Fleet list 2016

We are presently preparing information for the handbook. The following fleet list is based on data in Webcollect. If there are any changes please let us know as soon as possible (and amend Webcollect if you can)


Fleet Class Sail No Boat Name Forename Surname
ff FF 2372 Sundance Alan SMITH
ff FF 2504 Alan JONES
ff FF 3265 Money for nothing Keith THOMAS
ff FF 3281 Graham KIRKPATRICK
ff ff 3293 Fighting Machine Ian Preston
ff FF 3440 Gary MANSELL
ff FF 3477 Brit'Tanya Eric GUILLOIS
ff ff 3520 Chips for free Neil Currie
ff FF 3555 Tim KNOWLES
ff FF 3623 Wor Lass Angus Corry
ff FF 3770 Neil PLATT
ff FF 3815 Ian CAMPBELL
ff FF 3973 Longstafff's boat Simon LONGSTAFF
ff FF 3996 Highwayman Mike MOORE
GP GP14 12239 Blue Marine Arnie HELLING
GP GP14 12329 Spindrift Rick PETECKI
GP GP14 12992 Stephen SHARPE
GP GP14 13226 Jonathan Bovington
GP GP14 13482 Lioness Martin OVEREND
GP GP14 13530 Heart of Gold Richard Broughton
GP GP14 13601 Katharine DAVIS
GP GP14 13716 Enigma Robert Slack
GP GP14 13867 Stracciatella Dave NICHOLSON
GP GP14 13885 Black velvet Mike FAIRLAMB
GP GP14 13905 Amvobo Hugh Godfrey
GP GP14 13916 Even More Trouble Nigel LEWIS
GP GP14 13960 Priceless Valerie Bell
GP GP14 14034 Avalon Alan HODGKINS
GP GP14 14043 Peter Hemingway
GP GP14 14062 Hand in glove Susan WATSON
GP GP14 14064 Dakota David Lawson
GP GP14 14101 Room 101 Paul BOWMER
GP GP14 14112 Jack HARDIE
GP GP14 14145 Phil HODGKINS
Hcap Drascombe Dabber 623 Betty Michael Glen
Hcap Enterprise 20136 Neil GARRISON
Hcap Enterprise 23166 Bill Paid Mark NINNIM
Hcap Excite Stephen SHARPE
Hcap Graduate 3007 Paul CLARK
Hcap Gull 1142 Chryse Simon THELWALL
Hcap Heron 9332 Tern Ian KING
Hcap Laser 188411 Delilah James Moore
Hcap Laser 68875 Lottie WINFINDALE
Hcap Laser 102591 Peter WINFINDALE
Hcap Laser 122380 Grafitti Andrew COWLEY
Hcap Laser 132318 Paul CLARK
Hcap Laser 134369 Eric WASILEWSKI
Hcap Laser 137629 The Red Dart Alexander WASILEWSKI
Hcap Laser 140034 Martin HOPE
Hcap Laser 160516 Hazel NEWPORT
Hcap Laser 161512 Simon Charles Westwood SMITH
Hcap Laser 167828 Kilindini Ian MACPHERSON
Hcap Laser 170591 Michael HUNTER
Hcap Laser 172822 Nigel LEWIS
Hcap Laser 175602 Neil GARRISON
Hcap Laser 176456 Jonathan ANSON
Hcap Laser 176743 Peter Whipp
Hcap Laser 186333 Jonathan DENWOOD
Hcap Laser 191430 Terence HALL
Hcap Laser 201404 Alastair RICHARDS
Hcap Laser 201432 Jonathan Bovington
Hcap Laser 2000 2173 Frantic Simon Charles Westwood SMITH
Hcap Laser Pico 7563 John ROBERTS
Hcap Laser Pico Solomon WHITE
Hcap Laser Radial 21864 Sensible Gene Julie Tomkinson
Hcap Merlin Rocket 3525 Maid of ply John REEKIE
Hcap Merlin Rocket 3701 Stomper Stephen HUNT
Hcap Phantom 971 brit'Tanya 2 Eric GUILLOIS
Hcp RS Aero 1214 Harry BINNS
Hcap RS feva Sebastian WHITE
Hcap RS feva 1066 Izzie HUNTER
Hcap RS Vareo 103 Hugh Godfrey
Hcap RS Vareo 173 Claire DUNCAN
Hcap RS Vareo 302 Stephen KIRKPATRICK
Hcap Rs Vision 1901 Beer goggles Anthony WOODYER
Hcap RS100 207 Philip DAVENPORT
Hcap RS100 481 Mark SOMERVILLE
Hcap RS200 251 Michael Cowan
Hcap RS200 450 Martin HOPE
Hcap RS200 682 Jeff TWEDDLE
Hcap RS200 932 Andrew Reilly
Hcap RS200 1057 Nautilass Claire DUNCAN
Hcap RS200 1195 Alex Leonard
Hcap Rs200 1312 Rs antics Anthony WOODYER
Hcap RS200 1369 Philip SMITH
Hcap RS300 361 Joe WATKINS
Hcap RS400 730 Angus CORRY
Hcap RS400 1082 Mark SOMERVILLE
Hcap RS400 1148 Philip DAVENPORT
Hcap Seafly 621 Great Northern? Nick Ball
Hcap Skipper 14 not known Jazz Myrtle Ashworth
Hcap Slipper 59 Ken WEST
Hcap Solo 3663 Cave Adsum Michael Cave
Hcap Solo 4232 Bless the Weather Richard Broughton
Hcap Solo 4993 Silver Lining Ian HALL
Hcap Solo 5169 David Haselden
Hcap Solo 5203 Michael Cowan
Hcap Solo 5408 Tony KING
Hcap Solo Phil HODGKINS
Hcap Streaker 1830 Andrew Sugden
Hcap Streaker 1830 Mike FAIRLAMB
Hcap Supernova 709 Moorglade Richard Broughton
Hcap Supernova 1040 Jim CHRISTIE
Hcap Topaz 1029 Martin OVEREND
Hcap Topaz Uno 1147 Bella Olivia STOREY
Hcap Wayfarer 1816 Brent PARKER
Hcap Wayfarer 5032 Misful Simon THELWALL
Hcap Wayfarer 7539 Vin Quatre David FERGUSON
Hcap Wayfarer snap Sarah NEWPORT
Slow hcp Hartley 12.2 1078 Jim CHRISTIE
Slow hcp Mirror 24126 Alicia Slack
Slow hcp Mirror 58319 Tim CHITTENDEN
Slow hcp Mirror 65839 Back in class Barbara DARLING
Slow hcp Mirror 69960 Eclipse Mike CHAPPELL
Slow hcp mirror 70351 Stacey ROWELL
Slow hcp Mirror 70466 Weekend Clupet Alan SMITH
Slow hcp Mirror 70548 Mogwai Mike CHAPPELL
Slow hcp Mirror 70608 Bluebell Pam BATH
Slow hcp Mirror 63321 Blue Jacket Terry Bower
Slow hcp Mirror 69663 Soaked in Brine David DARLING
Slow hcp RS Tera 3034 Bob Josh HUNTER
Slow hcp Splash 2099 Joyce HALL
Slow hcp Topper 20619 David RODGER
Slow hcp Topper 25469 Blue Knight Richard Meal
Slow hcp Topper 29499 Alastair RICHARDS
Slow hcp Topper 40892 Nikki HUTCHMAN
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Ready for a leg stretch?

The next social event will be the late Winter walk scheduled for 21 February. Be at the club about 11am

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Happy New Year

Fireworks supreme

Our kind of fireworks

2016 is here – enjoy! It won’t be long till the new season starts, better start stretching that wet/dry suit….

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Sad news

We have just learned that member John Shackleton sadly died on Christmas Eve.

He had known he had cancer for six years and went through and benefitted from many different treatments during those years, all the while knowing it was not curable.

He was a very determined man who believed strongly that “you can not afford a bad day” whatever life was throwing at you and he tried hard to live up to that.

Wherever he lived and worked around the world, sailing was his main love and John was thrilled to have his lugger(s) on Bassenthwaite. Despite his many physical challenges John determined that he was fit enough to sail his beloved Lugger even as late as this last summer.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to his wife Gwen at this sad time.

John’s funeral is being held at 11am Monday 4th January in Accrington Crematorium, Lancs


followed by nosh at John’s favourite Carvery –

The Game Cock, Great Harwood, Lancashire, BB6 7UH

Please let me know if you will come for nosh?

Family flowers only – donations if wished to East Lancashire Hospice 

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Season’s Greetings 

Wishing one and all a very merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous New Year for 2016.

May the winds be fair, the sun shine, and the rain not be as persistent!

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64th AGM

At the 64th Annual General Meeting held in the Clubhouse on Saturday 19th December 2015 the following members were elected on to Council.


Commodore Mark Somerville
Vice-Commodore Robin Dawson
Secretary Pauline Nicholson
Treasurer William Carruthers
Sailing Secretary Joe Roberts
Rear Commodore Andy Smith
Asst Sailing Secretary Alastair Duncan
Bar – Stephen Kirkpatrick
Boats & Buoys Phil Davenport
Galley – Lucy Thomas
Grounds & JettiesVacant
HousePeter & Karen Winfindale
PRO Mik Chappell
Training Alex Leonard
Safety Mike Hunter
Social Andrea Preston

Fleet Captains
Flying 15 Simon Longstaff 
GP14Mike Fairlamb
Mirror Mik Chappell
Handicap Alex Leonard
Laser Neil Garrison

There are a couple of vacancies which were not filled at the meeting, but they are important roles which we would appreciate if you could  consider and get in touch with us if you feel you could help.

The Hon Treasurer’s Annual Accounts were approved, and the proposal to maintain subscriptions at 2015 level

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Important info and pics from the Commodore taken earlier today⛵️⛴🚤

Thankfully the flood water has not reached the clubhouse floor but the outbuildings are badly flooded. I’m sure there will be numerous working parties organised when the clean-up operation commences but we must be careful that each area is safe before access is made. Mike Cowan isolated the electricity supplies to most of the outbuildings some days ago. Dave (N) will carry out a survey of the electrical supplies across the site tomorrow (Monday), if the water level recedes, and will isolate all remaining supplies other than those in the clubhouse.
Please do not access outbuildings until the electricity supplies have been a isolated and made safe (remember we now have a 460Volt supply to the site).There will inevitably be damage to equipment and it is very important that we have photographs of any damage for insurance purposes. When any outhouse doors are opened for the first time it’s important that photographs are taken before any equipment is moved. Any damaged equipment must be photographed and retained until such time as the loss adjuster has been to the site and has given us written permission to dispose of any items.
Club Council











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High Tide!


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64th Annual Prize Giving and Dinner Dance

IMG_2099.JPG The Greenhill Hotel hosted this year’s dinner dance where 82 guests enjoyed a hearty meal, followed by a resume of the year by Commodore Mark Somerville, and the award of the season’s prizes by Mark’s wife Kirstie. Many guests then burned off a calorie or two on the dance floor for a couple of hours.

Sailing Secretary Jon Denwood had a specs malfunction but Tog came to his aid with this magnificent contraption


  Club Championship
  Osprey Trophy Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
  T.S.B Trophy Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
  Eagle Trophy Ian Hall
Kirk Decanter Alex Leonard Olivia Storey
1972 Trophy Ethan Dawson
Arthur Carr Trophy Ethan Dawson
  Flying Fifteen
  Brackenrigg Cup Neil Currie Rory Yardley/Nick Smith
  Anderson Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Wheel Trophy Ian MacPherson Elaine Fairlamb
  Maurice Dalton Memorial Trophy Ian Campbell Lezli Ann Pearson
  Lawson Trophy Neil Currie Rory Yardley/Nick Smith
  Elwyn Banner Mendus Cup David Lawson Lynn Lawson
  Philp Prize Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
Twiname Prize Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
  Hatrick Prize Dave Nicholson Sarah Wilkinson
Beginners Prize Jonathan Bovington
Slow Handicap, Mirror & Topper
  Excalibur Trophy Jim Christie Poppy Christie
  Mirror Trophy Mik Chappell
  The Kirkpatrick Trophy Hazel Newport
Iberia Cup Hazel Newport
Bassenthwaite Bell Josh Hunter
  Fleet Trophies
  Flying Fifteens
  Ullock Mug Neil Currie Rory Yardley
Easterly Trophy Neil Currie Rory Yardley
Mellor Mug Neil Currie Rory Yardley
Scarness Cup Neil Currie Nick Smith
  Blencathra Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Morgan Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Flying Enterprise Trophy Mike Moore Sally Roberts
  Denton Trophy (Night Jar) Gary Mansell Michaela Sheard
  CSSA (Fleet A) Graham Kirkpatrick Elaine Fairlamb
  Flying Free Trophy Ian Campbell Lezli-Ann Pearson
  Bryson helms (Fleet B) Ian MacPherson Elaine Fairlamb
Jak Pot Simon Longstaff Jon Denwood
  Dawson Trophy Mark Ninnim Ian Preston
  Easter Holiday Trophy Phil Smith Naomi Smith
August Cup Phil Smith Naomi Smith
Isel Cup Phil Smith Naomi Smith
May Holiday Cup Phil Smith Naomi Smith
  Comet Trophy Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
Foxtail Trophy (Fleet B) Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
  Barf Plate Ian Hall
Spring Holiday Plate (Fleet A) Ian Hall
  Wythop Plate Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
Skiddaw Trophy Phil Davenport
Dodd Trophy Alex Leonard Olivia Storey
Grisedale Cup Steve Hunt Ruth Critchley
Evening Plate (Night Jar) Tony King
Commodores Prize David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Lyne Tankard David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Aitken Cup David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Spring Cup (The Jak Plak) David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Bass Tankard David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Stables Prize David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Ross Wear Helm (Fleet B) Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Harney Hetherington Trophy (Fleet A) Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Autumn Cup Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Graham Cup Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
McMillan Cup (June Cup) Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
Night Jar Alan Jones Sue Watson
Mustard Pot Val Bell Ken Bell
  Slow Handicap, Mirrors & Toppers
Image Tankard Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Round Table Tankard Jim Christie Poppy Christie
AB Series Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Red Sails Trophy Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Orsova Cup Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Reflection Trophy Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Singlehanded Trophy Jim Christie Poppy Christie
The Albert Bates Trophy Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Peel Pot Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Windfall Trophy (Fleet A) David Rodger
M Series (Night Jar) David Rodger
  Mirror Mug Mik Chappell
Kirk Helmsman Trophy (Fleet B) Seb White
  All Classes
Paul Carruthers Memorial Trophy Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Tinker Trophy Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Winter Series Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Jimmy Lancaster Memorial Trophy Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Jubilee Sailing Trust Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Ladies Race Joan Hardie
Asymmetric Cup Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
Celebrity Glass Trophy Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
Calvert Trust Pennant David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Albert Bates Retirement David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Junior Race Hazel Newport
Night Jar under 16 Hazel Newport
Starters Prize Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
RNLI Pennant Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Eric Twiname Trust / Bassenthwaite Burgee Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Senior Race Mike Fairlamb
Crews Race Olivia Storey
October Series Personal Handicap Phil Davenport
October Series Fleet Handicap Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
Max Joule Memorial Trophy Andy Smith Phil Hodgkins
Sandra’s Salver Poppy Christie
The Roger Pryde Memorial Trophy Josh Hunter
Consistency Cup Karen Whitehouse



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