Whit Bank Holiday

Saturday was sunny, warm, but blustery and only a few hardy sailors were planning to sail (or was that swim in Alastair’s case?). However, within 15 mins of the start time the wind suddenly eased as it fought with itself coming from multiple directions, and there was 15 boats quickly rigging and launching. Relying on the forecast easterly being the predominant direction, a line was set and racing got underway with a reaching start! Of the seven legs in the course, boats were beating on at least six… There was one capsize, not Alastair, and a few retirements, but at least it wasn’t a blow out as it originally  seemed it might be. In the end Dave Lawson in his Laser won by 3 secs ahead of John Reekie in a Solo.

The wind settled more to the north for the second race, though it did swing yet again. On handicap, Scumper won with John Reekie 2nd. In the Mirrors, Jonathan/Henry won both races from Paul/Emily.

A challenging afternoon for OD and sailors alike.

MG series latest results

Sunday started off windier than Saturday, with the wind whistling through the rigging. The only likely sailing seemed to that of some exhibition windsurfing by John Reekie, but as on Saturday, the white horses faded as the wind eased, and there was sufficient interest to get racing underway with eight boats. The wind was variable again, and many sailors found it annoyingly frustrating, but there were many exciting gusts, and not too many capsizes.


After lunch a few more boats took to the water, but a squall on the start line caused some minor mayhem with two boats capsizing.

Zefer is overnight leader in the Handicap fleet, 1 pt ahead of Alex/Olivia, while Dave/Ken lead the GPs being the only finisher in their race.

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Night Jar 5

It was yet another superb Thursday evening.  But a fairly strong easterly wind was blowing before the start and the Safety Officer felt there should be two safety boats out for which he and Martin provided crew prevented both of them from racing.  With sufficient wind the OD selected a long course; 5-3-1-0 for the 15 boats competing.

The leading group of Joe, Mike & Eric and Val & Ken were closely bunched and switching positions.  Then came John’s Solo, James & Jenny’s 2000 and Mathias’ Laser.

By the end of the second beat the wind had dropped considerably.  The front runners finished in around 40 minutes but those further back were marooned in holes.  Bob accepted a tow from the safety cover, but others persevered with John’s Pico and Katia’s Mirror taking over 70 minutes to finish.

This week a professional chef was manning the galley

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Royal Wedding Weekend

It wasn’t only the Windsor wedding that enjoyed wall to wall sunshine on Saturday. Though the wind was patchy over lunch, the sea breeze came in and built up throughout the afternoon.

Mike/Kayla continued with their cover tacking over Ian/Lezli-Ann in the F15s apart from on the final beat when Ian took the honours by a hair’s breadth! Mike didn’t make the same mistake in the 2nd race, and built a stronger lead to reverse the result, taking a win and the lead in the series.

Alex/Olivia in their RS200 won the first race from Dave L in a Laser, but they had no competition for the 2nd race.

In the GPs Paul brushed the start line by the finest of margins, but it was Val/Ken that mastered the conditions to take two winds ahead of Mike/Eric. AJ/Sue started well with their new suit of sails but had top settle for two 3rds. Mike leads the series.

Emma/Rory had a good start in the Mirrors, despite being without a watch! However, conditions were just a bit too much, so they soon retired leaving Mik to complete the course and take the win, and the lead in the series.

MG series latest results

Cloud cover on Sunday brought in some stronger winds that proved to be a bit much for Josh and Poppy who retired before getting past the F15 moorings, which left Mik with no competition in the Mirrors so he headed ashore, but had to be towed ashore when his main came down.

Alex/Olivia sailed well and took the lead in the Handicap fleet only for their main halyard to break, so they needed a tow ashore too, so it was Dave L in a Laser Radial that took 1st place from Rory in a Solo.

Phil/Sarah had a good race in the GP taking 1st place from Mike/Eric. OD Ian Macpherson had qualms about sending the two F15s round an extra lap (to keep the trailing handicap boats company), it didn’t help Ian/Lezli-Ann catch up Mike/Kayla who took another win strengthening their lead in the series.

BL Series latest results

The afternoon race was the Albert Bates Retirement Trophy, sailed as a pennant race around the lake. Surprisingly the winds were reasonably steady, and eased as the race went on. Mike/Kayla took an early lead which they held to the finish. The GPs had a close race with Mike/Eric finishing only 8 secs ahead of Val/Ken after 80 mins racing, but it was Mike that won the trophy by 23 secs on handicap.

Albert Bates Retirement Trophy results

The RS400 Northern Championship was held at South Shields over the weekend with successes by Scumper and Zefer finishing third overall, with the championship being won by new member Dave Exley and Mark Lunn. Congratulations to you all!

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Night Jar 4

It was another warm evening. The wind filed in from the South West and eighteen crews set off on a 0-A-2-B course.  Paul and Vicky in their GP weren’t quite over at the start and led down the beat.  But Ian / Mike in the FF and John in his Solo were first around the windward mark.  Val & Ken were ahead of Mike & Eric at this point but dropped to the back of the fleet with some issue which could not be seen from the Bates.

Tony in the Solo was also further back than usual. And Neil’s laser and Rory’s Solo were keeping pace with James & Jenny in their 2000 with its colourful kite.  Katia & Dad were going well ahead of Mother in another Mirror.  Martin & Alison in their GP missed out B but turned back when prompted by the OD.

Ian /Mike led the three lap finishers with John finishing strongly ahead of Paul & Vicky.

Jon Anson was on meal duty and turned up with three large cases.  He said that even he didn’t know what was in them but there looked to be plenty for all.

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Help Required

We have a gap in the OD rota for Thursday 31 May. If you can help please let us know or login to DutyMan and add the duty to your personal roster.

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Sunshine All The Way

Defying the forecast, Saturday had sunshine all the way to welcome over 40 visitors to the club and get them on the water as part of the RYA’s Push the Boat Out campaign. The wind was light but at least it didn’t result in anyone from getting an unexpected soaking. We were pleased that some visitors were tempted enough by our wonderful surroundings to join and explore our sport more.

Sunday was sunny too, but the winds were stronger, and considerably steadier in direction than sailors have enjoyed for the last couple of weekends. It’s a shame there weren’t more on the water to enjoy it.

There were two Flying 15s out in the morning; with conditions suiting Ian/Lezli-Ann, Mike/Kayla weren’t going to take any chances and cover tacked all round the course to prevent a break through.

After some close racing, Paul Gannon sailed his Laser well in the morning to win ahead of Zefer, but Zefer took the honours in the afternoon with Neil 2nd.

Paul Bowmer, with wife Vicki crewing, won both GP races from Val/Ken, while Bean/Oliver (who sang a lot of the way round!) took two wins from Mik in the Mirrors.

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Has anyone seen or borrowed a combo road trailer that fits a GP? AJ’s isn’t where he left it a couple of weeks ago.

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Night Jar 3

It was a bright evening with a chilly F3 westerly wind.  The OD chose 0-A-3 as the course and fifteen crews started on a heavily port biased line.  John Reekie’s Solo led at the windward mark ahead of Ian/Mike in the Fifteen.  Next up were John Riley/Tim Knowles making a welcome appearance in their FF.

Ethan was soon through into the lead in his 100 but Joe was somewhat further back than usual and claimed to have been struggling with varying wind strengths. The slower boats were shortened after two laps, Bob being first to finish in the Radial and then Katia who was in a Club Mirror as her own was being repaired following last week’s major capsize.  They were followed by Paul’s Topper. Then came those on three laps led by Ethan and Ian/Mike.

Surprisingly many of the lead boats headed for the port pin and Val & Ken were the first to spot that a tack over the line was the quicker option.  Rory did this in style capsizing next to the Bates but fortunately not damaging his rig.

Then back for a lavish meal which chef Neil had seemingly been preparing for hours

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Push The Boat Out

This Saturday 12th May 2018 we are encouraging newcomers to get on the water. Visitors can try out single handed sailing dinghies, double handed boats, kayak, rowing boat, keel boat … all free.

They will be able to park in our ample grounds, have a picnic, go for a stroll, buy snacks and drinks, and admire the glorious views over Bassenthwaite Lake and surrounding mountains.

Encourage your friends and colleagues to come down and join in where they will be able to talk to club officials to find out what we offer, and what it will cost. Also, they will find out that we offer tuition to adults and youths over 8 years on learning to sail, as well as powerboat courses to adults and teenagers, and first aid courses.

All in all we need members’ help, to encourage new interest by inviting friends/colleagues, and by being around to act as ambassadors for the club.

We are looking for as much new interest and help as possible.

We hope you’ll be a part of it.

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May Bank Holiday

Who would believe a sunny bank holiday weekend?

When the morning mist shifted on Saturday it revealed a warm sunny day.  The wind was forecast to be Southerly but it swung between northwest and southwest being light and with many holes. The Handicap Fleet had a general recall and boats from all fleets, including the visiting Catapults, were switching positions dependent on the number of holes they encountered.

The OD decided to move the Bates after race 1 to try to find more constant wind which caused a significant delay. At his restart Mik became confused by the many sound signals the Bates’ novice driver was issuing and went OCS and later, Mike & Eric found a further hole and came to a dead stop letting Val & Ken through albeit briefly.

On Sunday morning, as with Saturday, the wind struggled to settle from a given direction, and there were some calmer patches between the shifting winds. The sea breeze helped settle things down in the afternoon, and the stronger winds gave some good planing conditions. In addition to several premature starters, there were various capsizes throughout the afternoon; Paul Bowmer in a GP was washed out of his boat causing a Chinese gybe as he held on to the main, and an inevitable capsize followed. Ian/Lezli-Ann in a F15 got a gust of wind as they passed The Bates which they narrowly missed as they struggled to bear away. Another gust had two Catapults rapidly catching Simon/Jon in a F15 as they were about to round a leeward mark. One took water to round, but the other couldn’t fully bear away and finished up astride the F15! Simon ended up on the Catapult to enable a separation.

With three races, two of which were in the stronger winds, there were many sailors ready to top up their energy with the pie and pea supper before taking part in a race night.

A sunny bank holiday Monday delivered more of the same. A short wait in the morning allowed the wind to settle in from the north, only to swing to the west early in the race. As a result the beat became very one sided, and there were some wind shadows around mark 1. The initial light winds put off a few sailors who opted to enjoy the sunshine on shore. The wind then filled in from the south west with some gusto, and it remained for the rest of the day as it was reinforced by the sea breeze. Simon/Jon avoided further incidents with the Catapult with which they had a close encounter on Sunday, to break back through to the lead, win the race, and secure the Jak Pot trophy, leaving Mike/Kayla and Ian/Lezli-Ann to battle it our for 2nd overall in the final race.

Although the variable morning race conditions suited Mike/Eric in their GP, enabling them to take first place, Dave/Lynn had the series in the bag with their 2nd place, but still raced the final race to win the Lyne Tankard with a clean sweep of four 1sts.

Ian Hall in his Solo took advantage of the morning conditions to take a win on handicap, but it was Scumper in his RS100 that took the May Holiday trophy with 9 points ahead of Steve/Ruth in their Merlin.

Bean and Oliver won the MT fleet trophy with four wins, while Jonathan/Henry were 2nd overall.

Final results

After 6 mixed and challenging races, the visiting Catapult fleet had a new winner in Dave Terry, with Gareth Ede 2nd overall.

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Night Jar 2

The stand in Bates helm realised tonight that the Bates drifts if you don’t let out a lot of rope for the anchor….

With the winds heavier than forecast it looked to be an exciting race. The OD had opted for a course of 0-A-4-1 to give some reaches and try out the new buoy for A. Paul Gannon was planning his topper up and down the start line and looked set to start on time. Unfortunately he had a capsize but undeterred started 5 and a half minutes late.

Alex and Olivia were first to the windward mark in their RS200 closely followed by Joe Roberts in his full rig Laser. It was difficult to get a clear view from the Bates to 0 because Andy Smith and Katya had capsized their mirror and broke the centreboard trying to right it.

After 3 laps, several capsizes and a few retirements the OD shortened the course. Paul Gannon headed back in after rounding 4 on the last lap and Joe Roberts was cursing himself for not using his radial.

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