Night Jar 14

Although it was blowy in coastal and North Cumbria area, Bass’ micro-climate came up with ideal conditions.

Only 7 boats started, probably due to the forecast and Bassweek exhaustion.

The figure of eight course 0-9-1-A gave three spinnaker legs.  But 9-1 was really too tight for a kite, only Val and Ken persevering with it after the first lap.

However, the three kite boats opened up a gap over the pursuing Radials. Val & Ken and James & Jenny were close throughout the GP just leading the 2000 over the line after 3 laps. Paul & Vicky had dropped back when they nearly missed the line out at the end of the first lap.  Paul reckoned this was due to YZ not being included throughout Bassweek!

Jon was the first Radial by some distance but Bob and Richard Hughes in his elderly but colourful boat had a very close battle.  Then it was back to the Club for Neil’s welcome supper.

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Thursday Racing

For anyone not sailed out after a full programme of racing during Bass Week, you will be pleased to learn that the Night Jar series continues this Thursday, and Neil will be cooking the evening meal

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The ONE Bassenthwaite Lake Sailing Week

Ready and waiting

Follow what’s happening at Bass Week 2018 on its dedicated website

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Time for Change?

With a new weather front moving in, the long hot spell was blown away by high winds overnight. The blustery winds continued into Saturday, and brought in numerous showers, but with little enthusiasm for sailing apart from Ant and Jo, racing was cancelled.

Although Sunday was not quite so windy, it remained showery with a lack of willing sailors, so sailing was cancelled again.

The GP14 Worlds are being held in Mounts Bay this week, and Bass have three boats entered Andy Smith/Phil Hodgkins, Dave Lawson/Joe Roberts and Alan Jones/Sue Watson. All the boats will have GPS trackers so it will be possible to track live racing action on the following link

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Ladies, Crews, Juniors and Seniors Race

It was Ladies, Crews, Juniors and Over 60s Race  this week.  Used to be just the Lady Helms’ Race but we ran short of them!  Rhonwen would remember that? – She was back on Bass Lake for her first race in a long while crewing for Val.  Ken had jumped ship and was with Mike.

Conditions aboard the Bates were a bit cramped with Graham & Alan tracing the ongoing vibration – and getting the OD and Bates driver somewhat confused!  But the technicians aboard were successful and a new part will be fitted before Bassweek.

The start was a revelation.  Bob went for the line at speed in the Laser and was first away. Mike & Ken took water at the windward mark but Bob was still second up the fetch.  Then came Val & Rhonny trying to close in on their male GP rivals.  Olivia, with husband crewing, was also moving up the order in the 200.

Other good performances were Simon helming the L2000 this week and Rob Hedges who was getting the Ent moving.  Young Dave Reekie with father as crew in the Mirror also impressed, and Mathew was in contention in the Tera until he got into a hole which kept him stationary for a long while.

On shore Val & Ken returned to the Galley to make sure the many were fed.

Final results (when available)

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Championship Weekend Series

There may have been a few showers through the week, but the lake and grounds show little sign of benefitting from them, with the lake at its lowest for many years. There was no rain on Saturday, and the sun broke through the clouds every now and again too.

The F1-2 SW wind strengthened throughout the afternoon more consistently towards F2, and although it was regularly swinging, it veered more to the W as the afternoon went on. In the first race this caused the beat to be a bit one sided, but the shifts still proved to challenging, especially for anyone on the wrong side of the shift/curving wind!

Nigel/Glenys were on the best lay line in the GP start, and gave AJ/Sue good warning that there was no room. AJ called their bluff, but didn’t manage to keep out of the way and had to do two turns (although he initially seemed to lose count all too quickly!). Nigel  wasn’t able to hold his lead, which he lost to Mike/Eric. Mike won the 2nd race as well, with AJ 2nd.

In the F15s, Ian/Lezli-Ann took the initial lead in both races, but the strengthening wind conditions suited Mike/Kayla, taking two wins, while Neil, with sister Liz crewing, got two 2nds.

Steve/Ruth in their Merlin pulled out a good lead in both races, but on handicap lost out to Tony in a Solo in race 1, and Joe in a Laser in race 2.

The Mirrors/Toppers were pushing the start line in race 2, with the Simpson brothers in a Mirror, and visitor Oliver in a Topper, both being OCS and had to return. Bean/Oliver won both races.

Sunday’s wind should have been stronger than Saturday, but it wasn’t to be, and there were light patches from time to time, and little sign of the sun.

With just two F15s racing, Mike/Kayla took no chances and covered Ian/Lezli-Ann whenever they could. Although this gave them wins in races 3 and 5, winning them the series Ian did manage to break cover a couple of times in race 4, and went on to win it, and finishing 2nd overall.

There was some close racing in the GPs in race 3, with AJ nipping into 2nd place ahead of Val/Ken on the final beat, but the series was won by Mike/Eric a clean sweep of with five wins, and AJ/Sue 2nd.

The lighter conditions proved challenging for Steve/Ruth in their Merlin, but they did finish the day with a 1st and 2nd, finishing 2nd overall behind Joe in his Laser who added two 1sts to his Saturday results.

Bean/Oliver finished the day with a couple of wins, and the series trophy, helped by squeezing others off the line in the first race. Mik was 2nd overall.

Final results

Former rescue driver Chris Hunt too to the water in his RS400, and while getting to grips with it became the only boat to capsize. James was keen to rush to his rescue, if only to mock and perhaps take photos…

On Saturday Neil Garrison won a Laser open meeting at South Shields partly after taking advantage of 180 degree wind shift that occurred at a time that suited him, but stopped others in their tracks as they lost the wind altogether!

If anyone is interested in taking part in this year’s 24 race at Southport contact Neil Garrison so that he can gauge interest and help determine whether we should enter the event this year.

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Night Jar 13

Another great sailing evening with a constant westerly breeze and yet more warm conditions. Katia / Andy returned with a repaired and now grey painted Mirror following the contretemps a fortnight ago.  18 boats crossed the line for a 0-1-B-A course with the GP of Mike & Eric right on the bubble.  They built up a large lead and led throughout on the water with only Joe’s Laser for company.

Then came a group containing Val / Ken & AJ / Sue in the GP’s, Tony & Rory in Solos and Neil in his Laser.  When to shorten was a real dilemma as this group were finishing their third lap as Mathew’s Tera was coming up to the line on two.  They got through by the belated raising of S but it meant that Jon’s Laser and Nigel / Glenys’s GP which were next were finished on three.

It was all so rapid that the latter crew were unsure if they had finished and did a further lap!  Not sure if they were in time for the meal prepared on this occasion by John Reekie?

Latest results

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Flying 15 & GP14 Open 2018

A sun soaked Saturday, together with force 2-3 SW breeze, gave champagne sailing conditions for two fleets of boats.

The 18 strong fleet of F15s were a bit too eager to start and caused a general recall in their first race. Neil/Rory secured a strong lead winning race 1 with Simon/Jon 2nd.

It was Simon’s turn to build the lead in race 2 ahead of Andy/Tom Goddard (from Dovestone).

Simon was a bit too eager in the third race start forcing Keith/Alan upwind but resulted in both boats being OCS at the start. Keith returned but Simon didn’t and subsequently retired. There was some close racing between Neil and Andy, who secured the lead on the final beat, and is overnight leader.

In the GPs there was little sign of Dave/Joe in the first race who left Mike/Eric to battle with Val/Ken who were delighted to secure 1st place. Dave had to work his way through to the lead in the next race beating Julie/Chris Waddington (from Bolton). They took the same positions in race 3, so Dave is overnight leader.

The day wasn’t without incident. There was one capsize, a couple of protests, and some raised voices on the water. Perhaps the sun had taken its toll on some sailors?

Sunday greeted sailors with a stronger breeze more from the south so the opportunity was taken to use the buoys in the southern end of the lake. Just one beat, but it was a couple of miles long!

In the F15s Simon pushed the line again with a port on port start, but got it spot on this time! He went on to win the race just ahead of Mike/Kayla. In the GPs Dave continued his winning ways with Julie/Chris 2nd, and with the same results in the final race Dave/Joe won the event with Julie/Chris 2nd.

With the wind swinging more to the SW, and strengthening, the final race was held in the northern bay. Graham/Sally had a cracking first beat but slipped back to 3rd (on handicap). Neil won by a good margin with Simon 2nd, which was enough to secure 1st overall.

Flying 15 Waples Wine winners Simon Longstaff and Jon Denwood

GP14 Open winners Dave Lawson and Joe Roberts

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Night Jar 12

Only twelve starters tonight despite the ongoing great weather.  With marks out of place the OD chose a long course 0-1-5 with 1 being a gybe mark.  The Bates was stationed half way up the long beat near A.

Rory was over at the start and John in the other Solo also returned.  Val & Ken in the GP saw the port bias and had a flyer leading by over ten lengths at the windward mark and holding prime place throughout the race despite James & Jenny’s 2000 and John attempting to close up.

The Safety crew spotted swimmers at various points around the course and, with thoughts of Val’s previous encounter with one a while back, went to warn them of approaching boats. James and Bob got a load of choice language and spluttering for their efforts!

With all crews on their second lap and the wind dropping, there was no choice but to shorten for all. So it was back to the Club for the meal being prepared by Barbara.

Latest results

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Fleet Challenge A

As the Summer sun continues, there was a better than expected WSW breeze for the weekend handicap series which enticed a dozen boats on to the water. Though the racing was scheduled to be a personal pursuit, for ease (and speed) it was raced on personal handicap basis.

Waiting for Mik to get to the line was not to his advantage as he was on course side at the start and had to duck back behind the line. Peter Whipp was even later for the start…

Dave/Lynn in their GP pulled out a strong lead in the first race, but opted to head ashore with various other boats to watch the England/Sweden quarter final rather than sail the 2nd race.

Peter Whipp in a Laser and Tony King in a Solo had some close racing, but Peter could not break away enough to beat Tony on handicap. Nigel/Glenys had some gear problems in the first race, but continued through to the finish, and then narrowly avoided a capsize while flying the spinnaker on a close reach.

Sunday’s results were dominated by the GP fleet, with Dave/Lynn taking another two firsts and the trophy, with Mike/Eric 2nd overall.

Final results

Various members travelled to Ullswater to race in the Lord Birkett Trophy run over two days which was won overall by affiliated member Dave Exley with Nigel Hall in a RS400

• 13th Mark Somerville and Joe Roberts – (in a brand new!) RS400

• 37th Mike Moore & Kayla Sheard – FF

• 38th Alex Leonard & Ben Murrell – RS400

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