Bass Sailors at the Lord Birkett Trophy on Ullswater

Bassenthwaite was well represented at the prestigious Lord Birkett Trophy held this weekend on Ullswater. We had 8 boats entered as part of the record 230 boat fleet which included multiple world champions, Olympians and a number of past winners including our own Commodore Mark. Unfortunately Vice Commodore Robin was unable to sail as his crew Phil was off colour. The others were treated to two 16 mile ’round the lake” races on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s race was held in a good southerly breeze which started at the club with a beat towards Glenridding around an island and a run back to Pooley Bridge then a final upwind leg to the finish. There were many capsizes and incidents  throughout. Sunday’s race around a similar course saw much more variable winds with massive gains and losses been made by all competitors. 

Bass sailors were spread throughout the fleet. Steve/ Ruth in a Merlin were best placed in 20th closely followed by Simon/Jon sailing a Flying Fifteen in 21st  and first Flying Fifteen, Mike/Kayla also in a Fifteen were 28th with Mark/Joe 33rd in a RS400. Alex/Olivia finished 40th in a RS 200 and Alan/Sue 52nd in their GP14. Ethan/Izzie finished 127th in an RS 200.

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Rain, rain go away

After a damp, stormy start to the day, the sun broke through and made for an inviting afternoon on the water. However, with various people away at The Lord Birkett event on Ullswater, and an earlier forecast for a wet weekend, and some stronger than expected gusts passing through. there wasn’t a lot of takers on Saturday.

Of those that did venture out, there were various capsizes, and three retirements, even before racing got underway. Of the two F15s to start, Chris Rolle, with a novice crew, realised the strength of the wind was going to be too much and retired at the end of the first beat leaving Tim/Ian to complete the course on their own. OD Val wasn’t giving them an easy ride, sending them around two laps of the course.

The handicap fleet comprised three single handlers, two Lasers and a Vareo, which had some close racing. At the gybe mark all three opted to ware round. Peter was first, but capsized. Tony was next but took it rather cautiously letting Hugh get through to the lead. However, Hugh retired on the next beat. Peter righted his boat with a mud stained mainsail, and retired shortly after, leaving Tony to complete the course for a win. However, a couple of capsizes on the reach into the gybe mark put paid to his intention to sail the final 300m and he retired as well.

So with eight boats taking to the water, there was only one finisher… No takers for the second race meant an early finish on a gloriously sunny afternoon.

Latest results

Sunday started sunny with a southerly which seemed slightly stronger than forecast. The beat was set from 1 to 7 (Scarness in old money), and with laps taking over 25 mins for the leaders, some commented how far it was. That didn’t stop them going round for a second lap though! There were just two boats in the slow handicap fleet but Joyce in a Splash soon retired leaving Jim in his Hartley racing alone. Once his course was shortened the OD raced to a wing mark on the course to shorten other fleets, but was beaten by the lead F15, so back to the startling to shorten their course before racing back to the wing Mark to shorten other fleets. Ok, it may have been a slightly moving finish line, and Val did point out she was catching Mike/Eric, but they were pleased to finish.

BL Series latest

The afternoon race was the Jubilee Sailing Trust Pennant. OD Hugh had determined the course before heading ashore for lunch, during which time the wind freshened and white horses appeared, however by the time the race was due to start the wind was swinging towards the SW and Sale Fell was casting a shadow over the northern end of the lake. Upon seeing the course the OD was bombarded with numerous not so witty comments (NB must try harder) about the length of the course and number of marks being used. Racing got underway and the wind filled in a little as it swung back to the south for some good racing conditions. After 40 mins Angus/James were first to the windward mark in their F15 with Tim/Ian close on their tail, and Joan/Jack in a GP not too far behind. On the return legs, Tim broke through to the lead, but didn’t shake off Angus. Val/Ken caught up with Joan on the return trip and, with a matter of seconds between them at the finish, the GPs took 1st and 2nd with the F15s 3rd and 4th.

By the time Mik had finished in his Mirror after 2+ hours, the rain moved in, the wind had swung, faded!

Poppy strengthened her lead in the Sandra’s Salver Trophy with another 1st.

Jubilee Sailing Trust Pennant
Sandra’s Salver Pennant

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Are you a winner?

If you were skilful enough to win any trophies last Bass Week please ensure you clean, polish, and return them to us for award at this year’s regatta. 

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Nearly famous

(c) Times and Star

Training Co-ordinator Neil Garrison (c) Times and Star

 Good article about our links with Swallows and Amazons by Times and Star

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Night Jar 10 – What happened to the Course Board?

It started with drizzle and, when it got heavier, many decided on wet weather gear. But, out on the Lake it was dry and sunny! The line was set at A and the 6 minute flag was raised. But what about the course board? Oh dear, forgot about that! Much activity on the Bates and the course went out at 3 minutes – 0-1-A. 

Nobody, amongst the 12 competitors, really complained as they were too busy lining up for the start! It appeared to be a fetch but turned into a true beat half way down. The wind was light and places were won and lost rounding 0 for the first time. Alex and Olivia in their 200 were true to form and had a huge lead by the end of the first circuit although they found the approach to A flukey. Tony King’s Laser and the GP’s following at a distance.

On lap 2 all sorts of strange things happened. Joan and Jack dropped to the back of the GP grouping. Tony also suffered and his challenge to the GP’s was taken up by David Haselden in the Solo.

The wind strengthened a little and Alex’s lead increased a lot! He and Olivia were tackling their fourth lap while others were completing their third or second. David Roger’s Topper was the first to finish on 2 laps a whisker ahead of the GP of Mike & Eric on 3.

On FH it was Alex from Mike with David Haselden and excellent third. Alex & Olivia easily won on PH but it was Kath Davis and Caroline Chalmers who took an unexpected, if well deserved, second spot. David was third ahead of Peter Winfindale’s Laser.

 Latest results FH PH

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Credit where credit’s due

Following last weekend’s NWJTT we were pleased to receive the following note of thanks.

Many thanks for putting on a great event on Saturday with such perfect weather conditions. Please pass on my thanks to everyone who was involved in making the day a real success. I heard nothing but compliments from parents during the day….

The icing on the cake was seeing the Vulcan fly down the Lake.

Kind regards

Peter Hadfield

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No help, no sailing…

There are several people otherwise engaged these weekend, including some of our rescue crew, so any willing volunteers would be appreciated to make sure there is sufficient cover to enable racing to continue safely. 

If you are available please email us, or contact Mike Hunter.


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Sunday Sunshine

Despite a  wet and windy forecast, as well as a drizzly morning, Sunday turned out to be a great sailing day. A short postponement was all that was needed for the drizzle to disappear, the strength of the gusts to subside, and a few gaps in the clouds to appear.

Ever positive, OD Preston was raring to get proceedings underway only to find HE had left the OD bag ashore so the rescue crew were tasked with fetching it. It’s funny how they never seem to go flat out when you want them to!

The close reaches, and blustery gusts, were challenging for many (had Kayla’s arms stretched by the end of the race?), and too much for some, but it meant there was great planing conditions. Peter W started his day in a way that was to continue – capsizing, and getting into irons. Alastair may well have kept him good company in the capsizing stakes had he sailed his Vareo, but he took the cautious option and crewed for AJ while Sue preserved her energy for the afternoon pennant race.

With Poppy keen to maintain her lead in the Sandra’s Salver series, OD Preston just sent the fleet down as far as 11 (Surely he could be home by the time the race finished?). With a SW wind, the sailing conditions were as flukey as they come past 7, with sailing flapping and calm conditions occurring within seconds! Mike/Kayla led the fleet home winning with a six min lead on handicap. While retrieving his boat to shore he cooled off with a full immersion after slipping off the foredeck. Kayla was too shocked to ask if it was cold in there!

Fortunately Jim/Poppy’s efforts were worth it as even taking a 3rd place behind Kayla and Sue, Poppy remains in the lead for Sandra’s Salver (Long may it continue!)

BL Series etc – latest
RNLI Pennant
Sandra’s Salver – latest

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North West Junior Travellers Trophy

Bassenthwaite Sailing Club are hosting a round of the RYA North West Junior Travellers Trophy today.

An overcast morning brightened, and the wind strengthened, as the day went on. There were plenty of shifts to challenge the competitors, some capsizes, and much good sailing for many.

A fly past by a Vulcan bomber during the final race was a spectacle that many will never have seen, nor have the opportunity to see again!

Although Windermere School received the travellers prize for entering six boats, Leigh & Lowton had outstanding performances winning all three fleets. Harvey Leigh winning all three Optimist races, Lorcan Knowles winning two races in the Junior fleet, and Gareth Staples-Jones 1st in the final race of the Youth fleet breaking the 3 pt tie with James Chasty from Redesmere.

The prizes were awarded by the Commodore’s wife, Kirstie Somerville, and Lorcan Knowles gave a winner’s speech on behalf of the visitors.

Final results 


Optimist fleet champion Harvey Leigh



Junior fleet champion Lorcan Knowles



Youth fleet champion Gareth Staples-Jones


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Night Jar 9 – Overcast and Slightly Damp.

IMG_0676.JPGThursday evening was muggy with “spits and spots of rain” as the TV forecasters are fond of saying. So there were only eleven starters after Val decided that looking after food (yet again!) was preferable to joining the fleet.

The light wind was South West so, with a start near B, the beat was to 0 with A being the wing mark. This gave a broad kite leg followed by a tighter one.

At the start signal the Lasers of Tony King and Peter Whipp were OCS but they made rapid returns and restarts. On the first lap Joan & Jack led in their GP closely followed Mike’s Streaker although he dropped back on Lap 2 as did the GP of AJ & Sue.

Tasha Todhunter’s Laser was the first boat to finish on 2 Laps followed by the Topper Contest between David Roger and Rosie Hogg.

The wind had by now swung further South meaning that a single tack from B to the port end of the line wasn’t practical any more. Most boats headed on port for the Bates before tacking off. Chris and Karen in the FF wanted to but AJ was close to windward and, by the time he realised that the FF was entitled to room and tacked, Chris had squeezed through virtually head to wind.

After Joan and then Mike, Tony who had recovered well from his recall, was finished on 3 laps. Not so Peter who was bemoaning a performance well below his best.

Positions on the water reflected Results on FH. Tony beat the Solo of David Haselden for the win on PH and he moves into second place in that Series.oves into second place in that Series.

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