Easter Bank Holiday

The long bank holiday break started on Friday and focussed on getting plenty of kids on the water on both Friday and Saturday, especially as there was plenty of sunshine with light winds.

Despite mixed winds earlier in the day, the wind settled to the NW just in time for Saturday’s racing for the fleet of 26 boats. Keith Thomas seized the opportunity to sail when Sally offered her services; shame he didn’t quite get the spinnaker rigged properly before the first race!

Halfway through the second race the wind started to veer to the north, and then it faded for half an hour before filling in from the west, and consequently the handicap results were put into disarray somewhat.

Mike/Kayla won both races from Ian/Lezliann in the F15s, while in the GPs Dave/Lynn had two 1sts from Joan/Jack and AJ/Sue  who each had a 2nd and a 3rd. Bean/Oliver won the first slow handicap race with Paul Allen 2nd.

In the handicap fleet, the Solos of John Reekie and Stan Barton led the first race, while Alex/Caroline in a RS400 won with Mik in a Mirror 2nd.

Latest MG Series results

In the evening there was an outdoor bring and eat in the back field followed by a game of rounders!

Easter Sunday started with and Easter egg hunt for the kids, and the weather delivered more sunshine and stronger winds from the west for the start of the weekend series of which three races would be sailed. Shortly after the start of the morning race the wind veered a little towards the north, causing the beat to be very one sided, and one of the tight reaches into a fetch which made it very difficult to pass other boats.

In the strong fleet of seven F15s Simon/Jon took the lead and held on to it ahead of Scumper/Zefer. Dave/Lynn took another win with Joan/Jack 2nd. Rich Critchley won the Handicap race in a Solo, with Steve/Ruth 2nd. In the Slow Handicap fleet, more junior sailors were encouraged to race increasing the fleet to nine boats with Optimists, extra Mirrors, a Tera and a Topper, but it was Rob/Elizabeth Cook that took the honours.

After lunch the wind was reinforced a little with a sea breeze for the final two, somewhat eventful, races of the day.

  • Simon/Jon were premature starters
  • Jonathan/Henry christened their RS200 with a capsize
  • Mike/Kayla had to do turns for Banter
  • Dave/Lynn gave the GP fleet a head start (but still went on to win!)
  • Emma got her course muddled and sailed with the Slow Handicap (in a Streaker)
  • Paul/Jude were sailed into the shadows of Sale Fell by some F15s
  • Mik raced without the aid of a kicking strap

Overnight leaders are Simon in the F15s, Dave in the GPs, Hugh in the Handicap, and Rob in the Slow Handicap

Monday was forecast to have the best sailing wind of the weekend, and on arrival there was a good southerly blowing which had various crews digging out their dry suits for a potential sail down the lake.

The OD opted to play it safe for the morning race and set a beat to 8. Soon after the start sequence commenced the wind was easing, so it was a slow first beat for everyone, but it did fill in again only to ease again after the F15s started the next lap. The split wind gave Scumper/Zefer a chance to go the opposite side of the beat to leaders Simon/Jon, and they took the lead when the wind caught them first.

As far as the F15s were concerned, there was everything to sail for in the final race which is partially why there was a port/starboard incident on the start line causing both Simon and Scumper to be doing turns! Simon ended up doing another set of turns for colliding with Ian. By the windward mark Mike/Kayla were in the lead, but Simon was ahead of Scumper, and stayed there to the end to win the series on count back.

The Slow Handicap fleet sailed a a smaller course that was shortened just before the other fleets rounded zero, though some of the other boats thought it was their finish too!

The afternoon winds held, and there were some good reaches to be enjoyed. A great way to finish the long weekend.

Some consistent sailing in the other fleets had wins in both races for Hugh in the Handicap fleet, Dave/Lynn in the GPs, and Andy/Lily in the Slow Handicap, and they all won their series trophies.

Final Easter Series results

Don’t forget that Thursday evening Night Jar series starts this week at 19:15 on 25th April. Catering will be available as usual. If you’re able to cater one evening please contact Alan Jones.

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Great North Asymmetric Challenge 2019

With Easter being late this year, GNAC is being held early, for which there was a fleet of 27 boats. Although the sun was shining, the cooler than usual, and stronger than forecast SE breeze put a few competitors off sailing. Those that sailed enjoyed some spectacular reaches, and several suffered capsizes to boot!

Four races were sailed back to back, which took its toll energy wise, and the numbers in each race decreased. Only one general recall, so no need for any black flags. The conditions suited the faster RS400s, led by Richard Catchpole and Gary Coop from Leigh and Lowton, which take up the first two places overnight, but Alastair and Evie Coates, also from Leigh and Lowton, had a brilliant afternoon in their RS Feva and are holding 3rd place overnight.

Sunday was neither as sunny, nor as windy generally, but there were again strong gusts of wind to add to the excitement to the offwind legs, and they seemed especially vicious on the beat at times. There were more capsizes, and numerous changes of position, and race winners, throughout the remaining four races, but overnight leaders Richard Catchpole and Gary Coop, through their consistent sailing, continued to top the leaderboard and win the series overall.

Alastair and Evie Coates led the slower handicap boats finishing a creditable 4th overall.

Overall winners Richard Catchpole and Gary Coop

Final results

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Spring into Action

Sun and a cool northerly breeze kept a fleet of 16 boats sailing for the first two races in the Barf Trophy and Spring Cup long series.

At the front of the fleet, Alex/Caroline in an RS400 and Steve/Ruth in a Merlin, had some close racing, while Ian/LezliAnn in a F15 were able to keep in the mix on handicap. Some of the beats proved to be a bit shifty and fluky to keep helms on their toes, but no one has yet claimed the first capsize of the season!

Steve won both races on handicap, with Ian 2nd in the first race and Alex 2nd in the second race, while in the GPs Dave/Lynn won both races with Mike/Eric taking 2nd place.

Latest results

Sunday was overcast but with a stronger NE breeze, a direction which results in the shoreline near Armathwaite Hall creating light shifty airs. Fortunately there were no major positions lost to such challenging conditions, though treasure Mike Cave did claim the badge for the first capsize of the season. AJ/Sue got off to a flying start and were first to the windward mark, but it was not to last as Dave/Lynn pulled through to the lead taking the first win in the Mustard Pot with AJ 2nd. In the Handicap fleet, Stan in his Solo earned his first win of the season head of Robin/Erin in an RS200 in the Dodd Trophy.

Latest results

The afternoon race was in aid of the Eric Twiname Trust, and typically sailed around the lake. With mark 11 hastily laid over the lunch break, at least the race would take the fleet around most of the lake. An incident just after the start resulted in three boats forming a raft; Neil Garrison accepted fault and did a 720. Dave/Lynn in their GP took an early lead but were passed by the Merlin and F15 on the next beat. The NE breeze looked promising for the next leg, a long reach from 3 to 11, and Steve/Ruth in the Merlin started to pull out a good lead as they sailed out of the Armathwaite shore shadow, however, as they approached the narrows, the wind quickly dropped with what turned out to be an opposing southerly wind. The conditions proved flukey and challenging for more than half an hour until the fleet reached the southerly breeze. With a risk of the return route being equally challenging, the race was shortened at mark 11. Although Steve had broken free from the rest of the fleet again, the bunching around Scarness Bay had done him no favours, and it was Dave that won on handicap, with Joe 2nd and Steve 4th. Lynn takes the lead in Sandra’s Salver for the best female crew in the pennant races

Eric Twiname Trust Pennant results
Sandra’s Salver latest

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Our first open meeting is being held in a couple of weekends on 13/14 April.

All competitors & members are welcome to join us for a two course meal in the Clubhouse at 7pm on Saturday 13 April. To assist with catering which is being provided by Harry’s Kitchen (Keswick) can you please book tickets and indicate your choices on WebCollect before Thursday 11th April.

The choices are Steak Pie or a Cheese & Leek Quiche followed by Apple & Raspberry Crumble.

The cost is £10 per person.

After the meal there will be an “Old Skool Games Night”

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Starter’s Prize

There was a good turnout of members on Saturday to finalise preparations for the new season that coincided with the start of British Summer Time. The day finished with tea and cake to chat with and greet new members.

Sunday welcomed a fleet of 21 boats for the Starter’s Prize with some sunshine, and a light southerly.

With the sun over the yardarm, and having successfully got racing underway, the starting crew raised a glass of rum and coke in honour of Herb.

Alex/Jo in a RS400 broke away to lead the fleet through to the finish, but with the wind backing to the east, the course fell into Skiddaw’s shadow for a while, until the forecast easterly settled in just as Alex was finishing! On handicap Bean/Naomi and Robin/Erin in RS200s took 1st and 2nd places with Alex 3rd.

The wind was somewhat fickle and unsettled after lunch. Into the 2nd lap the wind disappeared for a while, but did return with some gusto for the finish. On handicap, the GPs of Andy/Phil and AJ/Sue were 1st and 2nd ahead of Bean/Naomi who won the series.

Final results

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Ready? Set?

The 2019 sailing season is upon us, and will start 1130am this Sunday 31st March.

Why not pop along on Saturday, give a helping hand with some final preparations, and then greet and get to know some of our newer members in the afternoon?

Don’t forget that with British Summer Time starting on Sunday the clocks will go forward one hour, so the first race is sooner than you may have realised!

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Great North Asymmetric Challenge

Although our season has not yet started, preparations for our first open meeting are all in hand.

This year’s GNAC is being held on 13/14 April, eight windward leeward races scheduled, and entries are now open at via WebCollect

Early entries benefit from a £10 discount so don’t delay too long!

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More love in the air

Congratulations to Phil Hodgkins and Sarah Wilkinson following their wedding at the weekend.

They have both been invited to give a talk on sailing on Radio Cumbria on Thursday (21/2) at around 6.30pm

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Getting Out There

As a preamble to the season, Mik has sent an article to the local press which should be published this weekend by the Cumberland News. The article is aimed at promoting us to new members, so please help spread the word and point friends and colleagues in the direction of the Cumberland News.

Don’t forget that the deadline for contributions to the next edition of Foxy Tales is just a week away. Mik is always keen to accept further copy if you can pen something while it’s in your mind.

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Love in the air?

Frankie Mensah is a Producer at Boundless Productions who are making a second series of the BBC Two Show Love in The Countryside. They’re looking for town and city dwellers who want to leave behind the rat race, find love and share a new life in the countryside.

They have a lovely lady who enjoys outdoor pursuits and Are looking for some outgoing active men in their late 50’s early 60’s who might be interested in dating her?


 Frankie Mensah  Casting Producer

A: 1 Stephen Street, London W1T 1AL

T: 0207 691 5673

E: [email protected]

W: www.boundlessproductions.tv

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