August Bank Holiday

The Bank holiday started early for many campers that have been on site since Thursday (using up a spare day in our allocation). A walk up Catbells for many was celebrated with some fizz on the summit, though Scumper seemed to struggle opening it!

A sunny Saturday was a bit of a surprise on a bank holiday, and there was a light breeze suitable for a fleet of eight Mirrors, many crewed by junior sailors, one of which was Alfie in his first ever race. Jonathan and Henry won the first race, and Mik the second race. In the handicap fleet, one of the Southport visitors gave Robbie D/Banter a run for their money as they each had a 1st and a 2nd. Dave/Lynn won the 1st GP race and Andy/Phil the 2nd, with Joan/Jack being the runner up in both races.

Will there be more partying tonight? You bet!

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Yes, Saturday night was long and boozy. It finished at four from what folks can remember. And apparently the ladies were holding their own against the high supping males!

But all were ready to roll on Sunday morning with 32 crews on the water for the first race of five in the series. Weather was dry with a light easterly. The line remained unchanged throughout the day and was port biased in the extreme making good starts challenging. The morning course was liked by some if not by all and this was a long race considering there were two more to follow after lunch.

The second course was an even longer one with a bit of hanging around for the Slow Handicap one lappers – but so what? It was compensated by a tight course in the bay for race 3.

Highlights – from my notebook – as was too engrossed with my own fleet battles when racing! Well, one of the Fifteens got tangled up with the port end mark during a start and Z went some way down the beat before being retrieved! In the Geeps Val was determined to get the better of Joan and did so in Race 2 for positions to be reversed in Race 3. And the S/H fleet managed 9 Mirrors, most with dynamic young crews, and positions were continuously changing.

The F/H fleet had an extremely close result in the afternoon races. On corrected time the first two crews were 7 seconds apart in Race 2 and, in race 3, the first five boats were all covered by 34 seconds. 

What will Monday bring?

Latest Results

John Spittle Images from Sunday and Monday’s races are now available on

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All profits from the sale of these photos will go to Bassenthwaite Sailing Club

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Night Jar 15

The early start to the Holiday Weekend allowed a number of crews who don’t usually sail in Thursday Racing to take to the water. We had Mike & Kayla in the Fifteen and Banter Phil in the 100 to bolster numbers. And Dave Lawson was out in the Club Laser.
There was a light wind, mainly westerly, and the course was a diamond 0-9-B-A. The first beat was difficult to read and changed the normal running order a bit. After the windward mark it was Phil leading from Joan & Jack in the GP and then Dave in the Laser FR and Neil in the Radial in fairly close company. The Fifteen was moving up after a mediocre first beat.

AJ & Sue had dropped back in the second GP when they went fishing for Jack’s hat. After that AJ reckoned that the soggy garment in his kite bag was slowing them down! Phil continued to extend his lead on the water on the second lap and Joan & Jack were continuing to hold off the Fifteen.

It was decided to stop Bob Gate in his Laser and Paul Gannon in the Radial at the end of lap 2. And also John Roberts in his new colourful Radial – although why he wasn’t out in the Pico after his double victory last week only he knows? It was decided to let Tony’s Solo continue but, by his own admission, the light wind expert was having a dismal race.

In fading wind Phil took line honours from Joan & Jack. The GP crew were first on PH and have, at last, knocked Tony off top spot in the PH Series. On FH they have narrowed the gap to the series leader despite Phil winning this round. However, with better discards, Tony will still win that series on count back even if Joan & Jack take wins in the final two rounds.  

Then it was meal time, it being prepared this week by John Reekie and family. Oh, and apologies to Sarah for not mentioning that she was last week’s chef!

Latest results PH FH

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Rescue cover

Due to holidays we are short on rescue cover next weekend 27/28/29 August. If you can help out please email us.


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Put Off By Forecast

A poor forecast of wet weather and gusting winds led to a small collection of sailors turning out to race. While they waited for more to appear the wind looked acceptably sailable though somewhat wet. By the time the decision was made that there was enough interest, a rescue contingent was pulled together, and boats were prepared, the more blustery conditions suddenly appeared, and Lynn Lawson led the retreat! Sailing secretary Joe Roberts opted to test the suitability of conditions in his Laser, but when he returned, after the odd capsize, he decided he had had enough! A couple of boats went out for a sail, but racing was cancelled for the day.

Sunday morning came, the rain had passed, the wind had eased, and there was more interest in sailing. It was the last race in the Blencathra series in which Ian/Lezli-Ann were leading -should they stay ashore preventing Mike/Kayla from having a race, thereby securing the trophy? No, they wanted to sail! Claiming water at one mark, Ian misheard Mike’s response so ducked out, and missed a chance to take the lead which Mike held to the finish, taking the trophy.

In the GPs, Dave/Lynn led and won the race, with Val/Ken close on their heels all the way round, but it was series leaders Mike/Eric (who weren’t sailing) that kept their pole position winning the Mustard Pot.

Robbie D/Banter in their RS400 enjoyed the planing conditions on various spinnaker legs, catching up with, and passing, the F15s. Despite winning the race is more than a minute ahead of Zefer in his Laser Radial, Robbie D didn’t have enough qualifying results to win the Dodd Cup series from Ian Hall.

Final results

After lunch the Banana Stakes would take the fleet around the lake on a simple course comprising two two beats and two reaches – well that was the theory. Scarness itself caused a few problems with several boats misjudging how shallow the water was on the spit and consequently scraping their centreboards and rudders on the bottom. Val/Ken grounded a little too hard damaging their rudder and had to retire. As with most Westerlies the winds past Scarness were changeable as the gusts came over Sale Fell and became and downdraughts which spread out in all directions as they hit the lake – challenging as ever! Banter helmed the RS400 this time with Robbie D crewing, and led around the course, but conditions didn’t let them break away, finishing sixth on handicap. It was Dave/Lynn in their GP14 that took the honours with Joe securing another 2nd.

Banana Stakes

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Night Jar 14

The wind was SE although there wasn’t too much of it. During rigging AJ was telling everyone that the OD should send them down the Lake. After a barrage of this I told him that I would set two courses with the lower one, just for him, being AJ12 (No return mark!). He concentrated on the GP after that!

We had 17 boats out but only 12 came to the line. These included Martin & Alison Overend who were late and at the wrong end so decided that some cruising was better than being last The beat was 1-A with B as the wing mark. The line had heavy port bias which Joan & Jack in the GP and Neil in his Laser picked up and these two battled to be leading boat throughout the first lap with the Laser of Terry Hall third.

Although the wind was dying, only 20 minutes had passed so most were sent for a second lap. The exceptions were the last two on the water who were asked if they wanted to finish the first time around. Bob Gate in his Radial gamely refused saying he wanted to catch the Pico, but Steve and Simon in the 2000 were shortened.

Going into B the wind disappeared and virtually all the fleet were in drift mode. Was there a flag N on the Bates the OD wondered? But then it kicked in again. Jack hoisted the kite which didn’t seem to work as Neil went zooming by – well, comparatively speaking! And Tony was working his light weather magic in the Solo with shoulders over the lee gunwale and boots out to port. He rounded the final mark a length behind and closing. But Neil held on to be first on the water by 3 seconds. 

Results showed the effect of the fleet being so bunched up. John in the Pico had taken PH from Richard’s Solo by over 3 minutes on corrected time with Hazel’s Radial third. Not only that, but the Pico’s boat handicap advantage had allowed it to finish first on FH well ahead of Tony and Joan.

Latest results PH FH

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Bass Week Memories 

For lasting memories of the week, Ben Unwin’s photos can be found and purchased at

Similarly John Spittle has created a gallery site where you can purchase his photos of Bass Week and some pre Bass Week visits to the club:

Not the best GoPro footage ever filmed (Ben’s words!), but you may wish to watch it. The music was unknowingly chosen by the rowdy lot who were trying to remember the lyrics at 2:00am one morning

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Weekend Catchup

After the frenetic activity of Bass Week, normal racing resumed on Thursday evening and Sunday. On Saturday the club hosted the Lakeland Triathlon.

On Thursday evening it was race 13 of 17 in the Nightjar series. Despite the unseasonal weather a small competitive fleet enjoyed a good race in a testing variable wind. On fleet handicap the honours went to the GP14s of Val and Ken Bell, followed by Joan and Jack Hardie, and Neil Garrison in a Laser. However on personal handicap Harry Binns in his RS Aero 5 was first, ahead of the Bells and Hardies. Overall, Tony King still leads both series.

Sunday morning brought a good light breeze for fleet racing. In the handicap fleet the RS400 of Robin Dawson, crewed by daughter Erin, led on the water but on corrected time the winner was Joe Roberts in a Laser, with Neil Garrison third, also in a Laser. The GP14 race became a tussle between the Bells and the Hardies, this time Joan and Jack Hardie finished first.

The afternoon race for the Jimmy Lancaster Memorial Trophy took the fleet half way down the lake and back. At the half way point the leading Lasers and GP14s were close together until the leading Laser rounded the mark the wrong way and had to re-round correctly, letting the GP14s of the Bells and Hardies through.

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News Coverage

If you missed the Bass Week TV article view it here

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Swallows and Amazons comes to Bassenthwaite Lake

As many will know the trailer for the new Film based on Arthur Ransome’s book, was shown to a selected audience at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick some two weeks ago. We look forward to the national release of the film to the public on 19th August.

But one of our members had been instrumental in refurbishing the boats used in the film and was charged with their safe keeping prior to pre-release publicity at the Cowes Regatta. There would be one day before the boats departed from Cumbria for the South Coast so he arranged to display them at Bass Week. But the logistics were challenging: to bring two boats from South Cumbria, rig them, display them and return them would be difficult. Nevertheless, that is what occurred.

Swallow & Amazon were rigged for viewing by early afternoon on Thursday.

Then it occurred to the facilitators that it would be even more spectacular if they were launched for a brief sail on the Lake. And, it would be even more appropriate if the two young Bassenthwaite sailors who “doubled” for members of the cast in the film were aboard!

Hence Swallow was launched with Katia Smith  (aka Tatty Walker) aboard and likewise Amazon with Hazel Newport  (aka Peggy Blackett) as crew. The helms were Peter and David Lawson.

Inevitably a short race was arranged between the two Boats. Swallow won which, as readers of Ransome’s series of books will know, was an appropriate ending.

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Bass Week

Don’t forget to follow all the Bass Week goings on at

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