May Day Bank Holiday 2016

IMG_2901IMG_2891There’s a busy weekend ahead as, in addition to club racing, we are holding the RS Tera Northerns and a Catapult open.

Busy is an understatement – a fleet of 35 Teras sailed two races, then club racing took place including a fleet of 10 Catapults, followed by another two races for the Teras. Six hours on the water for the committee boat crew – no mean feat, especially for Herb (though Tog needed a comfort break)!

IMG_2920Although there were shifts (as ever), and Mike/Kayla would say some major shifts that enabled Ian/Lezli-Ann to move from last to 1st in a single leg (while Angus slipped from 1st  to last),fortunately, and amazingly, the general direction remained steady enough to maintain the same start line and beat all afternoon.

IMG_3010There were eight clean starts in the Teras (can’t say the same for the club boats), and some occasional capsizes, but there was some good racing on a dry, but cool afternoon.

Ripon sailors are topping the results overnight with Oliver Kent leading the Tera Pro fleet and Ellie Clark leading the Tera Sport fleet. [Clark and Kent – Superman effect?!]

Two more races were scheduled for Sunday, but gusting winds continued throughout the morning, even after a two hour postponement, so racing was cancelled and Saturday’s results became the final outturn.


Tera Pro winner Oliver Kent


Tera Sport winner Ellie Clark

Tera final results

Latest MG etc Series

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Night Jar 1

The chances for racing looked slim with heavy snow falling and even settling on roads leading to the Club. But it stopped before the start time.

Seven boats took to the water – and then the wind dropped! What little there was appeared to be coming from the East and Joan in the Bates set a course from upwind of 0 towards 3 with 1 and 0 following. But a 100 degree shift meant the last minute inclusion of 1 as the windward mark.

So it was a short and starboard biased line. Those at the port end lost out, particularly Mike & Eric when the GP became lodged in a particularly stubborn hole. John’s Skiff was first around the mark and also around A but then it came to a complete stop and was passed by Pete’s Laser.

By this time Owen O’Donnell from South Windermere had retired his Tera with the hope of more wind for the Northerns. Joan had decided that one lap would give a long enough race bearing in mind the conditions.

At 1 Tony’s Solo and Neil’s Radial were also in the mix but, with the wind filling from NE, Tony and John pulled out 20 seconds from Pete with the former taking line honours. Mike & Eric had got through Hazel’s Radial by the time they reached 0 but she was not to be denied and re-passed them on the way up to the line to finish two seconds ahead.

Then it was time for a roast meal cooked by Alan and Sue who had decided a warm oven was preferable to a cold lake!

Results showed Tony had taken the FH win from Pete with these positions being reversed on PH.

Latest results FH PH

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Great North Asymmetric Challenge 2016

We are pleased to be hosting this year’s GNAC.

Good winds were forecast, good competition, good food, and lots of special birthday celebrations to enjoy!

Despite the good forecast, the winds at lake level were variable to say the least, challenging OD Andy Smith to find a mean direction to set the windward/leeward course to avoid a reach/reach situation. Taking note of the winds driving the nearby wind turbines, it seemed that WNW was a good bet for the first beat so racing was underway at the scheduled time. Of the fleet of 29 boats, there were a couple of boats over the line but they dutifully returned. The beat was maintained, despite some major shifts, but regulars Chris Pickles and Matt Sharman from Delph  in a RS400 soon took a commanding lead. Sailors did sit out at times but gusts were not really enabling planing conditions. Paul Allen from Leigh & Lowton, with Phil Hodgkins from Bass crewing, and in a RS400 as well, made up ground to finish 2nd just 2 secs behind Chris.

The wind eased soon after the start of race 2, and there was a completely different set of race leaders, with Robin Dawson and Phil Davenport leading the fleet through to the finish, though on handicap three RS200s, led by Bass’ Phil and Naomi Smith would beat Robin on handicap.

The wind backed more to the west for race 3, with occasional stronger gusts, and Chris Pickles was again at the fore, with Phil Smith 2nd and Robin Dawson 3rd.

Race 4 started in a good breeze which shifted and faded, together with the OD’s spirits, soon after the the first beat. New wind patterns appeared from the north, but they resulted in an unfortunate reach/reach course. The RS400s mastered the conditions again, led by Chris Pickles with Commodore Mark Somerville and Joe Roberts 2nd.

With four races complete it was time to break for the evening and celebrate a couple of special Bass birthdays – Robin Dawson and Phil Hodgkins. Can they still stand the pace and be ready to race agin in the morning? Time will tell!

Overnight leader was Chris Pickles with Phil Smith 2nd.

Sunday started with sleety showers and no wind, but at least the forecast was suggesting there would be some wind in the afternoon, so sailors had an early lunch, then some wind filled in, although it was as variable as it has been for the last couple of weeks. The fleet split up the first beat of race 5, and those that went right lost out massively. Phil and Naomi were first to round the windward mark with Dave Exley and Paul Heath in a RS400 on their tail. Dave pulled out a good lead but was passed by Hamish Gledhill on the final run, though on handicap Phil claimed another win.

Was the wind going to steady for race 6? Well it seemed to be filling in, and racing was started in a promising breeze which promptly shifted and faded by the time the first boat reached the windward mark. The same phases of wind and shifts continued through the race which was won by Chris, with Hamish 2nd.

After a late start and no sign of a steady wind following through, the OD cancelled the two remaining races, leaving Chris and Matt winners, with Phil and Naomi runners up.


Winners Chris Pickles and Matt Sharman with Commodore’s wife Kirstie Somerville

Final results

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RNLI Bring and Buy Sale

The £1 Bring and Buy Sale, as advertised in the club handbook has now been changed to an ‘unlimited sale’. Following the article in Foxy Tales, written by Tim Chittendon, about Cumbria’s new Life Boat we want to raise as much money as possible towards the appeal.

Please turn out your cupboards for any unused, unloved or surplus items to donate to the sale. Kitchenallia; home made chutney and jams; plants and plant pots; toiletries; books, CD’s, toys, DVD’s and bric-a-brac ; handbags, scarves & jewellery; etc. etc. NO electrical goods and NO shoes and clothing other than sailing related items.

All unsold items, not reclaimed at the end of the sale, will be distributed amongst the local charity shops.

We also plan to hold a raffle for a food hamper. There will be a collection point over the bank holiday weekend for any donations towards the hamper ( hampers ? !)

Please come along and support this worthy cause. Clear out your clutter, have some fun and raise lots of money.

Stephen, this is your opportunity to find new homes for all of the unwanted, unused Disney presents that I have given you over the years!!


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April Snow Showers?!

A cold day due to the northerly breeze but the various spells of sunshine made everyone feel so much more comfortable. Across the lake there were various snow showers from time to time. Mike came prepared for the cold weather though, he was in his wolly jumper, despite wearing it inside out and back to front!

The weekend’s racing is a fleet handicap series of five races for the MJM Trophy and Asymmetric Cup. Back from his travels, Zefer was back crewing with Scumper and somewhat tickled to discover a broom head tangled in the running gear for the wing wangs – not surprising they hadn’t been working very well last week!

The wind proved to be variable in both strength and direction, resulting in very biased start lines for each race. The first race was a struggle for boats to cross the line on starboard, and the second race had a couple of boats over, though Mike/Eric failed to return.

The occasional holes in the wind were frustrating and challenging, and places were readily gained or lost.


Banter rides side saddle

Sunday started off sunny, which again made the cold wind more comfortable. The wind was just about as shifty as Saturday so beats came and went, and, unusually, one reach turned into a beat briefly!

The asymmetric fleet were caught out by one shift which caused another biased start line, and resulted in three of the four starters to be over the line. They all returned eventually!

The wind freshened as the day went on, resulting in various capsizes, and a blown out F15 spinnaker (not a good start to the racing season for John and Tim). With three races scheduled, numbers dwindled as time passed, and various crews were pleased to hear the final finishing signal.

Final results MJM/Asymmetric Cup

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A Bad Day Sailing…

…is better than a good day in the office. That could be Shunty’s mantra for the day. The Bates just happened to be in the way when he tacked, left go of his tiller, and had the first bump with the refurbished Bates. Later he capsized. He couldn’t even blame his crew as he was in his Solo! Fortunately these mishaps were all in the first race, pushing him down to 5th, although finishing 11secs quicker would have landed him a 3rd.

trainingThroughout the morning there had been a strong contingent enjoying their first training session of the season

The weather clouded over after a sunny morning, stayed cold, and rained briefly. Windwise it was mixed (nothing new there!) varying from sitting out conditions to light airs in the lee of the shore at times.

There was enough wind for Ethan to capsize his latest boat, an RS600, and Scumper had to capsize his boat between races to sort some rigging issues. Dave/Lynn’s racing didn’t follow their typical format of leading from the start, one bad lap and they were pursuing the rest of the fleet for the rest of the race (perhaps Lynn should have taken the helm again?). After a poor start,Mike/Eric worked their way through to the front by the finish of the first race, with Joan/Jack 2nd.

With a couple of F15s racing at Windermere, there were just two contenders at Bass. Some consistent sailing by Ian/Lezli-Ann gave them two wins over Tim/Elaine.

Scumper won both handicap races, with Banter 2nd in the first race, and Shunty 2nd in the second one.

Latest results MG etc

Clear blue skies with a 2-3 from the SE greeted sailors on Sunday morning. Though not much warmer than Saturday, the sunshine certainly made it feel hotter. The figure of eight course pleased many sailors, including Jim (wonders will never cease!). Scumper had his sister Gayle crewing for the first time in many a year, so it is, perhaps, not surprising that there was a minor episode of kite trawling. Fresh back to the water, Alastair was fully expecting to be giving his Vareo an early wash and go swimming, but the boy did good, and stayed upright all day!

Dave/Lynn took a while to find top gear, but they did get their act together to win the morning race ahead of Mike/Eric. Mike won the afternoon race, with Joan/Jack 2nd. In the F15s, Tim/Ian and Ian/Lezli-Ann each had a 1st and a 2nd.

Jim won both races in his Hartley, with John 2nd in his Pico.

Despite narrowly avoiding a collision with Ian/Lezli-Ann, Robbie D/Banter in their 400 went on to win the morning race with Alastair taking 2nd and Neil in a Laser 3rd.

The afternoon race looked promising, but the wind promptly faded after the start sequence began. Robbie D took over 30 secs to cross the line, and Hazel, in her Laser 4,7, several minutes! Consideration was given to abandoning racing, but it was a sunny afternoon! With the wind filling in, the fleet was left to sail a second lap in a better breeze which would benefit some tail enders on handicap. Shunty won on handicap, with Hazel 2nd and Ian H in a Solo 3rd.

Latest results BL etc

In the F15 open at Windermere, Simon/Jon finished 5th and Mike/Kayla 7th

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Soggy Saturday

The forecast force 4/5 was not to be on Saturday which offered a light southerly for the small fleet of boats. Perhaps the drizzly conditions had dampened enthusiasm?

Shortly after the first start the breeze eased to nigh on drifting conditions with boats relying on the intermittent zephyrs that passed over the course from a variety of directions!

In the F15s, Mike/Kayla took and early lead which they strengthened over time, but lost to Ian C/Lezli-Ann as they waited for their next zephyr. By the end of the beat Mike took the lead again, with Ian M/Elaine pulling through to 2nd. Ian and Joyce were the only contenders in the Handicap fleet, and Ian took the honours despite trying to avoid getting embroiled in the F15 fleet.

Dave crewed for Lynn in the GPs, and she managed to give Mike/Eric some strong challenges, though Mike did secure the lead over the finish line.

With no prospect of the wind filling in again, and little enthusiasm, the 2nd race was not sailed.

Latest results

Saturday’s rain continued through the night but dried up in time for Sunday racing. There was a general recall for the Handicap fleet, but they were all clear on the second start which was held in a fresh southerly which resulted in just one capsize before easing to near drifting conditions.

Mike/Kayla and Mike/Eric again took wins in the F15s and GPs respectively. Steve/Ruth in a Merlin won the Handicap fleet ahead of Jim/Poppy in their Hartley.

Latest results

The afternoon race was the Eric Twiname Trust pennant, typically held around the lake but as marks beyond Scarness are yet to be laid it was held in the bay, perhaps fortunately as the wind again eased causing some bunching on the finish line, and throwing handicaps into disarray.  Steve/Ruth were first across the line, but on Handicap the honours went to Toggle in his Solo just 9 secs ahead of Dave/Lynn.

Lynn leads the Sandra’s Salver series.

Eric Twiname Trust pennant
Sandra’s Salver

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The rain sodden ground didn’t suit Mr Moore’s van

With the sunny Good Friday blown away overnight, it became a bit of a no news day as the wind and rain put all potential contenders off (perhaps the Bass Ski team chose a better option this year by heading to France) so racing was abandoned for the day.

Easter Sunday appeared all the quicker (mainly due to the clocks going forward for British Summer Time), but looking down wind the tops of the waves were visible (not good!), and there was a dearth of sailors interested in taking to the water, so we had the second non-sailing day of the season. It turned out to be a mixed day of sunshine and showers with the occasional rainbow to boot.

Having been washed out of their tent, Pete and Karen were pleased to spend a comfortable Saturday night at home only to appear next day with a caravan!

Competition would get off the ground later in the day with the annual egg dumping competition. Would it be a child prodigy that would take the honours? Well, he may have been a child prodigy (some time ago), as the winner was Charlie’s dad, Martin!

While the South endured storm Katie on Monday, we were able to get the sailing season off the ground (well on to the water) with a couple of enthusiastic fleets. Ever patient Peter helped Lottie to rig her boat – she managed to make it to the line a little late, but Peter had to wait till the afternoon for his first race. The wind was blustery, and there were several capsizes (is Zefer the Sailing Sec taking on Roy’s mantle of being famed for capsizing?!), and some consequent retirements as sailors headed for a warm shower, but the rain held off during racing at least. The winds led to some exciting reaches and good racing.

Dave/Lynn took two wins from Mike/Eric in the GPs to win the Bass Tankard, while Phil/Naomi beat Hugh in his Vareo by 10 secs in the first race, and Robbie D/Banter in an RS400 by more than 70secs in the second race. The conditions enabled the RS Aeros to put in a good show with Harry sharing 3rd place with Robbie in the first race, and visitor Caitlin earning a would be 5th position in the second race. Phil/Naomi’s two 1sts won them the Easter Trophy.

Final results

Snippet of the day – Becky was entrusted by Oscar to look after some of his Easter chocolate, only for Robbie D to start tucking into it before Becky caught him!

Keith Thomas has sent a couple of shots of the Bass Ski team in France. It looks slightly cooler than Bass! 

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Are you ready?

Following this weekend’s working party the clubhouse and grounds are looking good and ready to welcome in the new season which starts on Easter Saturday.

A big thank you goes out to all those that have made it happen.

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