Weekend Series

After a soggy morning that didn’t even tempt Jo on to the water for the Social Saturday sailing the rain had passed through and some wind eventually filled in for a belated start.

The wind swung throughout the first race but one of the two beats was maintained after some strategic mark moving. By the end of the race the wind had swung through 120 degrees! The new course was set and worked well until the wind faded to nothing.

It was to be a slow finishing sequence that resulted in a few retirements from the end of the fleet

Sunday started bright with a light northerly breeze. The ID was up with the lark and opted to start on time whether the sailors had made it to the start or not – and some were a little tardy, partly due to the wind fading for a while.

Ian/Lezliann had a clean start, on time, and kept their lead through to the finish, taking his third win of the series.

The 2nd race saw Graham/Alan take a big lead only to throw it away by missing out YZ (as they did a couple of weeks ago)! Places continued to swap but the final outcome had Neil/Judith 1st with Ian/Elaine 2nd. Graham sailed well in the final race until he headed for the wrong mark… Fortunately Ian/Lezliann did not follow, took the lead, and broke well clear to take their 4th win of the weekend, and confirming their 1st position in the Scarness Cup.

All the GP fleet had consistent results with Dave/Lynn taking five 1sts to win the Graham Cup, Val/Ken five 2nds and Alan/Sue five 3rds!

In the handicap fleet, Scumper won the Wythop Cup with four 1sts, but the 2nds were shared out between Peter Whipp, Steve/Ruth, Dave Haselden, Alex/Olivia and Tog, though it was Robin/Erin that took 2nd overall with a 1st and three 3rds.

Alastair/Alfie got a great start and took an early lead in the Mirrors, albeit brief, before Bean/Oliver broke back and won the morning race, with Alfie/Alastair (yes Alfie helming) finishing a respectable 2nd. After lunch Oliver decided he did want to sail after Bean had set off, so hitched a lift to the start line with rescue in time for the race, taking another 1st, this time against Oliver’s grandad. After two races, enough was enough, and the Mirrors headed ashore with Bean/Oliver taking the Reflection Cup

Final results

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Ladies, Crews, Juniors & Crews Race

The OD was Peter Whipp and he felt it was time for something a little different!  So the course was a triangle and sausage 0-4-3-0-3-YZ which caused some head scratching but worked well.
There were 16 starters although Mike Cave and Robbie/Erin pulled out and went ashore mid-race. The two Joe’s (Watkins & Roberts) were the lead contestants with Tony’s Solo mixing it, as usual, with the GPs; Mike & Eric ahead of Paul Bowmer/Mark Hunt, and Ken who had Val crewing.
Two complete laps were going to be too long for the mid fleet onwards boats and the race couldn’t be shortened for some on the course set, so a decision was made to up anchor and move the Bates to 0 allowing all to finish sooner and at the same point. It worked – just! – the Bates beating the 300 to the mark by 5 seconds!
So the awards go to the Sailing Secretary (Does he get anything for not being any of the L,C,J,S?).  Well, anyway, he won overall from Tony’s Solo!  There were no Junior entries, Mike F was the first Senior and Ken took the Crew award.
There were also no Lady entrants in the historically called Ladies Race.  Sue had a last moment change of mind and entered with AJ under Crew!  This is not turning out to be one of her multiple award seasons – but you never know!  

Final results

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Sailing into the Sunset

A drizzly but mild and wild Saturday afternoon didn’t put off any of those sailors that turned up for a race. Even Jo was keen to get on the water, this time racing with Ant in a Vision, and fulfil her dream of sailing the perfect race, winning by a country mile, and sailing into the sunset. Unfortunately, her dream didn’t come true today. The blustery, and shifty, conditions caused numerous capsizes, even before the start!

Steve/Ruth in a Merlin led the fleet but couldn’t break away from Bean/Izzy, practising for Bass Week, in a 200. Hugh suffered a few capsizes in his Vareo and was relieved to be the ‘right’ side of the line when the race was shortened. Nigel/Glenys, Ant/Jo, Paul and Bob all retired after capsizing. On handicap, Bean won, with Tog 2nd, and Steve 3rd.

With so many retirements in the first race, numbers were somewhat depleted for the second start, and reduced even further when AJ/Sue had no competition in the GPs, and Tog capsized before the start then opted to head back ashore. Again Steve led in his Merlin, but raising his spinnaker was his downfall when he couldn’t avoid a capsize soon after. Bean took the lead, winning overall, with Steve 2nd and Hugh 3rd, having also capsized whilst flying his gennaker.

Leading the Handicap Dawson Trophy at present is Jo (with a little help from Ant!), with Bean/Izzy 2nd. AJ/Sue lead the GP Autumn Cup.

Latest results

Rain passed through overnight leaving clearer skies, and less blustery winds for Sunday’s racing. The GPs were a bit too keen at the start causing an individual recall, but consciences must have been running high as more boats returned than were actually on course side! Val/Ken took advantage of their clean start and led the race but were a little concerned when someone was distracted forgot to sound the horn! – oops. Mike/Eric made a good recovery after being recalled to finish 2nd with AJ/Sue 3rd.

In the Handicap fleet, Steve/Ruth again led the fleet gaining sufficient lead with the various reaches to win on handicap. Tog/Joan were in their RS200 to take 2nd from Bean/Oliver in their Mirror.

The afternoon pennant race in aid of the Jubilee Sailing Trust just took the fleet to 10. Despite the SW breeze, conditions were not quite as flukey as they often are. The lead three boats stayed relatively close together until their return to 7, when Banter/Emma were left wallowing as the others left them behind – did they go aground? Steve/Ruth won on handicap 21 secs ahead of Rory/Eleanor in their F15, with Mike/Eric 3rd.

Eleanor leads Sandra’s Salver for the best female crew.

BL etc latest results
Jubilee Sailing Trust results
Sandra’s Salver latest

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Night Jar 12

A small fleet of nine boats took to the water on Thursday evening in a freshening SW wind and overcast skies. Nigel selected a course 0-9-A-1-B which was similar to the diamond set last week by Hazel.

There was little bias on the line but Dave & Lynn managed port on port in the GP to take an initial lead with Mike & Eric following. After a late get away due to a pre-start capsize, Joe moved the 300 into the lead.

All were finding the reach to 1 tight but it was spectacular with most boats getting on the plane. The increasing wind strength and the short legs were making crews work hard. Neil, in particular, was making the Radial move and was vying for third with John in the Merlin who had shrieking Sarah as crew. Next came Jon out with Kim in a Vision followed by Peter in a FR Laser.

With 10 minute laps and few gaps, the whole fleet were sent round for the full four laps which totally baffled Joe who was expecting the usual shortened course flag and he set off on another circuit!

The incidents came near the end with Paul’s Radial crashing in on the reach allowing Richard to move up a position in the Solo. Mike & Eric had the kite halyard jam at the final drop which brought them to a complete stop losing them a couple of places. As they were the evening’s chefs it was fortunate that Avril and Elaine were along to provide some extra hands.

Latest results

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Flying 15 Northern Travellers and Laser Open

A glorious forecast tempted some last minute entries for this weekends open meetings. The sun shone and the wind blew from the west (give or take the 30 deg swings!). The shifting conditions did create some chances, and misfortunes, throughout the afternoon, but generally the same sailors were at the front.

The Laser open was a one day event consisting of three races. After two races Tim Keighley from West Riding and Dave Lawson each had a 1st and a 2nd, so the overall result would depend the last race, of which Dave took command securing an all important 1st and the open meeting trophy., with Tim 2nd. Joe Roberts improved his results each race finishing 3rd overall while Jim Leach from Hollowell was 4th.

Even Flying 15 world championship winning partnership Steve Goacher and Tim Harper found the conditions challenging. In the first race Dave and Sally McKee from Dovestone were proving difficult to shake off, while in the second race Graham Kirkpatrick with a guest appearance from Alan Smith took an early lead, but were passed by Ian Campbell and Lezliann Pearson, and then missed the start gate so had to return and slipped further down the pack, but it was Simon Longstaff and Jon Denwood that would lead the fleet over the finish line.  The final race of the day, Steve led from start to finish to be overnight leader with Simon 2nd. On the last lap, surprisingly six boats rounded the wrong mark, and did not correct their error, giving Alan Jones the chance to record his best result of the day!

On Saturday evening, the F15 fleet celebrated Steve and Tim’s world championship win with a bbq and a few drinks, that for some continued through till dawn! Ah the joys of having onsite camping.

Sunday started overcast and lighter winds that were forecast to increase, which they did a little after racing started, but the shifty conditions continued, together with various holes that swallowed a couple of positions at different times. Steve, having plied his competition with drink the night before, quickly secured an impressive lead, and a guaranteed 1st overall in the open meeting, as Simon was one of those that lost a place to Andy Goddard from Dovestone, finishing 3rd and 2nd respectively.

In the final race of the day Dave and Sally McKee took a lead which Steve couldn’t penetrate despite being on their tail all the time. This boosted their overall position to 3rd behind Simon and Jon.

Photo slideshow

Laser open winner Dave Lawson with Commodore Robin Dawson

F15 Winners Steve Goacher and Tim Harper

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July Fleet Challenge 

This weekend was the first Fleet Challenge of the year, in which all classes of boat sail against each other. The weather, however, was not friendly with Saturday being cool, damp at times and a blustery south westerly wind. 

Sunday was a little warmer and slightly less windy. The fleet was also a little depleted as some members travelled to Ullswater to compete in the annual Lord Birkett trophy sailed over the full length of Ullswater. Mark Somerville and Joe Roberts in their RS400 did Bassenthwaite proud by finishing 21st out of the 230 entries.

Back at Bassenthwaite 14 craft competed in the Fleet Challenge. This was dominated by Dave and Lynn Lawson in their GP14 who, after handicap calculations were applied, won three of the four races to finish comfortably ahead of Val and Ken Bell also in a GP14. On Saturday Val and Ken practiced a new method of capsize recovery, keeping the spinnaker up while recovering and continuing on the reach!

On Thursday night it was the 10th round of the Night Jar series, The GP14 of Mike Fairlamb / Eric Smith won both the Fleet and personal Handicap categories.

Final results 

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Midsummer’s Day

An early start for the youth team racing at the Southport Junior 12 Hour race being managed by principal trainer Alex in an Enterprise that is holding together with some shackles and a bit of ‘bodging’ for a snapped shackle.

If conditions there were anything similar to the club, they will probably sleep soundly on the trip back home, as a gusty force 4 put some off, and tested a select group of sailors that all raced in the handicap fleet.

The testing conditions caused a few capsizes, and Dave Lawson to hit his head on his tiller! Dave was leading but headed to the wrong mark on a reach from 3, and he slipped back to 3rd on the water, and on handicap, behind Joe and Peter both in Laser Radials. Only five of the nine starters finished, and Dave/Lynn called it a day at that stage. The remaining four boats battled through the conditions, with Joe gaining a clear lead against Peter, which was lost after a spectacular capsize at one of the gybe marks, so Peter took the lead through to the finish, with Joe 2nd.

Well done to newcomer Jo, surviving another two races without mishap, and finishing the day with a smile on her face.

Latest results

Sunday started sunny and less windy than forecast, still no takers in the F15 fleet. With no competition in the slow handicap fleet Sandy and Douglas Simpson sailed their Mirror in the main handicap fleet securing a 1st ahead of James Moore in his Radial. 

The afternoon race was the RNLI pennant, but the course only took the fleet to mark 10, not that there weren’t any downdraughts to contend with! Banter Phil took his Skiff out in its second race, but too many capsizes had him chasing the fleet before he finally retired. Dave/Lynn generally led the fleet, though Rory/Eleanor in their F15 did get passed for a while before they had temporary gear failure. Overall it was the GPs that took the honours, with Dave 1st and Mike/Eric 2nd 

Eleanor leads Sandra’s Salver for the best female crew in the pennant races. 

BL latest results 

RNLI Pennant 

Sandra’s Salver latest

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Ullock Mug Weekend Series

The glorious weather has returned to offer what must have been the best sailing day of the season so far, with blue skies and 20C SW winds. 18 boats raced in shifty (nothing new there), and sometimes gusty conditions.

The F15s had some good racing with Ian/Lezliann getting to grips with a new cut genoa that took a couple of laps to set correctly up the beats to get the edge over Tim/Ian and take the win. In the second race, Ian pushed his luck claiming water at mark 4 and ended up doing a couple of turns, then had to fight back to successfully take the lead and win the race.

There was mixed fortunes in the GPs with a relatively close finish in the first race, won by Val/Ken, with Mike/Eric 2nd. Not sure what happened in the second race, but the boats were considerably more spread out, with Mike winning, and Alan/Sue 2nd.

Beginner Jo was keen to get a sail, and unexpectedly ended up racing in two races with Robbie D in the handicap fleet. To her surprise, there were no bumps, capsizes, or broaches! However, she did experience a general recall in the first race, somewhat unusual in club racing. Scumper was in his RS 100 and won on the water and on handicap, though in the second race Peter Whipp in a Laser was a very close 2nd by just 5 secs. Steve/Ruth took 2nd in thd te first race.

Sunday started off with the micro climate that is Bass doing its own thing. Westerly breeze at Bothel, north easterly on the lake, when it filled in. When the course was being set, the lake was sporting a northerly, but soon after some of the fleet rounded the windward mark, but gusts started from the west, and later continued to back to the SW! With no competition in the slow handicap fleet, Bean with Oliver raced with the handicap fleet and was only just pipped to the windward mark by Scumper! The excitement proved too much for Oliver and they subsequently retired. With the beat having disappeared following the windshift, and three races to get in, a shortish race seemed appropriate with the expectation of the wind bedding in over lunch.

The SW breeze, though somewhat shifty, held for the next two races, and it was strong enough for some good close, and spinnaker, reaches. Mike and Eric took 3 wins to win the McMillan Cup in the GPs, while Ian/Lezliann used a first and a second to win the Ullock Mug, with Neil, and a guest appearance from wife Judith, won the other two races in the F15.

Wins in the handicap fleet were shared between Ian Hall, Scumper, and Zefer, with Scumper winning the Grisedale Cup and Zefer 2nd.

Final results

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Votes of Thanks

Despite the weather bringing the racing to an abrupt halt, we had a successful, if somewhat busy, weekend that was appreciated by the competitors and their fleet co-ordinators.

Many thanks to you and all of your team for your hard work, both before and during the weekend, which made the event a success despite the limited amount of sailing possible. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved.

I have already had several messages from people saying how much they enjoyed the weekend.

The format of the weekend with several events worked well and is one we would like to repeat.

Peter Hadfield (NWJTT Coordinator)


On behalf of the Toppers can you pass on our thanks to everyone who helped including the Red Seal guys for a great weekend despite the wind.  

I thought the club had plenty of rescue cover manned by people who knew what they were doing and sorted out what could have been a difficult situation very well. 

The format of getting several junior fleets together to have a junior weekend is a great idea.  

Well done Bass.

Mark & Tom Platt


Thanks for holding the RS Tera Northern championships. Shame about the heavy wind but that couldn’t be helped.

Thank you and I hope you’ll be up for hosting the RS Tera Northern Championship next year. 

I also spoke to 2 NWJTT/Feva/Topper parents who gave high praise and said they loved the 2-day format as it allowed them to travel from Loch Lomond and the Midlands and make a weekend of it. Peter and Mark were also very complimentary of the weekend and it was clear to see the kids got a lot out of it not just on the water. I think the 2-day format boosted attendance because it plays to our strengths (location and hospitality) and our weakness (a long journey for some).

Sarah Armstrong (RS Tera North Coordinator)

Thank you to everyone who was able to spare some time to make it happen, and help its successful outcome.

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