead. In the second race, Val/Ken found their form, holding off Joan/Jack though to the finish.

Jim in a Hartley won both slow handicap races from John in a Pico. There were some consistent results in the fast handicap fleet, with Scumper winning both races in his 100, Tony had two 2nds in his Solo, Robbie D/Banter two 3rds in their 400, and Peter two retirements in his Solo!

Mike was sailing his Streaker, capsized over the Bates almost taking out Herb, the official starter, who said his eyesight was squiffy, then he realised his lens had been knocked out of his specs!

Latest results DW etc

Sunday’s forecast was for light airs, which may have put some sailors off, but the wind filled in suitably for the morning racing, and the sun continued to shine! Ian Hall won in his Solo ahead of Mike in his Streaker, while John/Jack took the honours in the GPs from Val/Ken. Jim C took another win in the slow handicap ahead of John in his Pico. Amber took to the helm of a Mirror, but someone hadn’t given her a full fighting chance as the mainsail was not fully raised…

Latest results BL etc

The wind disappeared totally over lunch but made a reappearance, and with a few remaining sailors prepared for the water a race was started in light airs that rapidly faded again. Jim had taken to his Supernova to tune it back up, not that the conditions were suitable for that, and took an early lead but the lack of wind worked against him and he subsequently retired. With the conditions not looking likely to improve the race was shortened at the first rounding of 0. With the threat of rain, after leading the fleet across the finish line, Val/Ken rushed ashore so Ken could put the hood up on his open topped car! Fortunately, the rain held off at the club and attacked Binsey instead. Next across the line was Mike in his Streaker who, on handicap, secured 1st pace from Val by just two secs.

RNLI Pennant

Next weekend we host a multitude of open meetings viz Topper NW areas, Laser Travellers, Solo open alongside club racing in the form of a fleet challenge.

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