Night Jar 1

A lovely evening, though a lack of wind, tempted 15 boats to the water for the first Night Jar evening race of the season

Further report to follow

Latest results PH FH

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Bank Holiday Weekend

The first bank holiday of the season started with sunshine but little prospect of wind for the inaugural Good Friday pursuit. However just 45 mins before the scheduled start a sea breeze quickly filled the lake so the racing could get underway on time (well almost as Herb declared that proceedings would be held up until the Lady Commodore was at the startline).

Sailing Sec Jon and sister Judith in a F15 got the best start of all throughout the 30 min sequence. By the time Robbie D/Banter started in their RS400 the wind strength had started to ease making their pursuit a bit harder.

Mik led the fleet in his Mirror initially but was passed by one of the Toppers from the Youth squad, and then Dave/Lynn took the lead. As the wind faded even more Dave’s lead proved to be unassailable though Robbie D closed the gap considerably to finish 2nd with Mike/Eric 3rd, and Mark/Naomi 4th. Graham/Elaine led the F15s finishing 5th

Final results

The evening entertainment comprised a wine tasting quiz, so there could be a few sore heads in the morning.



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There’s a bit of a theme going on

Another beautiful day for Easter Saturday started with a light SE breeze. However, by lunchtime, the wind had started to swing and it continued to swing to the NW by the time racing got underway.

There was an excellent turnout of 33 boats.

Latest results

The evening social comprised a bring and eat buffet followed by a Mr and Mrs competition in which the relatively newly weds generally fared better than others…

After another starry, cold, night Sunday has started sunny with a very light wind (nothing like the forecast).

As if by magic, the wind swung round to the forecast NE direction (so much for Simon’s prediction!) and continued to freshen. Although Shunty was over the line, because he didn’t return, and the flag remained up, Bean’s conscience got the better of him and he put his gennaker up to return back to the line (shame he hadn’t been OCS in the first place!)

With the wind freshening, and many capsizes, plus a few gear failures, the entry for the 2nd race was just the F15 and handicap fleet. However, the wind eased considerably to an extent that the spinnakers would not fill at one stage.

Winds shifts at mark 3 were the cause of many a change of position, and much frustration!

After lunch, with the less ferocious gusts having passed by, all four fleets raced again. The handicap fleet caused the first general recall of the season, together with much confusion as very few sailors seemed to know the procedure.

Towards the end of the race the winds again strengthened resulting in more capsizes, and retirements, including the whole of the Topper/Topaz fleet. One of the fallouts (so to speak) of the capsizing was the OD’s wife who took to the water with Alastair in a RS400, and had to put out a call for help in the shape of a 34F!

The early evening entertainment starts with the annual Egg Dump. Claire, that ringer from Newcastle came across especially with the intention of winning the Egg Dump, and despite being up against 6yr old Amber in the final, she attained her goal after a mere 40 odd years! This was followed by a belated St Patrick’s Day celebration with some special guests…



After windy evening, sailors were probably surprised to wake to another sunny morning with light winds. Perhaps the storm had blown through? The bank holiday forecast remained the same – strong gusts from the E. Similar to Sunday, the wind did fill in after 10am and continued to freshen. Although a few prepared their boats to launch, but changed their minds as the white horses appeared, there was a good turnout that enjoyed some spectacular reaches and often spectacular capsizes.

Ian/Lezli-Ann were spotted carefully folding their spinnaker in the clubhouse so that it was easier to rig on the boat. When launched, it so happened that the folding hadn’t helped as one of the clews was attached to the halyard…

After lunch there was little enthusiasm to risk any boat damage in the higher gusts so racing was cancelled and the campers had a leisurely end to their fantastic weekend.

Final results

The Great North Asymmetric Challenge is being held at the club next weekend. First race 1pm

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Great North Asymmetric Challenge

GNAC 2014 is less than a couple of weeks away and we have decided to offer a £5 discount for early entries made through our WebCollect online portal. This discount is available until Bank Holiday Monday 21 April so don’t put it off too long!

Enter here

Bass Week entries will go live shortly

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Windy Weekend

Blue skies, rainfree, but windy weather was the order of the day for the start of this weekend’s Fleet Challenge which is being run on a pursuit basis.

Altohugh the tops of the waves were not obvious when looking down the wind this week, only five helms put their names down to enter and obtain start times, of which only two decided to start in the first race, namely AJ/Sue and Mike/Kayla, both sailing in F15s.

AJ started first, though not taking full advantage of his 4 min head start, and he held he lead for 3/4 of the race despite not flying a spinnaker.

Dave/Mike F noted the winds had eased slightly and sailed the 2nd race starting 1 min ahead of AJ and 5 min head of Mike. Mike again passed AJ by making good use of the spinnaker legs, but then had to chase Dave. However, various broaches slowed him down and he was unable to catch Dave within the allotted 50 mins.

On Sunday the weather must have seemed more sailable as there were 8 starters in the morning race, though once on the water the wind freshened slightly, and there were some capsizes even before the start. Mike/Eric started first and held their lead for the first half of the race.

Andy/Phil had the sharpest start of all, with Dave/Lynn closely behind. Andy did break through to the lead but a problem with the spinnaker halyard caused him to drop back a couple of places from which he never fully recovered.

Banter found the conditions challenging in his RS100, and his numerous capsizes tiring, but he was glad to have been out!

In the final 10 mins (or so) of the race Mike/Kayla took the lead, and the winning position with Dave/Lynn 2nd

Another two races were scheduled for after the lunch break. Andy/Phil had more gear failure and retired just before the start. Dave/Lynn capsized on the first spinnaker leg leaving Mike/Eric to lead the way in their GP. The heavy conditions suited the F15s and they took the first three positions half way through the race, which left Steve/Ruth and Scumper/Banter chasing the pack for pole position. As the Bates headed out to shorten the course, mark 0 became tangled in its prop so the race was shortened in an unconventional manner slightly ahead of schedule! Fortunately the sailors were tired enough to be happy to accept the result and bring the series to an early conclusion as they were generally too shattered to sail the 5th race.

Mike/Kayla won the race, taking the series trophy, and AJ came 2nd.

Final results

With a slight break in the wet weather, work has begun on regrading the back camping field to improve run off and reduce the risk of flooding during Bass Week



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WebCollect NOT vulnerable to Heartbleed.

We have received the following from WebCollect:

Just to reassure everyone, WebCollect is NOT and was NEVER vulnerable to the “heartbleed” bug in OpenSSL, because it never used the vulnerable version of OpenSSL.

Is it recommended that you or your members change your WebCollect password? Not any more than usual. If you are using the same password for WebCollect as you were for another service which was vulnerable to Heartbleed, then your password may have been compromised with that other service. In this case it would make sense to change your WebCollect password as well.

We have put an announcement on the WebCollect home page to this effect.

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Weekend Racing


(Surely they should watch where they are going!)
(C) Chris Hunt

Another southerly(ish) breeze, though the air temp was more like an easterly!

Various good gusts on occasions enabled some good planing reaches in the 1st race, but there was a desire to use some of the steadier winds down the lake in the following race. The downside of going down to 15 was that the OD opted to finish ashore thereby taking the course in the shade of Sale Fell with some shifts and occasional holes…

The Hardies had the best start in the GPs first race, and they used it to their advantage holding off Dave/Lynn for over half the race, but they were a close 2nd to Dave at the finish line. Running repairs impaired Joan’s start in the 2nd race, and Dave broke away with a substantial lead.

In the F15s Simon/Jon took to the water for the first time and led the fleet, as well as generating controversy by being involved in two protests in two races, both with Mike/Kayla. Old habits/sign of things to come?

Tog took the honours in his Vareo in the 1st race, with Robbie D/Banter 2nd in a RS400, but Robbie D won the next one with Mike F 2nd in his Streaker.

Latest results


Robbie D/Banter
(C) Chris Hunt

Sunday started dry with sunny spells that highlighted the white tops of the waves! Various squalls passed through from time to time that helped many opt not to sail. Two F15s did choose to start but AJ only sailed the first beat before retiring which left Mike/Kayla to sail one further lap before the OD took pity in them and shortened the course

Latest result

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Ready for Summertime

The last day before British Summer Time started sunny with a good southerly breeze, which increased as the morning progressed but the white horses eased before racing was underway. Mike F led the first half of the Celebrity Glass Pursuit in his Streaker, until being passed by Mike/Kayla, who were subsequently passed by winners Robbie D/Banter in a 400.

Scumper/Alastair had a few problems taking down their gennaker, slowing them down on the start of the beats, while Mike F became the 2nd boat to capsize this season.

In the 2nd race, Mike/Kayla led the F15s as Ian/Lezli-Ann and Graham/Elaine battled it out for 2nd place. Robbie D won in the handicap fleet.

Latest results – Celebrity Glass / Morgan Trophy

Sunday started hazy with a light SE breeze, and a simple triangular course was set which proved to be more appropriate for the variable strength airs which faded to a drifter as two wind directions fought it out. How Ian Mac capsized in such conditions we may never know!

In the F15s Ian/Lezli-Ann broke through to the lead and held it with Graham/Elaine 2nd. Robin/Banter had a close race with with Bean/Naomi, but, unfortunately for Robin, Bean was in a 200! Dave/Lynn again showed their mastery of the conditions in their GP, gradually pulling out a bigger lead on Andy/Phil.

The Youth squad had their first race of the season which Heidi led throughout, with David a close 2nd

With a sunny lunchtime, many took the opportunity to dine al fresco

The afternoon race was a pennant. Many of the 12 starters were keen to go round the lake so that’s what they did. A fair breeze took them down the lake but it was a bit more flukey on the return leg. Robbie D led the race, but Mike/Kayla stayed close enough to beat them on handicap, win the race, and give Kayla the lead in Sandra’s Salver. Andy/Phil led Dave/Lynn around the course finishing 3rd overall, just 11 secs behind Robbie D (on handicap).

Results – Calvert Trust Pennant / Sandra’s Salver (latest)

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Water, Water Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink!

A dry sailing club is not what we want to be. The profits earned from the running of the bar help keep subscriptions down and support the Bass Week surplus which is used to maintain, and improve, the club and its facilities.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the elected bar chair has stepped down so we need a replacement to manage the operation of the bar and secure a healthy surplus.

Not sure that this important role is one that you could take on? Don’t hesitate to contact Commodore Andy Smith for further information and many words of comfort.

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Back in the groove

As if by magic, the sailing season is underway for the 63rd season.

Recent weather, and a poor forecast didn’t deter a dozen boats from taking to the water in, what turned out to be, good sailing conditions for the Starter’s Prize.

In the morning race Robbie D/Banter took the lead in a RS400, while Andy/Ginger Phil raced the new Gingerboat GP, eventually ‘released the handbrake’ (as Andy put it) and pulled out a strong lead from the other GPs. Bean/Naomi were back on the water in their RS200, and, not unexpectedly, were always in the frame but finished 2nd on handicap to Robbie D by just 12 secs.

Scumper/Tog were in a RS400 for the day, and led the afternoon race. Robbie D was close on their tail at the windward mark and promptly capsized after slipping while launching the gennaker. It was to be Andy that would win the race on handicap followed by Mike/Eric and Joan/Jack in another two GPs, and Bean/Naomi came 4th which earned them 2nd overall behind winners Andy/Phil

Final results
20140325-203046.jpgThis weekend also saw 17 young children taking part in organised training led by the RYA coach Dave Eccles. The children’s aims were to have as many races as they could in the two days, and learn how to sail faster. With snow on the fells around Bassenthwaite and the occasional gusty sleet and hail shower passing by, the kids had to wrap up as warm as possible. Despite not wanting to get wet, some ended up taking unseasonal dips in the ice cold water.




With many of the early races were being won by the trio of Jamie Kerr, Jenny Dunn and Hazel Newport, Dave Eccles was soon having to bring in a handicap system, by making the leaders do 360 degree turns, so the rest could keep up. After several dozen single lap races and a few suggestions to each person on how to sail faster the older members watching from the warmth of the clubhouse could see quite an improvement.

The children will have a few more weekends of race coaching before Easter, when the next intake of beginners will start learning to sail, and last years intake of students have to start sailing alongside the old hands.

Bassenthwaite Sailing Club is now recruiting new members and is offering introductory training to racing level in the first year.

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