Blown Away by Brian

A poor forecast on a damp Saturday afternoon, and the threat from Storm Brian, all resulted in no contenders, despite the conditions being sailable.

Despite the risk is that Sunday’s conditions would be worse, Brian was on his way and left some good sailing conditions, but no one was tempted so racing was cancelled and the six rescue and race management team had another early finish.

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Countryfile Ramble for BBC Children in Need

A small but select group took part in our ramble on Sunday afternoon up a very windy Sale Fell. Many thanks to the Flying Fifteen sailors and Club Members who have kindly donated towards this important charity. We have raised £210 to date. There is still time to contribute if you would like to via this web link..

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Flying Fifteen Team Racing

A mirror like morning lake was not reflecting the longer term forecast, but the wind quickly filled in for the 18 boats racing in the annual Viking Trophy which is awarded to the best performing team of three. However, the wind quickly filled in to provide some great racing conditions, though a squall during the first start made everyone wonder how many races we would manage to get in.

The squall did pass through, but the base wind level remained force 4. The gusts flattened one or two boats, and consequently shredded a spinnaker! No one chanced flying a spinnaker on the reaches, not that there was a need to, but they were flown on the runs, with some spectacular planing conditions.

The first two races were led by Simon Longstaff/Jon Denwood and Neil Currie/Rory Yardley, but Steve Goacher/Tim Harper quietly pulled through to win both races, and he led the final race from the start, with Mark Somerville/Mike Cowan securing a good 2nd place. Not surprisingly, Steve’s team are overnight leaders.

As can be seen, Sally thoroughly enjoyed herself, and never gave a thought to her panda eyes!

Would the winds be kind so we can get the two remaining races in? No chance! If Steve Goacher says it’s windy, is anyone going to challenge him?! So the overnight results stand, despite Simon Longstaff trying to manipulate an alternate resolution…

FF Team Racing Team Scores 2017
R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
Best and the Worst 12 11 18 41
The Committee 20 17 16 53
The Octonauts 21 23 18 62
King’s Team 29 34 31 94
The Old Codgers 45 42 44 131
Tower Boys 44 47 45 136

After packing up their boats, there was an early prize giving in which everyone was a winner. In a close run contest, Ian Preston would have been awarded the Grotty Potty for having his boat pre-launched (well the tide came in to almost have it floating), but he was disqualified by not entering, so Athol King antics of falling out of his boat four times put him in pole position ahead of Mike Moore who was knocked out of the boat, hung on by a leg and holding the tiller, but struggled to pull his head out of the water!

Athol awarded with Grotty Potty

Steve does it in his sleep!

Ian Preston got another mention from his friends at Blackpool and Fleetwood for failing to provide the breakfast bacon baps they had travelled all this way to enjoy!

In support of Countryfile’s nationwide ramble for Children in Need, all the sailors sponsored Jon Denwood who has gone for a ramble around Sale Fell with Neil Currie. Contact him if you want to sponsor his efforts.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

After the torrential rain in the lakes today, the lake has risen 500mm over the course of eight hours, and will, no doubt, rise through the night. Boats on the foreshore were ok this evening, but worth checking and perhaps moving, as some more rain, together with strong winds, is forecast for Friday.

It’s your property.

Thursday Update

With the lake up another 250mm overnight, several members have put the effort in to move many boats to higher ground.

Mik practising his Indian rope trick!

A new mast for the 400?

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!

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Autumnal Weekend

The blustery winds that were forecast did not come to fruition, resulting in good sailing conditions for the select few that raced, albeit in cooler conditions that in recent weekends.

Val/Ken in their GP led the races generally, giving Neil in a Laser a run for his money, making good use of the intermittent planing conditions. Neil finished first on the water in the first race, and though Val crossed the line first in the last race, she hit the mark, and had to re-round it, letting Neil get through in the meantime. New member Mathis had a tussle with the start mark, getting caught up in its mooring rope, giving the rest of the fleet a bit if a start!

On handicap, Val won both races on personal and fleet handicap basis, with Neil 2nd.

Latest results

Sunday’s forecast was for light airs and the risk of rain, but with enough ripples on the water to get racing underway. However, the wind was swinging considerably, so a hopefully middling beat to mark 1 was set. With 1 relatively close to the shore, it was partly shadowed from the wind making the beat a little slow and challenging for some. Though the first lap was slow, it would have been too short to stop for lunch, so the fleet continued for another two thirds of a lap to finish at mark 0. Though it was fine for the leaders, led by Neil/Rory in a F15, the wind faded and the tail enders had a slow return home.

The breeze returned for the afternoon, but remained light. Neil led the fleet but it was a day for GPs, though Dave/Lynn had to work to pull back and win on a fleet handicap basis ahead of Joan/Jack. On personal handicap, Paul/Emily won the morning race, and Jim/Poppy had a better race winning the afternoon race.

Fortunately sunshine won the day and the rain did not appear, but the flies in the race office did!

Dave/Lynn presently lead both the fleet and personal handicap Sunday series

Latest results

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Sunday Best

After a cold night, the Southerly breeze was pleasantly mild, and lighter than the general forecast, but forecast to increase over the morning. The only takers were Mike/Kayla in their F15, and Dave/Lynn in their GP, but they had a good race, and relying on the least number of mistakes to win! With several marks in unusual positions, the course took a little understanding, and Mike headed for mark S instead of mark N which lost him some ground and Dave broke through for a while. Even over the relatively short duration of the race, the wind increased considerably, and there were some exciting offwind legs. One gust proved to be a bit much for Mike and caused him to broach, losing him some more ground.

On handicap, the honours went to Dave with Mike 2nd.

There was no takers for the afternoon race, so lunch then home; just as well as the wind continued to increase, and the rain moved in.

Latest Results

Congratulations to Sandy and Douglas Simpson who have just returned from the Mirror Inlands, Junior and Youth Nationals where they finished second overall, counting 1, 3, 2, 2, 2 and discarding a 9th. Chris Fuller won it, but they won the Junior Nationals, in a fleet of 11 boats.

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Despite the odd rain shower in the morning the weather stayed dry with good spells of sunshine to take the chill out of the air.

Much to Herb’s dislike, the day’s racing comprised a two pursuit race series. Mik led the fleet for the first half of race one until Dave passed him in a Laser and gained a lead which no-one could touch. Tony King was 2nd.

Meanwhile the GPs were having a vocal afternoon, with lots of shouting for water. In fact, at one mark Jack Hardie jumped out of his boat (well perhaps he fell), and Ken then jumped in to his aid. In the end all was well, apart from Ken losing his hat! Both deserted lady helms were keen to point out that they successfully lowered the spinnakers in preparation for their husbands’ return.

A close finish in the second race went to Mike/Kayla, back on the water after an ankle injury, with Tony taking another 2nd.

With three boats on equal points, the tie was split in Mike’s favour, as he had won the last race.

Final results

Apart from the two sailors getting soaked, tonight is the premiere of Emma Rydal’s Soaked at the Rosehill Theatre

Have you planned your visit?

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Small World

Knowing that we are short of something to report, Neil has advised that he is 500 miles from home on a Padi diving course at Falmouth, he walks past the sailing club and sees signs saying it’s the FF Nationals crosses the road next to guy carrying a sailing bag who glances back and recognises a friendly face out of place. It was Steve Goacher and his wife wasn’t it.

On a diving note his diving instructors finished their tuition early yesterday so they could go diving and came back with tales of huge (as big as the diver) tuna fish never previously reported on Cornish waters, but that has not stopped the fishing boats trying to catch them. It’s the old story of describing rare animals by what they taste like, being their downfall.

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Final Championship Series

Some blustery conditions on Saturday morning eased to leave near champagne racing conditions in the (slightly) warmer weather with sunny intervals. Today’s racing is for the final weekend series of the championship season, but as the winners have already been determined, numbers on the water were lighter than usual.

Dave Lawson led Val Bell in both GP races, but they shared their crews with Ladies v Gents in the second race.

Steve/Ruth led the handicap fleet in the first race taking 1st on handicap with Jim/Poppy 2nd. In the next race, Steve took the lead but failed to notice that nobody was following him up the 2nd beat because the course had changed! By the time he realised three boats had got away, and he finished 4th with Scumper 1st and Jim taking another 2nd. Bob had similar problems following the course after the one he’d written down had been scuffed off.

In the slow handicap fleet, Mik in his Mirror won the first race, but in the next race there was a dead heat with Paul in a Topper.

Sunday stayed dry with another mild southerly breeze, but it didn’t encourage any more on to the water. With no GPs sailing, the Stables Prize goes to Saturday’s overnight leader Dave and Lynn Lawson, who opted to try their hand in the handicap fleet and give Scumper a run for his money, which they did very successfully as he was unable to break far enough ahead, and they won race 3 on handicap. Joanie had had enough sailing for the weekend, so Tog retreated to the Solo only for the gooseneck to break soon after starting.

After lunch the wind eased slightly, but results on handicap were consistent with a finishing order of Scumper, Dave, and Tog. The trophy goes to Scumper, with Tog (aided by Joanie) 2nd and Dave/Lynn 3rd.

Paul Gannon won races 3 and 4 with John Roberts 2nd. Although the positions were reversed in the final race, Paul had sufficient good results to win the trophy.

Final results

Congratulations go out to Vice Commodore Naomi Smith and husband Phil on the birth of their daughter Lucy, a brother for Oliver.

Congratulations go to another Smith, Naomi’s brother in law Andy after his stirling performance with Phil Hodgkins at Derwent Reservoir over the weekend winning all races to win the GP14 Northern championship!

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Paul Carruthers’ Memorial Trophy

As if we didn’t realise it, we can never rely on the forecast at Bass. Though there was a good breeze at the start, it was shifting and not consistent in strength, but blowing from the north gave the OD the opportunity start at 0, and then head ashore before the non forecast shower moved in! However the use of mark N, which had been tucked away in Dubwath bay, to avoid a hook finish caused a barrage of questions for OD AJ so a lead boat guided the fleet around the course (not that they were sure where N was!)

Neil/Judith in their F15 quickly took a clear lead, which was to be eroded away in the changing wind conditions resulting in Paul/Vicki in a GP being on their tail at the finish, and taking the win on handicap, with Joan/Jack 2nd. The next race started in a light breeze that soon faded. This time Joan/Jack mastered their favourite conditions and took the lead from Paul/Vicki followed by Neil/Judith. On handicap, Joan was 1st and Paul 2nd, so they were both on equal points and with the tie being split on the best position in the last race, the trophy goes to Joan/Jack.

Final results

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