Night Jar 11

Seventeen boats took the start on a superb evening with a constant wind blowing off the Club grounds.  And an eventful start it was too!  In a rush to start on time – well nearly – the Bates crew had omitted to put out the inner mark and a competitor (who shall be nameless!) instructed one of the safety boats to move the distance mark up wind within the start sequence and without consulting the OD.

Hence the ultimate level of starboard bias. The inevitable happened and three boats were squeezed into the Bates and each other fortunately with no damage to boats or crews.

John & Tim in their FF led the fleet around an X course of 0-9-1-A which gave three kite legs. They were followed by the 2000 of James & Jenny and the GPs of Mike / Eric and Val/ Ken who were in close company throughout the race.

It was good to see the Somerville family out in force with Gail & Cameron in a Mirror and Matthew in a Tera.

The well attended evening meal was prepared by Richard who missed out from involvement in the close Solo contest between Tony, John and Rory.

Latest results

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Council’s nomination of Rear Commodore Mark Somerville for the RYA Community Award – Lifetime commitment has been successful.

Mark will hopefully be attending the award service in London later in the year.

Well deserved recognition of his long service to the club!

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Car key

A bunch of keys has been found in the gents’ changing room on Sunday evening

Congratulations to Andy and Phil on winning the GP14 Northern Championship at Bolton this weekend

Meanwhile in sunny Bassenthwaite, crews filled their water bottles and donned sunglasses, eye shades and sun screen to compete in three of our long series fleet races. Peter Whipp had a good weekend sailing his Laser in the Handicap Fleet and winning all three races. Mike/Kayla did likewise in the F15 fleet, with Ian/Lezli-Ann coming second each time.

Things were not so settled in the GP14 fleet. On Saturday, AJ/Sue were ahead for most of the first race, only to be overtaken by three boats on the last leg. Mike/ Eric took the win. Alan and Sue also did well in the second race, coming second to Dave/Lyn who also won Sunday morning race with Mike/Eric second.

In Sunday’s second race all boats started together for the Jubilee Sailing Trust Pennant. Results also count towards the female crew’s competition for Sandra’s Salver. As it turned out, the race lasted over two hours, with the usual challenges of variable winds down the lake. Three F15s, three GP14s and one single hander finished the course.

On the water the first F15 to finish was Neil/Rory with the Dave/Lynn eight minutes behind in the first GP14 who won by 4 mins on handicap. Phil Davenport also deserves a prize for completing the race in his Musto Skiff, which is not a restful boat under any conditions. Kayla is building a strong lead in the competition for Sandra’s Salver.

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Solo Open

Sunday benefitted from wall to wall sunshine with a light, but freshening, wind from the southwest though there were some regular major shifts from the northwest. The shifts did cause some calm patches but the fleet of 11 boats kept moving. Dealing with the shifts and calm patches was key to the leaders.

John Reekie seemed to successfully hitch a lift up the A66 to take the honours in the first race from Richard Critchley. In the next race Joe Quick from Coniston mastered the shifts to take 1st place with John 2nd, so that there was all to race for in the final race.

After lunch there was an expectation that the sea breeze would bed in, but the northwest gusts continued to kick in on the northern side of the course and they were Rory Yardley’s downfall as, having led throughout the race he was caught between the two winds with just two legs to go. John used a gust to take the lead and blanket Rory who subsequently lost one more place. John’s win earned him 1st overall, with Richard 2nd and Joe 3rd

Winner John Reekie with Commodore Robin Dawson

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Laser Open

There was a better wind than forecast to greet the fleet of 26 boats in today’s Laser open, and with the sun breaking through the clouds from time to time it was a pleasant day.

For a change the general wind direction was fairly steady, though there were some shifts on the water for sailors to contend with. Use of the I flag helped keep the starts clear with just two boats being called back in the first race.

Locals Robin Dawson and Dave Lawson took an early lead and battled it out, but once Dave was through to the lead there was no catching him, and he reinforced this by winning all three races and the overall trophy.

Bass winner Dave Lawson receiving trophy from Commodore Robin Dawson

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Weekend Series

The lake was surprisingly calmer than forecast on Saturday, though started off a little drizzly, so there were a few takers for the start of the weekend series.

The wind and gusts did pick up a little over the course of the afternoon to give some good planing conditions. The sudden wind shifts proved to be testing, and there were a couple of capsizes.

Scumper pulled out a good lead in his RS100, winning on handicap and, after finishing, followed son Matthew, sailing a Tera, round his course, but it wasn’t sufficient to beat Phil/Oliver who won the slow handicap race. The second handicap race was won by Joe in his Laser (perhaps he wished he had used his Radial rig after all!)

Dave/Lynn won both GP races with Mike/Eric 2nd.

Well done to some of Ant’s new proteges who chose to sail their first race – Matthew Collantine was crewing for Ant in a Vision, and they are lying in 2nd place overnight, while Roger Price/Chris Wheeler in another Vision, completed the first race, but capsized before starting the next race.

Sunday was dry, bright with mixed winds. Four fleets took to the water and enjoyed good racing with occasional planing conditions, but various gusts and major shifts resulted in a few capsizes. Joanie says it was her fault that she and Toggle capsized, but did he tell her to say that?! In the first race Mike/Kayla broke through to the lead in the F15s at the end of the 2nd beat, and took the win ahead of Neil/Rory. However, Neil took the next two races to win the Ullock Mug. In the Handicap fleet Scumper and Zefer were sharing the top positions, but Scumper had the edge taking three 1sts to win the Grisedale Cup, with Zefer 2nd.

With Dave Lawson racing a Laser, Val/Ken stepped up to the line and, winning the first two races in the GPs, they were in with a good chance of winning the McMillan Cup but the final race slipped from them as Mike/Eric took the win and the trophy.

Phil/Oliver continued their winning ways (with lifeboat in tow!), to win the Round Table Tankard, with Matthew a creditable 2nd place overall.

Final results

Next weekend we are hoting a Laser open meeting on Saturday, and Solo open meeting on Sunday so there will be no club racing. Early entry discounts end on Wednesday so don’t miss out.

This weather does nothing to curb the growth of grass, so Toggle and his team continue with their weekly working parties, but would always appreciate additional help. If you would like to help, contact Mike Cowan, or just turn up on Wednesday evening at about 6.30pm

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Topper, NWJTT and Mirror Open

Three fleets totalling 42 boats took to the water for an afternoon of sun and shifting winds. With light winds forecast from the east, there was a bit of hope that a sea breeze from the south west was starting to bed in. However, when the OD set off, there was a good northerly which gradually swung to the west. With the course set racing was soon underway, but the wind swung further to the SW on the 2nd lap resulting in boats having to tack into the first wing mark, so the race was shortened.

The course had to be reset for the following two races as the winds swung to and fro but the beats were maintained, even though sailors had some major shifts to contend with. The Smith family single-handedly led the charge at the start of the 2nd Mirror race resulting in three general recalls! The introduction of the one minute rule for the 3rd race had the desired effect and no-one jumped the line.

Throughout the afternoon there was only one capsize, but Andy Smith was caught out by one shift and went for a quick swim! The Lasers gave the the Teras and Optimists a chance in the final race when they mistakenly used the wing mark as the windward mark, only overcoming their error on the next lap!

Overnight leaders are Lorcan Knowles from Leigh & Lowton in the NJWTT, Phil and Oliver Smith from Bass in the Mirrors, and Noé Peckham from Leigh & Lowton in the Toppers.

A barbeque and a game of rounders on a sunny evening – what better way to end the day?

There was a bit of a waiting game on Sunday morning, and it was mid-day before the the breeze had filled the bay, and th OD set off to get racing underway. Again, there were two winds vying to take control, and, as on Saturday, it was the westerly that eventually won, but it was a gradual process as the races went on, and resulted in the beat swinging more to the wing mark in a couple of races.

With time being of the essence following the later than planned start, the black flag was introduced, which caught out four boats in total, but there was no need for any general recalls! There was certainly enough wind to keep the fleets sailing, but there were no spectacular reaches, or any capsizes. There was a lot of consistency at the top of all three fleets, and the onl;y change to the leaders board was Tom Platt from Bolton won all three races to win the Topper fleet overall, squeezing Noé Peckham into 2nd place.

Final results

Mirror Open Winners Phil and Oliver Smith (Bass)

Topper Open Winner Tom Platt (Bolton)

NWJTT Winner Lorcan Knowles (Leigh & Lowton)

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Just the Job

In contrast to last weekend’s sunny windy weather, Saturday was overcast with a lack of wind. There had been a good turnout for the morning training session, but fewer numbers for the afternoon race. Those that were there were keen to sail so, despite the lightest of airs, probably one of the smallest courses (A-9-0) was set just in case the course needed shortened, but it suited the conditions and those racing. By the end of the first lap the wind filled in from the west, so the race lasted for another couple of laps.

Ian Hall took the honours in his Solo with Nigel/Glenys in a GP 2nd

Latest results

After a wet night, the sun was shining on Sunday morning but, despite the tell tale Bothel turbines turning in a SW breeze, the lake was very patchy. The committee boat took to the water and the wind started to fill in from the north. A line was set and the wind promptly swung to the west. A line was set, the race started and the fleet of three set off on a fetch to the first mark as the wind had swung back to the north. Surely the wind would swing back again? No, it wasn’t to be. Mike had led the fleet in his Streaker, and won on handicap ahead of Paul/Vicki in their GP.

The afternoon pennant race was held in the northern bay. The course was set based on a westerly but it again swung resulting in tacking on every leg of the course! As in the morning, the final result was the same as the finishing order on the water with Paul/Vicki 1st, and Mike 2nd

RNLI Pennant final results

The race counted towards Sandra’s Salver for female crews, and although Mike/Kayla were sailing at Rutland this weekend, finishing a creditable 3rd position, Kayla still tops the leader board.

Sandra’s Salver latest results

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Night Jar 6

A limited number of crews turned up to view the light conditions but, as the wind was fading, no one was keen to rig.  So the OD hoisted Flag N and competitors prepared for the early meal being prepared by Val.

Latest results

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Whit Bank Holiday

Saturday was sunny, warm, but blustery and only a few hardy sailors were planning to sail (or was that swim in Alastair’s case?). However, within 15 mins of the start time the wind suddenly eased as it fought with itself coming from multiple directions, and there was 15 boats quickly rigging and launching. Relying on the forecast easterly being the predominant direction, a line was set and racing got underway with a reaching start! Of the seven legs in the course, boats were beating on at least six… There was one capsize, not Alastair, and a few retirements, but at least it wasn’t a blow out as it originally  seemed it might be. In the end Dave Lawson in his Laser won by 3 secs ahead of John Reekie in a Solo.

The wind settled more to the north for the second race, though it did swing yet again. On handicap, Scumper won with John Reekie 2nd. In the Mirrors, Jonathan/Henry won both races from Paul/Emily.

A challenging afternoon for OD and sailors alike.

MG series latest results

Sunday started off windier than Saturday, with the wind whistling through the rigging. The only likely sailing seemed to that of some exhibition windsurfing by John Reekie, but as on Saturday, the white horses faded as the wind eased, and there was sufficient interest to get racing underway with eight boats. The wind was variable again, and many sailors found it annoyingly frustrating, but there were many exciting gusts, and not too many capsizes.


After lunch a few more boats took to the water, but a squall on the start line caused some minor mayhem with two boats capsizing.

Zefer was overnight leader in the Handicap fleet, 1 pt ahead of Alex/Olivia, while Dave/Ken led the GPs being the only finisher in their race.

Bank holiday Monday was another glorious day and the first day the cadets could get afloat in a fleet of Teras and Optimists

With more reasonable winds which initially came from the south east the OD sent the fleet down to mark 7 at Scarness, the only downside being that the wind swung more to the east on the final lap causing a shadow on the eastern shore, slowing down the race pace with some boats taking almost 90 mins to finish the morning race.

The final race of the weekend series had more shifty winds, variable in strength too, but there were no capsizes, and two notable finishers in the slow handicap fleet of Matthew Somerville and Henry Bullen who were both sailing Teras.

Scumper won both races, but it was Alex/Olivia that won the Isel Cup series with a 2nd, beating Zefer by 2 pts. Dave/Lynn won both races in the GPs to winthe Commodore’s Prize with Mike/Sally 2nd.

Bean/Oliver won both races in the Slow Handicap fleet, but Paul’s finish on Sunday won him the Orsova Cup

Final results

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