That’s it for another season

The final race of the season. But it nearly didn’t take place! The electrics failed on the boat house door and it took Joe, Dave Nic and the Rescue Lads an hour to get a safety boat out using the complex manual override.

Again it was a race office start in light conditions and, again, it was Neil who got through into the lead in his Laser with Tony nearly a minute behind. But the Solo has the better boat handicap and Tony took the win. This created the fascinating position of Tony and Mike in his Streaker having three wins and a second each. Tony took the Series on countback.

The PH result also created a fabulous finish with Paul in his Laser taking the win by just two seconds on corrected time from John’s Radial and Tony only managing third. So it was Paul who won the PH Series from Tony by a single point.

Roll on next season!

Final results

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65th AGM

At the 65th AGM the new council, headed by Commodore Robin Dawson, were elected to serve for the next 12 months comprising

dsc_1045Commodore – Robin Dawson
Vice-Commodore Naomi Smith
Secretary Joan Cowan
Treasurer William Carruthers
Sailing Secretary Joe Roberts
Rear Commodore Mark Somerville
Asst Sailing Secretary Alastair Duncan
Bar – Emma Smith
Boats & Buoys Phil Davenport
Galley – Claire Kirkpatrick
Grounds & JettiesMike Cowan
HouseAlan Jones
MembershipJon Denwood
PRO Mik Chappell
Training Alex Leonard
Safety Mike Hunter
Social Andrea Preston

dsc_1043Hon Secretary Pauline Nicholson was not able to attend the previous night’s dinner dance so was belatedly awarded the Consistency Trophy for her contribution to the role from which she is retiring after 11 years. Mark and Kirstie presented her with a bouquet of flowers as well

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Annual Dinner

Over 70 members and guests enjoyed the 65th Annual prize giving dinner dance at the North Lakes Hotel, Penrith. The DJ had guests dancing on their seats (led by JD – members of the Facebook group will have seen this video), all for chance of winning a bottle of wine. Following a speech by the Commodore reviewing the year, and awarding certificates acknowledging various achievements, the array of prizes won throughout the season were presented by Kirstie Somerville.

Robbie D thanked the outgoing Commodore and presented a set of flute glasses to Mark and Kirstie for all their efforts over the last four years.

The evening was topped off with dancing until the early hours.

The 65th AGM is being held this afternoon following the final race of the year.

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Be prepared 

After the recent heavy rain the lake level has started to rise, so keep an eye on it and consider moving your boats up from The foreshore to higher ground.

Please don’t rely on the webcam at present as it is not active following a power cut. The water level indicator is a useful tool.

As for the weekend, Saturday was a busy day – No, you didn’t miss any special sailing! It was all systems go to get our boats to winter storage. There were ten cars in the convoy reflecting the level of support that Phil had got out. And most boats, including the Bates, are safely stored away.

So Sunday’s light wind races had to start from the race office but, with only five boats on the water this was (well, should have been) no hardship. Neil won the first race getting a late lift to move him to first on the water ahead of Tony.

After a fairly long break for all to thaw out there came the second start. John was concerned about a loose boom fitting on his attractive new Laser and he and Paul were in close company – as were all the fleet. Tony took the win from Mike/ Eric and then proceeded to park in front of the race office just as Paul was finishing. Much to the OD’s relief he realised what he had done and rapidly dropped sail!

Latest results 

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Waiting for Wind

A lack of wind put proceedings on hold until after 12 at which time the wind was filling in on the eastern side of the bay. With sufficient interest in racing, the rescue crews started to launch the boats, but the wind faded more rapidly than it appeared, so the boats were retrieved, and racing abandoned for the day.

With only three scheduled races remaining, the end of the season is approaching all too quickly.

Latest results

All members should be in receipt of the notice of AGM which is being held a fortnight today on 27 November. Unfortunately the treasurer is unable to attend, but if you have any questions that you propose to raise at the AGM regarding the audited accounts please email us so that a response can be prepared.

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Prize Winners 2016

As another busy season draws to a close, there is an impressive list of prizes to be awarded at the forthcoming prize giving being held at the North Lakes Hotel, Penrith on Saturday 26 November.

For those that have not yet booked their place please do so by the end of next week (19 November) to be assured of a place using our webcollect link

Check below to see if you won a prize. If you didn’t manage it this year, come along and celebrate others’ successes.

Brackenrigg Cup Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Anderson Trophy Ian Campbell Lezli-Ann Pearson
Wheel Trophy Tim Chittenden Ian Macpherson
Maurice Dalton Memorial Trophy Neil Currie Rory Yardley
Lawson Trophy Tim Chittenden Ian Macpherson
Osprey Trophy Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
T.S.B Trophy Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
Eagle Trophy Mike Cowan
Kirk Decanter Joe Roberts
Arthur Carr Trophy Joe Roberts
1972 Trophy Ethan Dawson
Elwyn Banner Mendus Cup Dave Lawson Lynn Lawson
Philp Prize Alan Jones Sue Watson
Twiname Prize Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Hatrick Prize Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
Excalibur Trophy Jim Christie Poppy
Mirror Trophy Mik Chappell
The Kirkpatrick Trophy David Rodger
Iberia Cup Amber Dawson
Bassenthwaite Bell Amber Dawson
Flying Free Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Transom Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Morgan Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Blencathra Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Flying Enterprise Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Scarness Cup Ian Campbell Lezli-Ann Pearson
Dawson Trophy Ian Campbell Lezli-Ann Pearson
Denton Trophy (Night Jar) John Riley Tim Knowles
Ullock Mug Neil Currie Rory Yardley
Mellor Mug Simon Longstaff Jon Denwood
Isel Cup Robin Dawson Josh Hunter
Grisedale Cup Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
Wythop Plate Robin Dawson Toggle is Back!
Skiddaw Trophy Robin Dawson Phil Davenport
May Holiday Cup Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
Comet Trophy Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
Easter Holiday Trophy Phil Smith Naomi Smith
August Cup Phil Smith Naomi Smith
Foxtail Trophy (Fleet B) Dave Lawson
Dodd Trophy Ian Hall
Barf Plate Stephen Hunt Ruth Critchley
Evening Plate (Night Jar) Tony King
Bass Tankard Dave Lawson Lynn Lawson
Lyne Tankard Dave Lawson Lynn Lawson
Commodores Prize Dave Lawson Lynn Lawson
Aitken Cup Dave Lawson Lynn Lawson
Spring Cup (The Jak Plak) Dave Lawson Lynn Lawson
Autumn Cup Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Ross Wear Helm (Fleet B) Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Night Jar Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Graham Cup Alan Jones Sue Watson
Stables Prize Alan Jones Dave Lawson
Mustard Pot Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
McMillan Cup (June Cup) Val Bell Ken Bell
Orsova Cup Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Reflection Trophy Jim Christie James Christie
Red Sails Trophy Jim Christie Poppy Christie
AB Series Jim Christie Poppy Christie
Round Table Tankard John Roberts
The Albert Bates Trophy John Roberts
Windfall Trophy (Fleet A) John Roberts
M Series (Night Jar) John Roberts
Mirror Mug Andy Smith Lily Smith
Kirk Helmsman Trophy (Fleet B) Joyce Hall
Winter Series Personal Handicap Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
Winter Series Fleet Handicap Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
RNLI Pennant Mike Fairlamb
Jubilee Sailing Trust Mike Fairlamb Eric Smith
Max Joule Memorial Trophy Stephen Hunt Ruth Critchley
Albert Bates Retirement Stephen Hunt Ruth Critchley
Autumn Series Personal Handicap Val Bell Ken Bell
Autumn Series Fleet Handicap Val Bell Ken Bell
Calvert Trust Pennant Alan Jones Sue Watson
Celebrity Glass Trophy Dave Lawson Lynn Lawson
Junior Race Hazel Newport
Ladies Race Julie Tomkinson Sarah Newport
Crews Race Ken Bell
Senior Race Neil Garrison
Tinker Trophy Jim Christie
Jimmy Lancaster Memorial Trophy Joan Hardie Jack Hardie
Asymmetric Cup Mark Somerville Joe Roberts
Eric Twiname Trust / Bassenthwaite Burgee Mike Cowan
Paul Carruthers Memorial Trophy Mike Moore Michaela Sheard
Night Jar under 16 Owen O’Donnell
Sandra’s Salver Sue Watson
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Winter Draws On

With a bitter NE wind, perhaps the heading should have been Winter drawers on! However, the forecast gusty wind did not materialise and there was a gentle force 1-2. There were only four takers for the first race. Bob Gate was keen to get back on the water after several weeks off, but didn’t get off to a good start when he was stuck in the reeds. Although, he was fully expecting to be going for a swim but it was not to be in the lighter winds, however, it didn’t stop Tim Chittenden falling out of the boat which helped Mike Fairlamb in his Streaker stay close enough to win on fleet and personal handicap, with Tony King in his Solo 2nd.

The sailors were feeling the effects of the cold weather and opted to have a break for lunch. The wind was similar for the 2nd race, but a light shower did nothing to make anyone feel any warmer! Mike took another win in the fleet handicap and Paul Gannon won on personal handicap, with Tony 2nd in both series.

Latest results

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Build a Bonfire

There was a successful evening of celebrations for bonfire night celebrations on Saturday. Thanks to all those that contributed to, and helped build, it.

After the bonfire was lit there was a firework display from the end of the jetty



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End of Summertime 

Despite the end of British Summertime, the weather was still a bit milder than last week! As elsewhere in the country, there was a general lack of wind, although there was a channel of breeze running down the middle of the lake. Nine boats took to the water, and sailed a compact course in the swinging wind. However, after the first beat the wind eased yet again before finally settling in from the south west which meant there were no beat left in the course so the race was shortened.

The light winds, and shorter race, resulted in fleet and personal handicap positions being the same as boat finishing order for the lead boats with Mike/Kayla and John/Tim in F15s beating Jack/Joan in a GP.

The OD and sailors opted to run both races back-to-back and have a late lunch while the wind was at its best. A jumble of the finishing positions (compared to the first race) resulted in three boats being on 5 points on fleet handicap, with the tie being split in Mike Fairlamb’s favour, while Joan and Jack lead the personal handicap series.

The decision to race back to back caught out a couple of boats planning to race in the afternoon, but proved to be the best option as the wind faded again over lunch.

Latest results

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Flying 15 Team Racing

With little wind during the morning, it seemed promising for some good sailing conditions for the 17 strong fleet of Flying 15s when the wind filled in from the south, despite the forecast being from the north east.

With mark 7 nowhere to be seen, should the OD send the fleet to mark 10 or 8? Taking the cautious option, mark 8 was set as the windward mark, and the start sequence began. A last minute shift made it difficult for the fleet to cross the line on starboard, so everyone had a clean start, though fleet captain Simon and Jon’s tack on to port was badly timed as they tried to squeeze through a non-existent gap… Jon Mathie and Olivia, a F15 virgin, led round the windward mark and the following leg, but not surprisingly, Steve Goacher strolled through the ranks to take the lead as the wind eased. With the wind on the eastern shore disappearing, the OD opted to shorten the course at the end of the lap. Just as well mark 10 wasn’t the windward mark!

With the wind filling in from the forecast NE, the start line was moved to suit the new direction, but the wind faded altogether and the fleet came ashore for a cuppa. An hour later the wind came back from the NE with gusto, so it was back to the water for two further races, along with club racing. It was Neil Currie and Rory Yardley that took the honours in the 2nd race, and a few places back, Simon took the opportunity to implement some team racing by hanging back to sit on John Mathie up the final beat while team mate Robin Dawson secured 4th, with Simon 5th.

The wind held for the final race of the day, though backing slightly, the beat was one sided. Simon led from the windward through to the finish, with John and Olivia 2nd.

Sunday welcomed everyone with a stronger wind from the NE again. Various boats had spinnaker problems from trawling to not being able to take them down! Steve Goacher was back on form taking two wins, but kept looking back with the thought of helping his team mates come to the fore, but there was no obvious action taking place. Same couldn’t be said for Simon who again tried to slow opponents to let a team mate gain a place, however it didn’t work today as he tried to hold back Nigel Tullett, but Simon kept hold of his deserved 2nd place. Simon was over the line in the final race, so was neither use nor ornament, finishing 7th. Although, Nigel pulled through to 2nd in the final race ahead of Mike and Kayla, it wasn’t enough to bring the Goacher Gang to the fore, and it was The Committee from Bass that won the team racing event.

Last year’s Grotty Potty winner was so distraught that he wasn’t present to receive it, nominated himself to win it this year, not that AJ’s performance was sufficiently sparkling to warrant him nominating anyone else!

img_3709 img_3712

FF Team Racing Team Scores – Overall
1 The Committee 27 17 18 13 18 93
2 Goacher Gang 21 26 23 17 18 105
3 No Discount 13 23 25 27 25 113
4 Bassturds 24 21 24 22 26 117
5 Take no Prisioners 38 33 43 43 31 188
6 Bass Bumblers 43 44 34 45 40 206

Only two club boats raced in the morning, and Val/Ken’s win secured them the FH trophy. They threw caution to the wind and sailed after lunch, with Mike and Kayla joining in, as if they hadn’t raced enough in the morning, for the final race of the Autumn series. Mike won on FH but it didn’t affect Val’s 1st overall, but Val’s win on PH in the last race secured her the PH trophy as well!

Club racing overall results.

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