The ones that didn’t get away

Thanks to the Paparazzi for these shots from last weeks F15 team racing

First casualty of the day

First casualty of the day


A busy windward mark (initially!)

Did the periscope get stuck?

Did the periscope get stuck?

Simon practicing his swimming

Simon practicing his swimming

At least Jon is still smiling

At least Jon is still smiling


Homeward bound


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October is nearly over

The final weekend of the October Series greeted competitors with strong, gusty winds from a predominately WSW direction. Three intrepid competitors took to the water, Jim Christie in his Supernova, Peter Whipp sailing a Laser Radial and a new combination of Phil Davenport helming Alan Jones’s Flying Fifteen with Alan crewing.

The first race was a straightforward Olympic course, triangle sausage, with a beat to South as mark O has mysteriously disappeared. Peter took the lead but had his first of many capsizes shortly after his first beat, Phil and Alan assisted by their keel took the lead which they held until the finish. Jim after numerous immersions retired but Peter completed the course and told the OD he would like another race, Phil was keen to go, Alan less so and Jim a definite no. Race two was contested between Peter in his Radial and Phil/Alan in the Fifteen. Peter once again had a good first beat but hit he windward mark and had to do a 360, Phil/Alan took full advantage and sailed down the reach at times flying their spinnaker. Peter recovered well and despite a couple of capsizes en route he managed to win the race on handicap making it all square on the day as Phil & Alan had won the first race.

The day’s racing put Peter in the lead for both the fleet and handicap trophies, and with not even one contender on Sunday (was everyone making the most of their extra hour’s sleep, or were they just put off by the gales?) racing was abandoned and the results stand for the series.

Final results FH PH

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Congratulations in Order!

As the championship season draws to a close, we have prepared the winners prize list.

There will be two prize givings this year, one for the Youths and Juniors which is to be held in the clubhouse at 6pm on 8 November, just before the firework festivities, and the other on 29 November at Hundith Hill Hotel as part of the annual prize giving dinner dance (Book your tickets at

Prize givings are all about recognising achievements of everyone’s efforts throughout the season with the presentation of the relevant trophy. So there is where you can help.

  • First of all, if you won a trophy last year please make sure you engrave (if you warn permanent recognition of your achievement), clean, polish and return it to the committee room, preferably by next weekend 2 November
  • Secondly, turn up at the prize giving and congratulate the winners!

Check if you are one of this year’s winners here

Prizewinners 2014
Club Championship
Osprey Trophy Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
Arthur Carr Trophy Ethan Dawson
T.S.B Trophy Mike Cowan
Eagle Trophy Ian Hall
Kirk Decanter Ethan Dawson
1972 Trophy Ethan Dawson
Flying Fifteen
Brackenrigg Cup Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Anderson Trophy Ian Campbell Lezli-Ann Pearson
Wheel Trophy Graham Kirkpatrick Elaine Fairlamb
Maurice Dalton Memorial Trophy Simon Longstaff Jon Denwood
Lawson Trophy Graham Kirkpatrick Elaine Fairlamb
Elwyn Banner Mendus Cup David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Philp Prize Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
Twiname Prize Alan Jones Sue Watson
Hatrick Prize Kath Davis Glenys Kett
Grant Cup N/a
Beginners Prize Mike Cave Neil Garrison
Mirror & Topper
Mirror Trophy Mik Chappell
The Kirkpatrick Trophy Hazel Newport
Excalibur Trophy Pam Bath
Iberia Cup Hazel Newport
Bassenthwaite Bell Izzie Hunter
Fleet Trophies
Flying Fifteens
Denton Trophy (Night Jar) Eric Guillois TBA
CSSA (Fleet A) Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Flying Free Trophy Simon Longstaff Jon Denwood
Blencathra Trophy Ian Campbell Lezli-Ann Pearson
Transom Trophy Tim Chittenden Ian Macpherson
Dawson Trophy Ian Campbell Lezli-Ann Pearson
Ullock Tankard Graham Kirkpatrick Elaine Fairlamb
Morgan Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Bryson Helms (Fleet B) Graham Kirkpatrick Elaine Fairlamb
Flying Enterprise Trophy Mike Moore Sally Roberts
Scarness Cup Neil Currie Rory Yardley
Easterly Trophy Simon Longstaff Jon Denwood
Jak Pot Simon Longstaff Jon Denwood
Mellor Mug Andy Smith Ian Preston
Auditors Trophy (Fleet C) Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Easter Holiday Trophy Phil Smith Naomi Smith
August Cup Robin Dawson Izzie Hunter
May Holiday Cup Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
Dodd Trophy Mike Cowan
Comet Trophy Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
Skiddaw Trophy Mike Cowan
Wythop Plate Mike Fairlamb
Foxtail Trophy (Fleet B) Ian Hall
Evening Plate (Night Jar) Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Personal Handicap Pursuit (Fleet C) Hazel Newport Izzie Hunter
Barf Plate Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
Spring Holiday Plate (Fleet A) Steve Hunt Ruth Critchley
Isel Cup Mike Cowan
Grisedale Cup Ian Hall
Mustard Pot David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Personal Handicap Pursuit (Fleet C) Alan Jones Sue Watson
Commodores Prize Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Lyne Tankard David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Aitken Cup David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Graham Cup David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Spring Cup (The Jak Plak) David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Night Jar – 2 Tankards Alan Jones Sue Watson
Ross Wear Helm (Fleet B) Alan Jones Sue Watson
Bass Tankard David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Bowman Trophy Paul Bowmer Vicky Bowmer
Stables Prize Jonathan Bovington TBA
Bowes-Sinclair Trophy (2nd Stables) Mike Cave Neil Garrison
Harney Hetherington Trophy (Fleet A) 2matching cups David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Autumn Cup Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
McMillan Cup (June Cup) Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
Mirrors & Toppers
Singlehanded Trophy Harry Binns
Peel Pot Harry Binns
Round Table Tankard Pam Bath
AB Series Hazel Newport
Red Sails Trophy Mik Chappell
Orsova Cup Mik Chappell
Reflection Trophy Mik Chappell
The Albert Bates Trophy Hazel Newport
Mirror Mug Mik Chappell
Kirk Helmsman Trophy (Fleet B) Pam Bath
Personal Handicap Pursuit (Fleet C) Mik Chappell
M Series (Night Jar) Hazel Newport
All Classes
Good Friday Challenge David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Calvert Trust Pennant Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Winter Trophy Personal Handicap Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Paul Carruthers Memorial Trophy David Lawson Lynn Lawson
October Series Personal Handicap
October Series Fleet Handicap
Tinker Trophy Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Asymmetric Cup Mike Cowan
Winter Series Fleet Handicap Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Crews Race Ken Bell
Sandra's Salver Sue Watson
Senior Race Mike Fairlamb
Max Joule Memorial Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Albert Bates Retirement David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Jimmy Lancaster Memorial Trophy David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Banana Stakes David Lawson Lynn Lawson
Celebrity Glass Trophy Mike Fairlamb Nigel Lewis
Eric Twiname Trust / Bassenthwaite Burgee Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Junior Race Hazel Newport
Night Jar under 16 Hazel Newport
Starters Prize (Tankard for crew) Andy Smith Phil Hodgkins
RNLI Pennant Robin Dawson Ethan Dawson
Jubilee Sailing Trust Jim Christie
Ladies Race Sue Watson
The Roger Pryde Memorial Trophy TBA
Consistency Cup TBA
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Youth Squad at Bolton

Three of the Youth squad (Ethan, Lottie Winfindale and David Rodger) took part in the end of season Junior traveller event at Bolton SC on Saturday.

Weather was medium wind with a few very strong squalls giving many spectacular capsizes. That there were no breakages say much of the good design of modern boats. (Optimist, Topper, RS Feva, Laser, Hartley 12, 420 and Supernova)

Bolton is a very small sailing club but it still has 12 main buoys and temporary buoys and the OOD intended using most of them. Each race more and more of the club bouys were being used to the utter confusion of most of the kids.

For the last race the OOD put the start line across both upwind legs having initially failed to put the start line on the course board at all. It appears that the direction arrows were not clear either.

At times the whole of the Topper Fleet were sailing the course in reverse order, and our youth squad were perhaps more confused than the more experienced kids.

At other times some of the leaders were spending more time unravelling themselves of the wrong course than they were sailing the right course.
The lead boat of course led the experienced Laser Fleet around but left the Toppers and Optimists to find their own way…

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F15 team racing, Osprey & 505 Open

Our Flying 15 team racing, Osprey & 505 Open is being held this weekend, however the weather forecast of strong winds proved to be accurate and put many off travelling. Even those that did turn up were surprisingly reluctant to rig their boats.

Though windy with heavy squalls passing through, conditions were sailable and thirteen F15s rigged and set off for the start. Unfortunately only twelve boats made it to the start as one boat lost its mast on the way out! Soon after a clean start another squall passed through and a couple of boats were temporarily flattened. There were several changes of position as some coped with the gusts better than others, but the carnage continued with two ripped mains and another broken mast (perhaps one dive exercise too many!?). It was wonderful for them to be told after the event – ‘you shouldn’t have done it like that!’

For the second race there were only seven starters. Simon Longstaff/Jon Denwood had the 2nd best start compared to John Somerville/Keith Thomas, but pulled out an early lead. A gust of wind at the gybe mark flattened their boat, Simon fell/was washed out, and their race was over. Unusually Mike/Kayla showed all their bottom with one gust, and subsequently retired when their gooseneck broke.

Mark Ninnim/Ian Preston practiced a Chinese gybe but continued on their way, and enjoyed moving up the fleet again as boats dropped out!

Despite all the mishaps, sailors were keen to have another race, though they later changed their minds after warming up in the clubhouse with a nice brew!

The Bass micro climate didn’t beat the forecast, and the winds didn’t ease, so racing was abandoned, and an early prize giving held.


The winning Derwent Reservoir team – ‘We Must be Mad!’

There can’t be many events where a boat that gets demasted even before it gets to the start line is in the prize list, but Rod Huddleston/Alan Baker did just that as part of the second Derwent team ‘The Lads and One Lass’

One of the traditions of the team racing is to re-award the Grotty Potty. Last year it was won by Simon Longstaff, and although he was a worthy contender again this year, having done a ‘Tom Daley’ yesterday, he couldn’t and wouldn’t nominate himself, so he considered Dave Gebhard’s antics, including his swimming, but mainly for being down the creek without a paddle – boats taking shelter between races opted to venture into the mouth of the Ouse where it was shaded from the blasts of wind. No Dave didn’t try to sail under Ouse bridge but, unfortunately, he misjudged the shallow waters and went aground. At least he can look forward to nominating someone for their embarrassing actions at next year’s event!


Dave receiving the revered Grotty Potty from Kirstie Somerville

Final results

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October is Here

You can almost tell it’s October by the high lake level following recent heavy rainfall. Be aware that with any further significant rain that boats on the foreshore will be at risk from flooding.

When sailors arrived the lake was mirror like, but there were occasional flurries albeit from the wrong direction! The OD was happy to wait ashore and have a brew, but many of the sailors rigged their boats, and even went afloat. It was the hoisting of the answering pennant to postpone the start that seemed to generate slightly more sailable conditions, so the OD was soon on the water to set a course for the first race in the October Series.

Despite a very starboard biased start line which had everyone aiming for the committee boat end, there were several great starts, especially by Tony King. Fortunately the wind held, with the odd light patch, for the rest of the afternoon. A true line for the 2nd start and there was no-one near the line!

Joan/Jack mastered the conditions in their recently acquired GP, winning the first race, and finishing 2nd to Peter Whipp in the second race, to take overnight lead. Jim in his Hartley is 2nd with a 4th and 3rd, ahead of Ian in his Solo with a 3rd and 4th.

The forecast for Sunday was for even less wind! As sailors arrived, unexpectedly there was a gentle southerly, though the shadow of Sale Fell was expanding from the west…

The committee boat did go to set a course, and various zephyrs enabled the fleet to reach a start area, before the wind totally disappeared. An early lunch was called for… With no sign of the wind returning during the lunch break many packed away their boats. With most sailors gone, and the rescue boats packed away, the wind filled in from the west about 2.30. Hey ho….

Latest results FH PH

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Championship Concludes

After weeks without rain the weather system was determined for us to catch up so we endured 24 hours of rain which topped up the lake level considerably. A forecast of gusty winds increasing as the weekend progresses may have put some people off, but those that turned out for the final championship series of the season had a mixture of winds that were challenging, and gusty, but well within everyone’s capabilities. There was a mixture of legs to test skills, even if Tog didn’t appreciate them! Robbie D/Banter took two wins in their RS400 while Tog and Peter Whipp each had a 2nd, and Tog and Jim C each had a 3rd.

Despite some close racing at times, Tim/Ian had two wins in the F15s with Chris/Julie 2nd each time. Honours were shared in the GPs with Mike Cave and Jonathan Bovington each having a 1st and a 2nd, though Jonathan leads overnight with the tie being split on the last race.

Mik and Harry were joined by eight Toppers from the training programme (even if the conditions resulted in several capsizes and they didn’t make it through to the finish). Harry capsized when a knot in his mainsheet came undone and the rig depowered quicker than he could sit in! After a short while he had rerigged the mainsheet and he continued. Mik won both races with Harry 2nd.

Just after racing finished a shower moved in and the wind eased to mirrorlike conditions – Perfect timing!

The winds were due to build again for Sunday, and they did, but as we have a micro climate, it was not as gusty as forecast. With Mik having a late start, and two races being sailed before lunch, his pole position in the series slipped away as Harry won both races ahead of Jenny. Harry consolidated his lead by winning the final race after lunch, and won the series trophy.

Robbie D/Banter won the two morning races, though son Ethan with Izzie (in the race he didn’t capsize and wrap his Feva’s gennaker around the leeward mark) did give him a close challenge finishing 2nd by just 30 secs. The courses were more to Tog’s liking, but Robbie’s victory robbed Tog’s chance of winning the championship. The final race was won by Ethan/Izzie just secs ahead of Peter in a Laser, and then Tim in a F15.

Despite an incorrectly rigged, and non-flyable spinnaker, Tim/Ian took a further victory in the first race ahead of Chris/Julie. In the next race, an ‘administrative error’ led to Tim sailing the wrong course for a while, Chris seized the moment and held the lead through to the finish. The series trophy was won by Tim.

Final results

As this is the last series in the club championship the final results have been calculated. Let us know any queries before the prize giving list is finalised.

Congratulations to this year’s champions
Flying 15s – Mike Moore/Kayla Sheard
Handicap – Robin Dawson/Phil Davenport
GP14s – Dave/Lynn Lawson
Mirror/Topper – Mik Chappell

Club Championship

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GP14 Northern Championship

DSC_0166Great winds were forecast for the first day of racing with a fleet of 28 boats.

The wind was erring towards a southerly, which would mean some good long beats down the lake. However, a touch of westerly had the wind swinging around Sale Fell from time to time. This was apparent in the first race when the beat became a little one sided, and the OD starred to have kittens. However, there was some close racing, and Matt Thursfield secured his first win of the day.

After checking the southern end of the lake for a consistent breeze, it was decided to use that part of the lake for race 2. Racing started in a good southerly, but 10 mins in and it was no longer a steady wind… Holes appeared, major shifts, and much frustration. Just after shortening the course, the wind filled on the western side of the course which wasn’t where the leaders were, and Matt romped home with his second win.

The course area reverted to the northern bay for race 3 where there was a good westerly (and it wasn’t even a sea breeze!). The wind was swinging a little, but there was good close racing in excellent conditions. Bass’s Dave/Lynn Lawson took an early lead, built on it leg by leg, and held it to the finish.

With the forecast of lighter winds for Sunday, the OD continued with the quest to sail four races. The conditions held to get another good race in which, early on had Bass in the first three places. However, it wasn’t to last, but GP treasurer Paul Bowmer flew the flag for Bass and led the fleet at the finish.



DSC_0168 (2)

Overnight positions had Matt in the lead, with Paul, Dave and Commodore Andy Smith, all from Bass, taking the next three places.

With two further races to sail, what would Sunday’s weather bring? Answer – a better than expected southerly. Would the OD chance using the southern end of the lake again? Once bitten…

Despite the 10.30 start being a challenge for some to get to the line, there were three boats that had to be recalled for being over the line. As none returned, they only discovered they had erred as they crossed the finish line but without a hoot. The most unfortunate offender was Commodore Andy Smith who built up a strong lead, which he held all the way, scuppering his chances in the championship.

The final race was held in the northern bay as well. Dave/Lynn took the lead from the windward mark. Despite being challenged by Richard Instone, they stayed ahead, winning the race and the championship – a great bonus for Lynn’s birthday! The remaining contenders for the championship, Matt and Paul, were 3rd and 5th respectively finishing 2nd and 3rd overall, but in equal points. Obviously a close run, challenging championship that was enjoyed by all.

If you are missing a spinnaker or tiller extension, give us some identifying details and we’ll check if the ones found are yours!

Final results


Northern Championship winners Dave & Lynn Lawson from Bass


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End of Summer Bash

Another bright, dry, but cooler day. Full of the joys, Mik started Bart’s Bash early with a gate start while the entrance gate was still closed! Consequently, the sliding gate is out of order and you will need to use the current gate code to release the combination lock that secures the temporary chain and gate.

Please contact us if you need to know the code for visiting the club at non racing times.

Racing wise, there was a light breeze from the ENE. Neil/Judith took an early lead in the F15s but the conditions were more suited to Ian/Lezli-Ann who broke through to the front and held it till the finish. They performed well in the 2nd race too, taking the lead, and building on it, until they were caught out by light airs around 3 when Neil got past.However, Neil rounded the penultimate mark the wrong way, only realising as Ian rounded it correctly, took the lead again, won the race, and secured the series!

Steve/Ruth in a Merlin and took two wins, while Robbie D/Banter in a RS400 had two 2nds. Tog took a 3rd in the final race reinforcing his overall lead in the final race of the series.

Final results

Sunday started off with cloudless blue skies, the turbines at Bothel were turning, and there was a light breeze on the lake, but would it hold? With an earlier than usual start, and a forecast for the wind to fade, we were keen to get boats on the water and racing underway for the Bart’s Bash world record.

Photo 21-09-2014 11 04 07As the race formed part of a worldwide record attempt across 650 countries with 14000 competing boats it was important that we recorded the length of the course, the number of boats competing, the distance travelled and the time taken, and have it all independently verified,

As often occurs, the wind eased just after the start sequence, but the OD allowed the race to continue due to the expectation of nothing better to replace it. However, the wind did fill in quickly after turning through more than 90degs! Fortunately, one of the legs accommodated this shift which meant there was still a beat within the course.

With 36 starters racing from Youths to Grand Masters, and Rookies to past National Champions, there was a great mix of talent and experience sailing boats from Mirrors through to RS 400s.

Although our results are now live on the Bart’s Bash website there are a couple of timing errors that need corrected . On normal PY basis, our race was won by Phil/Naomi Smith in their RS200, just 5 secs ahead of Dave/Lynn Lawson. The top 6 boats within 30 secs of each other!

Bart’s Bash

As planned, there was a BBQ over lunch, and the weather couldn’t have been better. Overall we are pleased to be able donate £325 towards the Bart’s Bash charity in addition to £110 of separate donations that have been made directly by competitors.

On such a pleasant day several sailors were keen for another race, the final one in the MJM/Asymmetric Challenge series. The wind direction seemed to be from the North, but it did shift, and fade at one point, but it was another race, and those that persevered were glad to be on the water.

Not sailing the final race meant that Dave/Lynn would be ousted from pole position as they did not have enough qualifying results, but Mike/Kayla, despite not racing had a good discard which ensured they could not be beaten in the MJM Series. No takers in the Asymmetric Challenge so Tog wins that trophy.

Final Results

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Splash hit at Southport


Last year it was decided the time was right to send another team of Bass Sailors to the world famous “Southport” 24 Hour Race hosted by West Lancs Yacht Club. The Club has an excellent record in the event winning it twice in 1992 and 2003 with several other top 10 finishes. Unfortunately we could not source a suitable boat or team but WLYC kindly allowed us to carry the entry forward to 2014. Again difficulties were encountered securing a competitive GP14 and team but Neil Garrison stepped forward with an alternative, why don’t we take his old Enterprise and some give some of our younger members the opportunity to come along, crew and experience this fantastic event.

The week prior to the race saw a number of developments and Mark Ninnim offering firstly his older Enterprise and on Thursday evening his current boat an excellent GRP Enterprise so the race was on.

The majority of the team congregated at Southport on Saturday morning, Neil had camped on Friday Night, Alex and Olivia had traffic problems on the A66 and arrived in the afternoon along with Dave and Lynn fresh from their voyage on the James Cook tallship. The Commodore with daughters Katya and Lily arrived to deliver a motivational speech and spent the rest of the afternoon searching for Katya and Lily amongst the crowds before departing leaving his good lady to the sailing.

Bass were boat number 30 which meant we started in flight 3, boats start at 1 minute intervals in groups of 10. Mark & Emma were first up in a light ENE wind. They made a great start at the port end and were clear leaders off the line. They continued to make excellent progress and passed the baton to Neil and Izzie at around 3.30pm. During this time position updates were infrequent but we were in 8th to 10th, excitement amongst the team was building The winds remained light and fickle as Neil & Izzie made their debuts at the event, they sailed for just short of 3 hours before handing over to Dave and Harry we were maintaining our position despite the trying conditions. Dave is a veteran at the race and Harry a debutant, once Dave had taught Harry how to roll tack progression was quick, and a cheer from Bass spectators was heard when it was announced we had finished 3rd in the Dusk Race, fastest lap after 8pm, and first Enterprise. Harry put it down to him breaking out the navigation lights!.

Mark & Emma took over after 9pm before departing to a proper bed at Chez Preston near Blackpool. They were followed by Alex & Olivia just before midnight, and at the halfway stage we were lying 12th. The wind had picked up slightly and it was cooling down rapidly, spectators were thinning out as sailors tried to get some sleep or partied in the marquee. Just before 3am Ethan and friend Alex had discarded the tiger Onesie, donned sailing gear armed themselves with numerous glowsticks and took over. Our position was still been maintained and it was definitely getting cold now.

At 5.30am Dave and Izzie were shivering beside the changeover point, Izzie having pestered Dad Mike every hour as what time it was, seriously disturbing his sleep, the enthusiasm of youth. They went out to see the daybreak and Ethan once again donned his Onesie. Dave and Izzie sailed really well and we were 3rd and first Enterprise in the Dawn race, fastest lap after 6am, a double for Dave with different crews.

Just after 8am Neil and Harry took over, by this time we were fluctuating between 10th and 11th our closest rivals been Pilkington who had our past commodore Steve Hunt, Ruth and rescue driver Chris sailing for them!! Rumour has it Steve took an inadvertent dive headlong into the lake at an early morning crew changeover, how is that possible?

Word was received from Chez Preston that Mark and Emma were hotfooting it back and they arrived at 9.30am took over from Neil & Harry in and interesting change over that has been reported on various media outlets and is in need no further reporting, they sailed until the midday finish. The whole team and supporters were there to cheer them across the finishing line and help pack the boat away.

All those who took part, on the water and providing support, agreed it had been a fantastic event. The mixture of experienced 24hr sailors and first timers blended really well, all want to return next year. Everyone played their part and were a credit to Bassenthwaite Sailing Club throughout the event. An added bonus was we finished 11th out of the 64 teams, and picked up a prize for winning Flight 3 by a clear margin, an excellent result and a lot better than we expected.

Special thanks to Mark for lending his boat and Neil for offering to lend his boat that was the catalyst that got us there.

Results can be found here.


The younger portion of Team Bass at Southport

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