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Night Jar 15

There was not a lot of wind around. But crews were keen to get another race in with the Night Jar drawing to a close, so the Bates went out and posted 0-9-A as a course.

Of the 14 starters Val & Ken had the best get away from the starboard end of the line. But the force 1 wind was dropping away to a drift. Hazel & Izzie in the Feva struggled to cross the line even with the crew perched on the bow and they soon capsized involuntarily or otherwise. After a spell going in reverse Josh joined them to practice righting the Tera.

By the time many boats reached 0 many crews were in no mood to continue and five more retired. It was slow work for those who continued. Terry Hall led from Val & Ken with Peter’s Laser and David’s Solo in close company and Poppy Gannon with Neil in an Enterprise in pursuit. And that was the order in which they finished. The last finisher was Tony King needing to get another result in to maintain the lead on Personal handicap which he had built up in earlier rounds.

FH results were as the finishing order on the water except that David moved ahead of Peter to take third place. Terry also took the win on PH with Peter taking his best result of the series in second place. With a third, David has given himself a chance of moving into a podium place.

The race was enlivened by a low level fly by with spectacular starboard turn by a Hercules. Well, either there were two, or the same one circled around for a second attempt? And this was followed by a superb sunset lighting up the underside of the clouds and enveloping fells and boats, in a ruddy glow.

Photos (C) Sarah Newport

Back in the clubhouse Olivia and Alex had been laying out tables and preparing a meal which was enjoyed by all.

Latest results PH FH

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August Bank Holiday 

The last bank holiday camping weekend of the year started off with a mild sunny afternoon combined with a good breeze, somewhat lighter than forecast, that tempted out a fair fleet of boats.

In the F15s, Ian/Izzie got the best start but it was Mark/Ian that took an early lead and promptly headed for the wrong mark, with the next couple of boats following like sheep. Bean/Alan were the first to head for the correct mark and take the lead. Mark did get back in to the lead, but Bean finished a close 2nd.

Dave/Lynn took two 1sts in the GPs leaving Val/Ken and AJ/Sue to battle it out for the next couple of places, each sharing a 2nd and a 3rd. 

Having burnt out Alan in the F15 in the first race, Bean moved into the GP with Tog to practice for the forthcoming 24hr race. Finishing 4th might suggest they need some more practice!

Scumper/Zefer won both handicap races in their 400 with James in a Laser taking one 2nd, and Banter in a 100 taking the other.

Lighter winds are forecast for the next two days over which the five race championship series will be held.

DW etc latest results

Sunday started with camp patches and a slight shower but broke out into another bright day, and the wind filled in, albeit shifty, for the first three races of the weekend series. Visitors from Southport SC joined in with the racing, though not included in results, topping up boats to a busy 35.

Keith/John had a good first race pulling out a good lead which they held to win the F15s, while Ian/Izzy wind the second race and Mark/Ian finally got their act together to win the third.

Joan/Jack shone early in the GPs, but Dave/Lynn eventually got back into the groove winning all three races. It was good to have Jess/Sally sailing their GP together for the first time.

Bean/Naomi were back in the RS200 taking three bullets in the fast handicap fleet. Newcomer John Roberts in Pico won two slow handicap races while Jim won the other in his Hartley.

What would Bank Holiday Monday bring? While the south of the country battled through flooding and heavy rain showers, after a misty start, we were blessed with clear skies but a general lack of wind. Racing got underway after a short postponement with a light breeze from the North East but the wind would fade to drifting conditions after little more than 10 mins then return for another brief spurt. The OD was keen for the race to be a reasonable length, though he didn’t expect the tailenders viz Josh and Martin to be on the water for 90 mins!

Although the wind faded again over the lunch break, it returned from the NE to get racing back underway on a short course to manage any further wind drops. What it didn’t allow for was the wind backing to the north, making the beat a fetch! Later the wind backed further to the west (was that the sea breeze effect?) creating a beat on the final leg of the course.

Dave/Lynn again mastered the conditions winning the GP trophy with five wins. In the handicap fleet, the light airs suited Steve/Ruth in their Merlin and they were able to secure a 1st and 2nd behind Ian Hall in a Solo. However, Bean managed to get a 3rd which was enough to win the trophy.

Jim’s collision with a F15 on Sunday perhaps spurred him on to take two 1sts in the conditions and win the slow handicap trophy.

In the F15s, Ian/Lezliann only sailed two races on Sunday, but took two commanding leads on Monday to win the trophy, and denying Mark/Ian of one their few opportunities to win a series while the newer boats were elsewhere.

With racing over, the rain held off for another hour. All in all a good bank holiday!

Final results 

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Night Jar 14

It was a dull evening but without the threat of rain. With a constant force 4 wind from the SW the beat was 3-B in a box shaped course B-A-4-3. There were fourteen starters with two newcomers to the Series, Mike Cave in his Solo and Poppy Gannon in an Enterprise.

Following a good start, Joe Watkins in his 300 streaked around the course to complete the first lap in five minutes. The 200 of Alex and Olivia followed some lengths back and then there was another gap to the GPs of Val & Ken, Joan & Jack and AJ with Janie.

But it was not a good course for the Geeps with two tight reaches interspersed with a dead run. David’s Solo moved ahead of them and Ethan’s Radial and Pete’s Laser were also in the mix.

Joe was now lapping in six minutes and those on the Bates were asking how many laps he could complete before the light started to fade and the race was shortened. The wind was shifting ahead of beam on the final reach and all the kite boats were having difficulty getting them to fly and, particularly, dropping at 3. A tight rounding was needed to make the line but all were losing seconds while stowing and before they could harden up.

Val & Ken seemed to fare best of the bunch at 3 while Joan & Jack were not having one of their better Thursdays. But Alex & Olivia, a lap ahead, had the poorest rounding on the final lap eventually tacking off up the line. Surely that would ruin any chance of a win on FH? But no! FH results showed that they had beaten Joe by a mere second. David was third and Ethan fourth.

On PH it was Joe from David from Pete. Where were the Geeps? Don’t ask!

Latest results FH PH

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Bass Week Photos 

Memories of the week can be found on the photographer’s website

Here’s an example of the fun Ben can do with the shots



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Calm before the storm?

When the turbines at Bothel aren’t turning, it is not surprising that there is no wind on the lake. However, just before the scheduled start time a breeze s filled in from the south enabling the fleets to enjoy good sailing conditions throughout the afternoon, and the rain stayed away too!

A select fleet of two GPs, Dave/Lynn and Joan/Jack, battled it out each securing a win each. Joan currently leads the series. In the fast handicap fleet, it was Scumper and Banter in RS100s that mastered the conditions, each taking a 1st place. Steve/Ruth in their Merlin played second fiddle taking a 2nd and a 3rd, but Banter leads the series. With Tog’s Solo still being repaired after the Nationals, Joanie was back on the water again after her ducking on Thursday, and was pleased when the shorten course signal sounded  saving one further lap.

Despite Mik being keen to get a good start by mingling with the fast handicap fleet (he didn’t think he’d get away with that did he?!) in the first race, it was Jim in the Hartley 12 that won both races, and took the series lead from Hazel who was racing in the fast handicap fleet (correctly, of course, as she was in a Laser Radial).

DW etc Latest results 

Will the Bass micro climate save the day on Sunday, or will the forecast high winds prevent all racing for the day? Well, when everyone arrived the wind was moderate, the sun was shining, and the air temperature somewhat tropical, all so much better than forecast.

Although 8/9 boats prepared to go out, by the time they were ready to launch the wind had started to freshen, and white horses appeared. Only five boats took to the water, but Alex/Olivia, the love birds, retired after their main came down before the start, leaving just four starters. Ethan, being the smallest and lightest, was first to capsize in his Radial. Several capsizes later, he was first to finish too (having completed just one lap). It didn’t stop him going for a bit of a blast after finishing. The next casualty was Shunty/Ruth causing them to be 3rd on Handicap behind Dave/Lynn who had no competition in the GPs. We reckon Lynn had her foot well and truly down in relation to flying the kite as it never appeared once ( but they stayed upright)! That leaves winners Robbie D/Banter who took best advantage of the gusts by flying their kite. Although even Banter must have been getting nervous with the ‘guidance’ he was giving Robin. A blast for them after finishing resulted in a quick capsize…

BL etc latest results 

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Night Jar Returns – Who was over the line?

IMG_1038.JPGAfter a five week break the Night Jar restarted with Round 13. It was overcast with a constant force 4 southerly wind and some chop. The course was 7-3-1 giving a long beat, a good beam reach and a gybe mark leading to a close reach to the final mark.

There were 18 starters on a fairly short line and the GP of Val & Ken, going for the port end, was driven over and forced to return. Going from a fast leg into a tight gybe caused a few capsizes including the 200 of Toggle and Joan. At the end of lap 1 the two Joes – Watkins and Roberts – had pulled out a lead in their 300 and 100 respectively followed by the GPs. Joan & Jack had AJ & Sue close astern.

With lap times of 11 minutes and with rain threatening it was decided to finish the fleet after 3 circuits, the exceptions being Josh’s Tera and David’s Topper as they had been lapped.

On return to the Clubhouse and the meal prepared by Debbie and helpers, results were calculated. Joan & Jack took the win on FH from AJ & Sue with Joe Watkins third. Val & Ken had gradually worked themselves up the fleet to finish fourth ahead of Neil’s Radial.

On PH Hazel in a Radial took the win with Aj & Sue second closely followed by Izzie also in a Radial, it was great to see both girls sailing brilliantly in their Radials.

Over 50 helms have now contested one, or more, rounds in the Series and there are still three rounds to run.

Latest results FH PH

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Barts Bash & Fun Weekend at Bass – Sunday 20th September 2015

We are again, along with thousands of Sailing Clubs worldwide, hosting a Bart’s Bash race. This year it is on the morning of Sunday 20th September and part of our action packed “fun” weekend.

Last year we had nearly 40 boats taking part, let’s try and top that this year, the race is open to all classes and abilities and is all about breaking world records and raising money for a worthwhile charity. All you need to do is enter via this link

The weekend will also incorporate other on shore and water based activities which are guaranteed to be great fun. This will also be the final camping weekend of the season so don’t miss out, put it in your diary.

Jon Denwood

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The ONE Bassenthwaite Lake Sailing Week 2015

Did you spend your holiday with us at Bassenthwaite for our annual regatta?

The Bass team are always striving for continuous improvement and in this respect we would like your feedback on this years regatta.

If you have 5 minutes to spare please click on Questionnaire 2015 and let us know what was good about this year and where we can improve. For every 25th completed survey, the lucky individual will receive a £25 discount voucher off next years entry.

Thank you and congratulations to Zena Martin for her survey and winning the first voucher!

We have a second winner already – it’s Emma Smith. Not the Rear Commodore’s wife, but his brother’s!

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National Schools Sailing Regatta 2015 at Rutland Water

Four members of Bassenthwaite Youth Squad travelled to Rutland Water to be part of the Cumbria Youth Sailing Team taking part in the National Schools Sailing Association Regatta.

Hazel Newport, Ethan Dawson, Charlotte Winfindale, all from Cockermouth School and Harry Binns from Keswick School were part of the Cumbria team with over 30 members.

Some 282 boats from 21 Teams took part with most of the competitors and Team Managers camping at the Rutland Agricultural Showground.

The teams enjoyed some amazing racing in some very challenging winds, from very light to gusts of over 25kts at times. There was also some great competition between the different fleets members to create a fantastic event for all.  

The whole weeks experience was a great opportunity for the young sailors to travel further afield and be part of a great team event. They all described it as “a fantastic experience with some amazing fun throughout the evenings”

They are all looking forward to the NSSA at Great Yarmouth in 2016.

Well done all.

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