May Bank Holiday 2017

The strong morning winds abated before racing started, and with a southerly blowing, several sailors wondered whether they’d be sent around the lake! Fortunately the sailing remained in the main bay as the wind strength varied considerably, and it seemed as if it may not come back at one stage, but it did.

With the fear of losing some racing on Sunday due to forecast high winds, the visiting Catapults opted to squeeze in a third race, and it introduced a new winner outside the Ede family!

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What would Sunday bring? Perhaps plenty of wind to blow these candles out and time to recuperate from Andrea’s 50th birthday bash?

Sunday arrived with a lovely sunny day, and light winds first thing in the morning that rapidly built up with a southerly wind that formed white horses across the lake. The Catapults had decided to enjoy the lakes rather than risk breaking their boats, and there was a lack of enthusiasm to get on the water by anyone else. So after a couple of hours postponement, no sign of the wind abating, racing was cancelled for the day.

A barbeque is planned for the evening.

At the moment, Monday could be more of the same

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Night Jar

Courtesy Andrew Sugden

This season’s Night Jar is now underway. It looks as though racing finished just in time to enjoy this rainbow without the rain!

We had everything for the first Thursday evening. A flight of four engine aircraft at minimum height, a spectacular rainbow, a chilly NW wind and, eventually, some rain. Oh, and 12 boats out on the lake, one crewed by a national champion!

The OD’s course was 0-B-9-A which gave three kite legs. This suited the Geeps although it was Neil’s Radial which made the initial impression shadowing Andy Smith / Andy Tunnicliffe and copying their tactics. Chefs for the evening AJ / Sue were also well up but both they and Neil eventually dropped back allowing the GP trio of Mike / Eric, Joan / Jack, Val / Ken through. Paul’s Laser was next up followed by Jon Anson – in a ff no less with Kayla crewing a few seconds ahead of Jim and Poppy in the Wanderer.

A battered and bruised John capsized his Pico but gamely continued to finish on 2 laps. Then came Bob Gate in his Radial who was well into a third lap before he realised he had finished, and Steve / Simon in the L2000.

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Grounds Maintenance 

A diary date for all volunteers able to help maintain the grounds on Wednesday evenings from 6.30 pm, weather permitting, starting this Wednesday 26 April. 

No requirement to attend every week, but all help is appreciated as many hands make light work.

If anyone wishes to contact the grounds chair, Mike Cowan, his details are in the handbook. 

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May Social Saturdays

May 6th / 7th 

Adult Level 1 Start Sailing Course
Youth Stage 1/2 Start Sailing Course
Email to sign up

May 14th

Push the Boat Out – regional open day promoting sailing and Bass SC. Promotional materials in the club house or email me for a PDF poster. Any help on the day either on or off the water will be gratefully appreciated.  

May 20th

First Social Saturday of the season. 11am – 1pm Every Saturday.  

If you’re new to sailing buddy up with a more experienced sailor in the club at a time where no racing is taking place. A sign up sheet is now up in the club house to buddy up.

Any questions send an email.  

Alex Leonard

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Great North Asymmetric Challenge

Sunshine and a light northerly breeze greeted a fleet of 23 boats for this year’s Great North Asymmetric Challenge.

The wind proved to be a challenge when it came to setting the course as it kept alternating between the North and the West – the key was getting the timing right! There was a general recall for the first start, but everyone was much better behaved thereafter.

Generally the leader at the windward mark was able to break away, but not true for the rest of the fleet as places were readily gained and lost through wind shifts, and gusts passing through. By the fourth and final race of the day, the wind was settling from the west and settling in strength, but everyone had had enough and headed back to shore.

Chris Pickles and Matt Sharman lead overnight with three 1sts and a 3rd, with Scumper and Zefer 2nd, having won the first race, and another couple of 2nds

Sunday started with clear skies and a general lack of wind, but it did fill in just in time for the first race, not that the sailors fully expected it, or were prepared!

The wind was not as shifty as Saturday but the strength varied from time to time again giving opportunities to gain and lose several places in moments!

There was a premature starter in each race, but several other boats had a conscience in the second start as they returned as well!!

After lunch the wind freshened for the best breeze of the weekend, and the first (and only) capsize. There was some good planing conditions at times. Chris Pickles continued his mastery of the conditions, leading the results at every stage, with Scumper and Zefer chasing their hardest and finishing 2nd overall. Commodore Robin Dawson with daughter Erin, finished 3rd overall in their RS200.

Winner Chris Pickles and Matt Sharman receiving prizes from Commodore Robin Dawson

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The ONE Bassenthwaite Lake Sailing Week Entries are Live!

Vice-Commodore Naomi Smith and her team look forward to welcoming you to this year’s regatta for which planning is well underway. Your chance to enter is here with best early bird discounts available until 11 June. Unless paying by direct debit or PayPal, please ensure payment is made within seven days of placing order otherwise it will be voided.

Enter now!

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Easter Weekend

After some varied weather conditions through the morning, the skies cleared for racing, but some of the shadows on the lake made the white horses visible, and that was looking down the wind! Consequently there was just two F15s and four single handers prepared to race.

The OD was kind to the F15s and let them do one lap more than the single handers, just enough for them to call it a day when the came in between races, with Mike/Kayla taking the win. However, the winds eased slightly during the break, so the handicap fleet raced again. Rob Cook won the first race in his Solo, and Dave Lawson won the second in his Laser.

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As forecast, the rain clouds moved in, and the winds eased, but there was still a reluctance to get on the water! The first race suffered from major wind shifts, and pockets of very light airs, but the rain held off. The closest finish of the race was in the Mirrors between Bean and Sandy Simpson which, after some defensive cover tacking, was won by Bean.

The wind settled in to the west, and strengthened, for the remaining races of the day. There was some good planing conditions, a couple of capsizes, and the day ended with the first protest of the season between who else but Mike and Simon! Simon/Jon are the overnight leaders in the F15. Dave/Lynn lead the GPs with 3 wins, Scumper leads the Handicap fleet, and Bean leads the Mirrors.

Unexpectedly, for a Bank holiday, the sun was finding its way through the clouds, but the wind took its time settling down to the forecast NE-NW direction. Racing did start about 1pm but it proved challenging in the swinging, variable, winds. The wind shifts varied from laying the beat on starboard tack for the leaders, through beating for middle of the fleet, and laying the beat on port tack for others! Perhaps not the best conditions, but better than sitting on the shore wanting to sail.

The final outcome after two further races in the GPs and Handicap fleet was the same as the previous night, with Dave/Lynn winning the Bass Tankard, and Scumper, winning the Easter Trophy. Mike/Kayla won the F15s Easterley Trophy and Sandy the Mirror/Topper Image Trophy

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Next weekend we host the Great North Asymmetric Challenge. Racing starts at 1pm

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More Sunshine

With such brilliant weather forecast, sun and clear skies, it was surprising that we would have a breeze as well. The breeze was coming from two directions, the North, and the West (the start of a sea breeze perhaps?). These two wind streams fought each other all afternoon, and it was the sailors that ended up being piggy in the middle as the area of least wind was generally on the main beat of the course! The challenge was to decide which wind stream to pick, and it was that challenge that defeated some, and awarded others.

There being no contenders for the Asymmetric Cup, all boats were competing in a MJM Series on a fleet handicap basis. The light airs and holes of the first lap bunched many of the boats together. Although Banter Phil in his 100 worked through to the front of the fleet, with Ian/Lezli-Ann not far behind in a F15, in both races the honours went to Joan/Jack in a GP in the first race and Dave Lawson in a Laser in the second.

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Sunday morning started with the lake as a mill pond, but the forecast breeze came in from the SW in plenty of time for racing. There was some tight reaches to test who could/would fly their spinnakers, and some broader reaches to take advantage of the good planing conditions. Although the gusts were not as severe as expected, the third lap of the course took its toll on many sailing, and they were glad of the lunch break. The windier conditions suited Mike/Kayla over Ian/Lezli-Ann in the F15s, Joan/Jack beat Alan/Sue in the GPs, while Joe took the honours in the handicap fleet in his Laser from Steve/Ruth in their Merlin.

The afternoon race was the first pennant of the season in aid of the Eric Twiname Trust, and took the fleet to the bottom end of the lake. There was a slight malfunction in the starting procedure, mainly due to distraction, but a temporary postponement soon had everything back on track! With the wind blowing across Sale Fell, sailors had to contend with the varied conditions caused by the down-draughts including holes, major headers, and gusting conditions. Some of the heavy gusts caused multiple capsizes, and Jim/Poppy had a capsize which they struggled to recover from, but all was well in the end.

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Eric Twiname Trust Pennant


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Another Sunny Sunday

Another sunny Sunday with a lack of wind resulted in sailors having another early lunch, but the wind did fill in from the West to get both of the scheduled races sailed.

The Mirror fleet benefitted from a couple of new helms in the fleet, Bean with son Oliver, and new members Sandy and Douglas Simpson. Bean and Oliver had their first victory together, while Sandy struggled slightly with the Bass shifts.

There was the first capsize of the season by John Roberts (or was it Bob Gate?) in a Laser, Steve and Ruth lead the handicap fleet after tying with Ian Hall in the first race.

Mike/Kayla sailed consistently winning all F15 races over the weekend but they had some good competition from Ian/Lezli-Ann who seemed to share the mistakes between them!

Dave/Lynn found their form again to win three of the weekend’s races in their GP, but had some close competition from Mike/Eric on Saturday, while Duncan/Colin put up a good fight on Sunday.

The wind, though shifty and variable at times, was worth waiting for and topped off a successful weekend back on the water.

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Saturday Racing 

If the incorrectly published start time wasn’t an early April fool’s joke, perhaps OD Simon was trying a belated one with the first course of the season which had the fleet looping round the windward mark!? What he thought, and what he displayed on the course board were just subtly different!

Did anyone really mind? Not really as they were glad to be back on the water in wind conditions that were nicely stronger than forecast

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