Pushing the boat out

This weekend was the start of the RYA’s week long Push The Boat Out campaign to get more people on the water. Despite the damp start on Saturday there have been more than 100 visitors taking up the opportunity to get on to the water on wide ranging ways including rowing boats, kayaks, coracle, dinghies and catamaran.

Some enjoyed it so much they’ll be back tomorrow with their friends!

Club racing continued to demonstrate what we’re all about, not that the weather conditions were particularly appropriate. The wind was light, and shifting, but with the risk of it fading altogether the OD opted to try and get at least one race in. The race started in light conditions and soon shifted making the beat very one sided, but the next leg became a beat! After 15 mins the wind began to fill in from the west, enabling a second lap to be sailed.

The course was altered for the 2nd race to suit the strengthening westerly, and the fleets enjoyed some good racing for the best part of an hour. Zefer sailed with Stephen in Scumper’s 400, but they went for a brief swim so struggled to pull away from Joan/Jack who sailed in the handicap fleet as other GPs were away at the Inlands. A collision between Neil and Tim resulted in a hole in Tim’s transom. Jonathan Anson practiced his capsize skills three times before retiring.

Neil/Toggle took two wins in the F15s, while Jim/James did the same in the slow handicap fleet. Ian Hall and Joan/Jack each had a win in the fast handicap fleet.

Latest results

Sunday started with white horses across the bay, but the wind eased, and then gustspassed through from time to time. There was a lack of takers for club racing so it was postponed just in case anyone was interested in the afternoon pennant.

Meanwhile, visitors interested in the Push the Boat Out campaign continued to turn up and take to the water. Conditions deteriorated so some visitors endured unplanned capsizes (no, Alastair wasn’t helming!) – hopefully it didn’t mar their experience too much!

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2015 05 10 19.54.16
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With the wind increasing, the sailing boats were brought ashore and fun continued in rowing boats kayaks, etc., and club racing was abandoned for the day, though the pennant race will be sailed in the near future.

Thank you to everyone that helped tirelessly throughout the weekend to let over 180 visitors feel welcome and experience our sport.

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