Bart’s Bash

Despite a poor pre=registration for this year’s Bart’s Bash there was a turnout of 13 boats in the light northerly airs. There were numerous threats of rain, but it was limited to a few spits and spots. Steve/Izzy in a Merlin led both races but on handicap Tony King in a Solo that beat them by just a few secs each time. Paul Bowmer took a 3rd in the first race, and Jim/Poppy 3rd in the second race.

Final results

Overall Bart’s Bash standings

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Lake Level

With the water level already at the top of the slipways, and 25mm of rain, topped up with high winds, forecast through to midnight Wednesday, it’s worth considering about the safety of your boat if it’s berthed on the foreshore. The lake is certain to rise over the next couple of days but it’s impossible to say by how much.

If you get a chance, check and consider moving your boat this evening.

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Tinker Trophy

While we have a team away at the 24 hour race we have our annual visit from the Tinker Association for one of the rallies, and we hold an all fleet handicap series with nine boats taking part on another sunny Saturday. At lunchtime the winds seemed to be very light but they filled in sufficiently for a good afternoon’s racing during which there were no capsizes, or exciting tales to tell!

Hugh led both races in his Vareo, followed by Joe in his Laser, which were their positions on on corrected time as well, while Ian in a Solo took 3rd in the first race and AJ/Sue in a GP 3rd in the second one.

With a low pressure moving in, Sunday’s forecast was looking somewhat gusty, but as Bass has its own micro climate we were lucky and got more racing in.

The Tinkers led the way and demonstrated that conditions were suitable though, for a long while, AJ and Sue had no competition and were wondering what they should do with their their unexpected spare time. However the overnight leaders did appear so Sue had to sail but was able to postpone her ironing for a few more hours!

Sensibly AJ opted to race in his F15 and was able to avoid capsizing, but his competition were not so lucky, each suffering several capsizes over the two races. Joe had less critical timing of his capsizes and secured two wins, and the weekend series trophy.

Final results

The Tinkers had a total of six races with the overall winner being Malcolm Ellwood, just for a change, with Stewart Warden 2nd.

Winner Malcolm Ellwood with trophy presented by Poppy Christie

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Night Jar 17

To quote TS Elliot the Night Jar series “ended with a whimper”. It was very wet, it was windy and nobody really wanted to go through the routine of rigging and launching.

John & Hazel said they might if they had someone to sail against.  But when newly qualified driver Harry arrived at the Club in his Mini and said he could be tempted to go out, they had second thoughts.

A fair number of others turned up just for the food and Sarah and Neil didn’t disappoint with their large helpings of Pizza.

So the Night Jar Fleet handicap awards go to Mike & Eric from Tony, Val & Ken and Neil.  The Personal handicap leading places are the same with the exception that Val & Ken move above Tony.

Final results

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SOAKED – The New Play by Emma Rydal

Rosehill Theatre and La’al Marra Productions presents the premier of Soaked on Saturday 30 September at 7.30pm followed by a post show discussion. Soaked is the new play by acclaimed local writer and actress Emma Rydal and the first play co-produced by Rosehill Theatre after the £2.7m redevelopment of the venue. Soaked will then tour Cumbria and Manchester in the Autumn.

It’s Wine O Clock! When do you stop? Imogen and Rich don’t care if the glass is half full or half empty, as long there is wine in it that’s what’s important. That’s how they unwind, how they party, how they deal with the stresses of life; young children, high powered jobs. But after twenty years of drinking to excess, Imogen is having second thoughts. She’s tired of waking up with an unexplained bruise, tired of beating herself up when she’s drunk too much, tired of being tired, but is it enough? When life has become so intertwined with the powerful nectar is it easy to break away, or do relationships start to unravel? Perhaps a wake-up call is all she needs?

Filled with humour and drama Soaked seeks to unnerve.

Emma Rydal who lives locally is a writer and actress who has had a successful career in theatre, television and radio. She burst onto the British film scene in 1999 with the BAFTA winning Brit flick East is East and has had a sustained a successful career ever since. Most recently Emma has been seen as regular ‘Celia’ in Sky One’s Stella.

Emma Rydal’s skill of finding comedy in the banal and everyday has been described as rather like a young Victoria Wood. Her first play True chronicled the relationship of a volatile mother/daughter relationship through the decades. It was nominated for a Manchester Theatre Award and won The Audience Award for Best Production and an Equity Award at Manchester’s 24.7 Theatre Festival in 2011.

Soaked – the showcase already had favourable reviews and has received funding from the Arts Council England and Cumbria County Council. The play is directed by Peter McQueen, stalwart of the Theatre by the Lake. He has also toured with his one-man shows ‘Old Herbaceous’ and ‘The Professor of Adventure’. The cast for Soaked comprises Emma Rydal, Toby Gaffney and Madeleine Joseph. Original score by local composer Nick Smith from Issi Noho and set and costume design by Emma Bayliss from Whitehaven.

Tickets are priced at £15 ● £8 U26 and are available at or on 01946 692422

It was a really great show, can’t wait to find out what happens next. I found it increasingly uncomfortable to watch as it felt disturbingly familiar.
Elaine Wise – showcase audience

Soaked full tour:
Rosehill Theatre, Whitehaven
Saturday 30 September 7.30pm
(with post performance discussion ● ● 01946 692422

Kings Arms Theatre, Manchester Friday 6-7 October 7.30pm

Gregson Centre, Lancaster Wednesday 11 October 7.30pm 01524 849959

Coronation Hall, Ulverston Friday 13 October 7.30pm ● 01229 587140

Village Hall, Torpenhow Saturday 14 October 7.30pm 016973 71514

The Beggars Theatre, Millom Thursday 19 October 7.30pm

John Peel Theatre, Wigton Friday 20 October 7.30pm

Threlkeld Village Hall Friday 27 October 7.30pm

Soaked has received recognition from alcohol support group Soberistas on the issues that are raised in the production.

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Bart’s Bash

Bassenthwaite is taking part in the Global Sailing Event ‘Barts Bash’ at 2.30pm on Saturday 16th September 2017.  I am sure you are all aware of the events history which is now in its 4th year and is the largest sailing event in the World. The Andrew Simpson Foundation raises funds to support sailing as shown below.

What we do

Our fundamental ethos is to facilitate a wider participation in sailing, and to optimise the benefits that the sport can deliver to young people and ultimately to society at large. Importantly, we seek to be as inclusive as possible by encouraging participation to children and young people from all backgrounds, and catering for a range of physical and educational abilities.

How to take part

All members are encouraged to take part in the Bassenthwaite Bart’s Bash Race, it’s about having fun and raising some funds for a worthwhile cause. You also have the opportunity to compete against thousands of other sailors worldwide. Details of how to sign up are on the following link where you can also make a donation to the charity.

Let’s try and get as many boats on the water as we can, all are welcome.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Jon Denwood

Membership Secretary

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Bass Week Photos

Time is running out to buy any photos of Bass Week as the website will close in a couple of weeks.

View/buy your photos at

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September Sunshine

So the meteorologists think it’s now Autumn, just as well they didn’t tell the weather! A windless, sunny morning filled in for the afternoon racing, though with the wind from the SSW it couldn’t settle as to which side of Sale Fell to come from. Though a little shifty in the first race, the wind was so much less predictable in the second one with 45 degree shifts between boats just a few lengths apart. Ian/Lezliann in their F15 benefitted from one such shift helping them break away from Neil/Judith, though the continued shift almost turned a reach into a beat that threatened to rob Ian of his lead, but he held on until the about 5 boat lengths from the finish when he had to tack off and gave Neil the commanding position that won him the race. However, Ian/Lezliann had done well enough to win the Dawson Trophy.

The middle segment of the second race, despite the course being out of the shadow of Sale Fell, had the most unexpected shifts and hollow spots. Joan/Jack revel in such conditions and took the lead, but Dave/Lynn fought back taking their 2nd win of the day, and the Autumn Cup.

In the handicap fleet Steve/Ruth won both races in a Merlin Rocket, ahead of Jim in his Supernova in the 1st race, and Toggle/Joanie in their RS200 in the 2nd. Steve’s wins were just enough for him to win the Skiddaw Trophy from Joe.

No racing in the Mirror fleet so the MT Trophy goes to Jonathan/Henry.

The sun continued throughout Saturday afternoon.

Final DW results

Wind and rain was the forecast for Sunday, and it was partly correct with a good southerly, a heavy swell and some white horses. Again, there weren’t many that turned up to sail, but conditions did not put them off. There was a bit of hanging around waiting for Tog who had been delayed rodding drains! During that wait, the effects of Sale Fell were felt as far down as mark 3 with down draughts, flat spots and major shifts, and the race started on a tight fetch, though it did revert to a beat closer to windward mark 6. The Lasers had plenty of capsize practice, and both subsequently retired. Indeed Paul capsized so much he was eventually taken into the rescue boat, while AJ jumped aboard to sail the boat back to shore. It wasn’t long before he capsized too!

Toggle had gear failure on the start of his final lap and retired, leaving just three finishers, led by Stave/Ruth in a Merlin, then Dave/Lynn in a GP, positions which they held on handicap. Being the final race of the series, the results did not affect the overall results with Mike Fairlamb winning the Dodd Cup. The Blencathra Trophy for F15s was won by Ian/Lezliann, Mustard Pot for GPs won by AJ/Sue, and Mirror AB Cup by Bean/Oliver.

Final results BL etc

Although having enjoyed the challenges of the morning race, there was no enthusiasm for another race so it was another early finish. Despite the forecast, the rain contained itself to just a few spits and spots.

Though there’s one weekend series to go, finalising two series has shown that the Club Champions for this year have already been determined. Congratulations go to:

Flying 15s – Ian Campbell/Lezliann Pearson
Handicap – Mark Somerville
GP14s – Dave/Lynn Lawson
Mirrors – Phil/Oliver Smith

Latest Championship positions

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Night Jar 16

After a glorious day, many wanted to end it with an evening sail, but it was not to be, the light breeze that was there on their arrival faded to nothing, and the race was cancelled, not that it stopped sailors staying back to enjoy the communal evening meal.

Latest results

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August Bank Holiday

For some people that have been camping since Thursday, Saturday marks the middle of their weekend break, and they have been joined by the Southport and GP14 cruisers. With a good westerly breeze, and some sunny spells, there was an excellent turnout with over 30 boats, including 11 Mirrors. The Smith family had a large contingent in the Mirror fleet and it is not surprising that they were amongst the flurry of boats over the line and caused a general recall!

Results wise, it was a day to confuse the sailing secretary when it came to recording the results as there were numerous swaps between helm and crews (Olivia/Alex, Amber/Robin, Izzie/Ben) NB Ant/Jo weren’t in that list just yet, though they did swap to Ant’s RS200 and had various problems including their mainsail slipping down. Also, there were some new faces in the Mirrors with Graham, Alan and Keith trying their hand, while Scumper sailed with Matthew in a F15, and Emily went back into a Laser for the first time in many years!

The winds afforded some good planing conditions at times, and there weren’t many capsizes, not that was Dave Lawson’s excuse for getting wet as he missed his toestraps and took a quick dip.

To top all this off there was some good racing and close finishes.

Latest results DW etc

Sunday ‘s expectation of light winds was not to be. As the morning race went on, the wind increased together with the number of capsizes. All in all it proved a bit too much for some and they didn’t venture out after lunch.

 Though there were no recalls throughout the day, some starts were busy, and not without incident, and penalty turns had to be done. Just to prove that miracles can happen, Simon was seen to be one of those boats doing his turns! However, it didn’t stop him from working his way back to the front of the F15s and taking another win.

The overnight leaders are Simon/Jon in the F15s, Mark/Banter in the Handicap fleet, Dave/Lynn in GPs, and Andy in the Mirrors. The Bank Holiday wind was slightly less than forecast and expected so there was only a handful of takers, especially as the expectation was that that the wind would increase and the rain would descend.

A simple triangular course gave competitors some good reaches and the gusts provided great planing conditions. There were no capsizes, and all those that sailed completed the course, and were pleased to have raced, though no-one was interested in the final race. Final results remained as overnight.

The early finish enabled tents and awnings to be packed away dry, and me to cut my lawns before the the onset of rain!

Final results August Bank holiday etc

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