Sultry Summer Sailing

20140726-185836-68316398.jpgTog is pleased with the new grass (though it doesn’t stop growing). He just needs a tent now…

Weather wise the sunny conditions continued and the southerly breeze freshened unexpectedly over lunchtime but AJ was worried it would disappear before racing started. Despite a slight lull, the sea breeze kicked in leading to some fantastic sailing conditions – how often do you get the fleet sporting tans in T shirts and shorts, in blustery capsize conditions, without a wet suit or balaclava in sight?!

There were several capsizes throughout the afternoon, and some spectacular. Rescue driver Chris was busier in the first race than he had been during all of Abersoch week, and included righting a GP without getting more than his ankles wet! Fortunately he didn’t have to attempt the same on JD’s Laser…

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Sunday’s weather was a different kettle of fish. It started with some drizzle, and it was cooler, such that there were no T shirts and shorts to be seen. With lighter winds there were fewer capsizes, but various other mistakes for sailors to overcome.Mike/Kayla had a poor first lap but pulled back to 2nd place behind Neil/Rory by the finish. In the Mirrors, Pam and Mik had a port starboard incident to learn from, but there was no protest, and Pam went on to win.

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After lunch, a heavy rain shower meant the committee boat were not going to wait around, and started the sequence before all boats were on the start line. Indeed, some only made it minute or so after the race started, including Neil who was first on the water (He claimed he hadn’t heard the first sound signal). As ever, a race around the lake is rarely won on the start line. Graham/Elaine were first to Mark 12 but Mike/Kayla took the lead by 13. With Neil taking the middle line back up the lake he passed Grahm and Mike and held the lead to the finish, though Dave/Lynn put in a good performance to win on handicap by more than two mins (Perhaps Neil should have practised his start procedure!?)

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Glorious Evening for a Sail

A superb turnout of 25 participants in the Ladies, Seniors, Juniors and Crews race were met with wall to wall sunshine and a true South Westerly force 3 wind. The OD, Jonathan Anson, decided there was no need to move the Committee Boat from its mooring and set a line with a beat to 8 followed by a broad reach to A another reach to 1 and a tight reach back to 0 which was moved close to the flying fifteen moorings.

Sue Watson in a GP got the best start at the starboard end, showing crew Alan how it should be done. The front of the fleet was then contested by Julie Rolle in a fifteen, Neil Garrison in his Laser, Jack Hardie in the 200 and Mike Fairlamb sailing his Streaker. Pam and Mik were having a good race in the Mirrors until Mik’s mainsheet wrapped around mark A when gybing causing him to capsize and retire. The faster boats sailed 3 laps and the slower boats 2, all were finished within 1 hour and retired to the clubhouse for an excellent meal.

After the results were processed Mike Fairlamb won overall and was 1st senior, Sue Watson finished a magnificent 2nd overall and was first lady, or was she a crew, Ken Bell finished 5th and was first crew and Hazel Newport just pipped Harry Binns to claim the junior prize. All agreed it was a great evenngs sailing and dining.

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Stormy Saturday

Well, stormy Saturday was the forecast, lightning, torrential rain. What did we get? Overcast, with bright spells and a few showers passing through, oh and no wind! Well the wind did fill in about 3.30, just after most of the select group of sailors that did turn up (not being put off by the forecast) decided they wouldn’t wait for wind any longer (or were they just in the mood for an ice cream?)

Sunday’s forecast meant the day should remain dry and sunny, though the wind could be a challenge unless a sea breeze pops in to save the weekend series!

The day started overcast with just flurries of breeze across part of the lake, and it looked like a tall order to get four races of the weekend series in. The OD found the shifting wind direction challenging. During the start sequence of the first race the wind swung through 90 deg resulting in some reaching starts. The Mirrors/Toppers were so disorientated that all bar one had to return after starting. The second and third races suffered from some large shifts as well.

By the final race of the day, the skies had cleared and a sea breeze steadied and enhanced the wind for the best sail of the day.

The shifty winds helped spread the positions in some fleets (the top four F15s each had 5pts after the first two races), and with no discards there was little room for mistakes. Mike/Kayla were disqualified after an incident with a Topper which went to protest, dropping them to 4th overall behind winners Neil/Rory, and Graham/Elaine 2nd

Dave/Lynn had a clean sweep with four 1sts on the GPs, with John/Nigel 2nd. Mike F opted to go Streaking this weekend and ran off with 1st overall, well ahead of Banter and Tog. In the Mirrors Mik was back on form winning 3 races, and Pam the 4th and final race. They finished 1st and 2nd overall respectively

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Night Jar 13

Another Thursday with sunshine and a warm light wind. This time the direction was again NW but it swung NE as the race progressed. There were twenty starters. It would have been twenty one if Andy Sugden’s lauching trolley hadn’t expired on the way to the slipway!

The start was just upwind of A giving a course of 1-4-A. The GP of John Riley / Nigel Lewis took an early lead on the water to be hauled in and overtaken by Joan & Jack Hardie’s 200. Neil Garrison in his Radial and Paul & Vicky Bowmer’ GP had taken advantage of good starts to be well up the fleet whereas Chris Lloyds’s Wayfarer was later over the line but markedly improved position throughout the race.

Eight boats were sent around to complete three laps but, with the wind dropping, the rest of the fleet led by Kath Davis / Glenys Kett were finished after two.

David & Lynn Lawson forfeited racing to prepare the well attended meal and, during this, results were published which showed that it was GP’s to the fore with Paul & Vicky taking the FH win from John & Nigel. On PH the positions were reversed and, with Neil in third place, the three boats were within ten seconds of each other.

Further down the fleet there was family rivalry with Mike Hunter’s Laser finishing one place ahead of daughter Izzie’s Topper and Hazel Newport beating her mother Sarah.

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WLYC 24hr Race

Better known as Southport 24 hr race, it is a fantastic event that Bassenthwaite sailors have a long history of participation, twice winning and numerous top ten positions. For those that don’t know the format, teams sailing either GPs, Enterprises, Fireflys or Larks circumnavigate Southport Marine Lake for 24hrs, helms & crews change over during the period, trying to complete as many laps as possible. We have not entered a team for a few years but we have this year.

What do we need to compete?
1. A boat – a successful campaign requires a club member to lend their boat to the club, can you help?
2. A team – in previous years we have competed to win, if we could do the same this year that would be great but it appears some of our superstars may be unavailable. Another option would be a less experienced team but one that could savour the excitement of the event as representatives of our Club.

Can you all to give it some thought and let Jon Denwood know firstly if you are willing to lend your boat, GP or Enterprise, and secondly if you would be interested in taking part?

This years event is over the weekend of 13/14th September.

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Bass Week Children’s Activities

I am doing a crafty children’s activity for one morning during Bass Week and I need lots of scraps of fabric to cut up. Please check out your wardrobes to see if you have any old shirts, blouses, tea shirts, jeans, etc. (bright colours would be great) and bring them along to the club this weekend. It will give me a chance to start cutting out what I require. If anyone has an extra pair of pinking shears and an hour to spare to help out that would be really appreciated.

Many thanks, Judith.

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Fun Weekend

A weekend to ourselves, no visitors, no scheduled racing, just camping on site, team games, fun in Toppers, barbeque, and rain showers thrown in.

Here’s some pics of the rounders match (which went ahead on Tog’s new grass! – perhaps it’ll repair before Bass Week…), and the Topper challenge (a video will be prepared some time in the future).

Several bags of charcoal were more than enough to overcome the evening showers that threatened the barbeque – there were several sets of glowing (and singed?) knuckles shared between the generally male chefs before Claire’s bingo got underway, with some novel calling. Mark N took the prize first line, and Judith K the overall prize despite daughter Andrea making numerous iffy claims earlier…

Sunday started with some practicing of gate starts for the GP fleet before for the forthcoming Worlds. Shunty opted to show the way in the first start by skimming the transom of pathfinder Dave/Lynn only to narrowly avoid being wiped out by son Chris in the Gate boat! A couple of starts later and helms were more in tune with the procedure. In the afternoon a one-off race in memory of Pete Ballard, from which donations will be given to the Samaritans. The course took the fleet down to 14, which on the western side of the lake was slightly in the shade of Sale Fell and led to some wallowing, especially by Shunty/Ruth who lost a good lead while the asymmetrics planed to windward of them. Overall, it was the GPs that took the honours, led by Dave/Lynn, ahead of Bean/Alan in a F15, and then Val/Ken.

There was slight embarrassment when someone mistakenly sailed the Commodore’s boat believing it to be a club boat! Intriguingly Sazzle started in a Laser Radial and finished in a Topper – how did she do that?!

Final results

A short prize giving was held with prizes awarded by Commodore’s daughter Katia

All in all a fantastic weekend with a difference.


Topper Challenge winners – Pam’s team


Pete Ballard Memorial winners – Dave and Lynn

Mike/Kayla had been racing at Ullswater over the weekend and were delighted to beat Steve Goacher in one of the races! Steve has confirmed he will be taking part in the Flying 15 Northern championships which are being hosted at Bassenthwaite on 23/24 August. Book early and save £10

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Night Jar 12

This week’s Night Jar was held in ideal sailing conditions with blue skies, warmth and a F2 NW wind. Twenty four boats signed on and the number would have been higher had not the majority of the Topper Fleet been away on school trips.

The OD set a compact figure of eight course 0-9-B-A. With a long start line and port end bias, there were many crews vying for space at the outer end but no one was over at the start signal. The GP’s of Mike Fairlamb / Eric Smith, Dave & Lynn Lawson, and Alan Jones / Sue Watson got away well as did Joan & Jack Hardie in their RS200 and Jim Christie’s Surpernova.

With lap times of around eleven minutes for the lead boats and a gap opening after the first group, Dave, Joan, Mike and Jim were let through for a fourth lap. With the wind strength appearing to drop, the course was then shortened and AJ and Neil in his Laser felt this would benefit them as the first lead competitors to finish.

But then the wind filled in again and Joan beat Dave to the line in an extremely close strategic contest at the completion of their fourth lap.

Another excellent meal greeted competitors once they had packed their boats away, although it was such a lovely evening that some were reluctant to retreat to the clubhouse.

Latest results FH PH

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