Whit Bank Holiday 2019

The weekend started with this year’s Push the Boat Out open day which was well attended by approx 100 visitors, and gave many of them the opportunity to take to the water in the best of the day’s weather.

There were events running throughout the day including mini olympics, hula hooping, and rock painting.

Racing took place in the afternoon. Although the wind backed through the afternoon, the beats were maintained but there were various light areas to test helms.

In the F15s, Mike/Kayla and Neil/Judith each had a 1st and 2nd. Dave/Lynn took two wins from Val/Ken in the GPs. The Handicap fleet had wins for Zefer in a Laser and Scumper in RS100, though Stan in his Solo split the pair in the last race.

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Sunday was overcast, showery, some of which were heavy, with a force 4-5 and occasional strong squalls passing through. Crews seemed reluctant to venture out, but 15 boats made it to the start, though some did capsize on their way out. There were several capsizes throughout the day, and combined with the windy conditions, numbers sailing declined as the day went on.

It was good to see three juniors racing, for one race at least. Hannah turtled her Tera soon after the start, but once up again, she battled on to complete the race which was won by Andy/Lily in their Mirror, and leads the series. Mike/Kayla won the 1st race, but Simon/Jon turned out for the afternoon races, and won them both. With three races to count, Mike is the overnight leader.

Dave/Lynn took another couple of wins, but Mike/Ken as their only competition capsizing in the second race, there were no takers in the final race of the day. In the Handicap fleet, Bean/Na won the 1st race in their RS200 but didn’t race after lunch. Scumper and Zefer opted to have a blast in Lasers rather than their RS400. Joe, with a Radial rig, leads the series with a 1st and two 2nds, from Scumper with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

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The wind should ease by the morning for the final two races, but it’s unlikely to be the sunniest bank holiday Monday on record with rain forecast to return.

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Night Jar 5

It was a superb evening with a cloudless sky.  But the west wind was a little chilly and stronger than of late.  Several crews who had signed on thought better of going out but there were still seventeen starters to tackle the 0-9-B-4 course.

The line was starboard biased and James & Jenny’s 2000 got stuffed the wrong side of the Bates by Tog who was then first up the beat.  In the GPs Val & Ken were well up and ahead of Mike & Eric but later dropped back, Val doubtless thinking more about food as she was the evening’s chef!  Harry in his Aero went for a couple of brief swims.

With its large kite it didn’t take the 2000 long to move back to the front of the fleet and get engaged in a battle for the lead on the water with John’s Solo and Eric / Remy in the FF.

Matthew’s Tera was the first finisher on 2 laps although Paul’s Topper beat him on PH this week.

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Shifty Saturday

Saturday started with some more junior sailing practice, followed by the final two races in the Asymmetric Cup and MJM series.

With a light SW breeze, a simple windward/leeward course was set (despite there being only one asymmetric boat sailing). All was well until the start of the second lap when there was a major shift to the NW which refused to swing back so the fleet enjoyed numerous points of sailing on a two leg course!

The start line was repositioned to suit the NW wind for the next race but started backing to the W even through the start sequence, such that some boats struggled to cross the line on starboard, and two GPs were caught OCS of which only AJ returned. A triangular course helped reintroduce a one sided beat into the course, but with the wind easing the race was kept short.

Steve/Ruth in a Merlin, and John in a Solo, shared the honours each getting a 1st and 2nd on handicap. Zefer in a Laser took 3rd in the final race to tie on points with Steve/Ruth, but counting two 1sts meant the tie was broken in Zefer’s favour.

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Sunday started overcast with a light SW breeze, though the shifts were not as drastic as Saturday. As the day went on the wind freshened, as well as warmed up, and the sun came out.

There was a capsize at a gybe mark in each race, and Steve’s main halyard gave way in the afternoon race leading to his retirement, but not much else of note. Mike/Kayla won both F15 races ahead of Angus/Mike. There was only one race for the GPs which was won by Joan/Jack with AJ/Sue 2nd. Steve won the morning Handicap race from newly married Rich Critchley in a Solo, with Stan in a Solo taking 1st place fromPaul in a Laser in the afternoon race.

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Next Saturday we are hosting PTBO which is an RYA inspired event to promote sailing and sailing clubs. We need volunteers to make this event a success. Huge thanks to those of you already signed up to help. Lots of people staying very quiet but don’t be afraid to lend a hand. The club runs on volunteers’ efforts.

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Night Jar 4

Bass’ unique weather system kicked in this week.  There was little wind to the west or north but a real Helm Wind at Bass.  This put a few crews off launching but Harry brought the Aero down for a run out.  Unfortunately the rigging needed some sorting so he was late to the line.

The course was 5-1-0 so there was a long dead run which kept the GP crews busy with multiple gybes. The Solos of John and Tog were ocs at the start leaving Rory to uphold their honour.  AJ & Sue were first round the windward mark but Val & Ken got through by delaying their tack for the line at the end of lap 1.  Eric & his new French crew in their FF were first on the water by this time.

Andy was fixing his Mirror’s bailer so Katia launched a Tera to take on Matthew. She just lost out but they took the two lead places on PH.

This week’s evening’s meal was provided by James & Jenny.

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Sunshine All The Way

Wall to wall sunshine, and a stronger than expected NW wind, made for good sailing conditions on Saturday. As last week, the wind was regularly swinging to keep helms on their toes. Frustratingly, just as the start sequence got underway, the wind dropped, but fortunately, returned before the start.

There were 11 boats over two fleets. Dave/Lynn won both races in the GPs, with Val/Ken 2nd. In the Handicap fleet, Steve/Ruth in a Merlin led the fleet from Hugh in a Vareo, and Tog/Joanie in a RS200 in both races, but, on handicap, Hugh won both races by about 30 secs, with Steve 2nd in the first race, and Tony in a Solo 2nd in the next race despite having to return for being OCS at the start.

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Sunday was blessed with more sunshine but the wind forecast was not good. Although the turbines at Bothel were not moving at all, the lake had ripples to the north and south of the bay with a large calm patch in between! Several sailors were getting itchy feet hanging around, so despite AJ’s wish to have an early lunch, racing did get underway belatedly when the NW breeze filled in a bit. With the risk of a sea breeze filling in, and the wind backing more to the SW, a course was set with two potential beats (3-2, and 4-B). The wind filled in as the race went on, and there were some big shifts to contend with. AJ the first lap AJ was had a good 2nd, but it all went to pot thereafter and he slipped back to 4th. Dave/Lynn too the honours, with Joan/Jack 2nd.

In the handicap fleet, Phil/Oliver took 1st place in a RS200 from Mike in his Streaker.

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The afternoon race was the Albert Bates Retirement Trophy pennant race. Fearing the wind may do its worst beyond Scarness, the fleet were just sent as far as 10 and then back up. As it turned out, they had a good spinnaker leg down, and a fetch back up, with little in the way of painful down draughts to contend with. The GPs were the strongest fleet taking the first three places, led by Dave/Lyn then Val/Ken in the best winds of the weekend.

Albert Bates Retirement Trophy results

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Night Jar 3

An overcast afternoon with a light but bitter E wind (3 degrees on the car thermometer) put many of the Thursday regulars off and there were only thirteen starters this week.

The course was A-9-0-1 which included two beam reaches and a run suiting the GPs. Val / Ken led at the windward mark but, to the helm’s frustration, Joan / Jack and Mike / Eric pulled through. With AJ / Sue next up we had a quartet of GP’s in the lead positions thereafter.  Rory’s Solo had been battling with Tony’s Laser and Neil’s Radial complete with experimental sail but he had pulled ahead by the finish on 3 laps.

The Somerville family were out again but this time Matthew’s Tera got the better of Cameron’s Oppy.  They completed 2 laps to finish first and third on PH.

Marathon John was on food duty and all appreciated a warm meal in a warm clubhouse.

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May Day Bank Holiday

Saturday started off with some sail training for the juniors before racing got underway for the Paul Carruthers Memorial Trophy, a handicap series for all fleets, and the start of the three day Catapult Open for which there are eight entrants. The northerly wind was bitterly cold, and a lot lighter than forecast, with a hint of rain.

In the first race the the wind eased as the fleets started the second lap, so the OD raced up the course to stop the race, but it was another half hour before all boats finished. Scumper/Zefer in their replacement RS400 were first to finish, and won on Handicap with Commodore Naomi in a Mirror taking 2nd place, cheered on by son Oliver in the Committee boat.

The wind filled in again and held for the next race. Scumper led the fleet again, but with Steve/Ruth in a Merlin on his tail, they were close enough to win on handicap, with Dave/Lynn in a GP 2nd. Though Scumper and Dave both had 5 points, the tie was broken in Scumper’s favour as he had won the first race.

Final results Paul Carruthers Memorial Trophy

Racing was postponed for a short while on Sunday morning due to several calm patches across the lake. The wind filled in enough to start proceedings by 12.30. The wind continually varied in strength, and swung, throughout the day. There were opportunities to plane on some reaches occasionally, but they were the exception, and had to be enjoyed/taken advantage whenever possible.

The varied conditions did mix some positions up, as did five handicap boats being OCS in the 2nd race, of which only three returned. A challenging days racing, with the final two races tomorrow, resulted in the following overnight leaders – Simon/Jon in the F15s, Dave/Lynn in GPs, Robin/Erin in Handicap, Andy in Slow Handicap

The evening’s entertainment started with a pie and pea supper followed by a race night.

Monday’s forecast was not at all encouraging in terms of there being sufficient wind to sail, a light wind across the lake was enough to get the fleets on the water and racing underway. The Catapult fleet were first on the water, and rather than make them wait for club boats, a course was set and their race started. By the time club racing started the wind had swung as it strengthened a little, but didn’t swing back until the final lap, so they had to put up with fetches instead of beats for a while.

Despite having to return for being over the line at the Slow Handicap start, Bean/Oliver quickly caught up lost ground to take the lead and win the race from brother Andy/Lily.

During the lunch break there was a prize giving for the Catapult Open which was won by Gareth Ede, with John Terry 2nd. Gareth’s father Stuart won on personal handicap basis.

The final club race was a bit of a formality in that winners of each fleet had already been determined after four races. However, it didn’t stop the Smith brotherly rivalry in the Slow Handicap fleet, as they endured some close racing, including trying to luff each other way off course. Andy took the lead at the final mark to reinforce his lead in the series.

In the GPs, AJ tried his hardest to squeeze Mike/Eric the wrong side of the Bates at the start, only to sail himself between the Bates and the inner distance mark, snagging on and snapping its mooring warp! Needless to say, by the time he had corrected his error, Mike was well up the beat!

Tog had a flying start in the Handicap fleet as he tacked onto port and sail up the right hand side of the course only for the wind to strengthen on the left hand side, favouring the rest of the fleet! Emma’s tiller extension broke away with half a lap to go, but she persevered to finish.

The final winners were as overnight, Simon/Jon won the F15 Jak Pot, Dave/Lynn the GP Lyne Tankard, Robin/Erin the May Holiday Trophy, and Andy/Lily the Peel Pot.

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Night Jar 2 – 2nd May 19

It was one of those evenings when even the seasoned sailors couldn’t work out the wind direction. It started SW and ended NE. The OD went for a diamond course A-B-5-4 in an area where the wind had filled in – to a degree.

Again there was a super turnout of 21 boats. From the heavily starboard biased startline John & Jenny in the L2000 got away first but, rounding the windward mark it was the GPs to the fore with Mike & Eric battling out front with Val & Ken. But, by the end of the crawl to B, the single handers had taken up the running.

Then it became a lottery and, as the vespers filed in from the North, Neil took the initiative in his Laser. With wind astern the slower boats benefitted first and Matthew’s Feva, Andy’s Mirror and Cameron’s Oppy all appeared to move up.

The OD wisely went for a single lap race. Neil was first over the line followed by marathon-man Reekie in the Solo and Dave & Lynn in the GP. Don’t ask me who followed? It was a boat a second – and I was shouting the times!

Kayla was on food duty and all were ready and waiting for her offerings.

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MJM/Asymmetric Cup

After a turnout of 20 boats on Thursday evening, was it the lack of one of AJ’s meals on offer, or the long term forecast of 40kt gusts that put sailors off on Saturday as there were only 4 helms turned up, of which only two decided to race (and neither were Asymmetrics)?

The weather was a little showery at times, but the winds were perfectly sailable at force 2-3, and less than the updated forecast. Steve/Ruth in a Merlin, and Zefer in a Laser, both had clean starts. Steve led the racing, there were no capsizes, but on handicap Zefer secured two wins to lead the series.

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Sunday morning was clear with a slightly milder light breeze from the west. 17 boats raced over the four fleets. In the Slow Handicap fleet Mik was recalled for being OCS at the start, but Phil/Oliver took no chances and returned as well, not that it did Phil much harm as he started again on a good shift that had him in front of wife Naomi within a couple of mins!

Although the windward mark was slightly shadowed by the shoreline, despite being moved further into the lake, the lead boats completed the first lap in just over 15 mins. However, the wind shadow around 4 quickly expanded, and the rate of progress eased dramatically such that the race was shortened before the next lap was completed, with the gap between first and last boats to finish being more than 35 mins.

The wind didn’t settle down after lunch, and although an attempt was made to set a course, the shifting and fickle airs were not steady enough to put on another race, so racing was cancelled for the day.

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Night Jar 1 – 25 April 19

A thunder storm was rolling around the hills in the late afternoon so there is was a   question mark on whether we would have boats on the water and a race start.

But it was ok at Bass with a light southerly and we had twenty starters.  Mind you, the Somervilles and Smiths had six boats between them Mark in the 100 was instructing Cameron in the Oppy while Matthew was doing his own thing in a Feva. Andy, with Lily as crew, were up against Katia in a Topper and Mother in one of the Powell Streakers (Don’t ask!).

The OD set a 1-9 beat followed by A-B-1.  John’s Solo and James & Jenny’s 200 were the first pair of boats to round the windward mark and contested the first couple of legs with Neil’s Laser, Joan & Jack’s GP and Mike’s Streaker next up at the end of lap 1.

With the skies darkening and the weather closing in, the OD decided to finish a handful of boats after the first lap.  These included Barbara in the Radial although she decided to carry on and complete the second lap.

The GP had made up considerable ground and was the first boat to finish on 2 laps.  Neil also made up a place with other lead positions being unchanged. Richard Hughes amongst others, put in a good performance in his elderly Radial.

Susie, with AJ’s hindrance, had delicious food ready for each crew as they completed their stowing and changing.

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