Year: 2003

GP 14 Masters – (4000+ years of experience on the water at once?!)

The GP14 Masters got off to a brilliant start on Saturday (apart from two general recalls!) with good winds, courses and excellent racing.Bridget got her nibbles out again on Friday, and then it was Elaine’s turn on Saturday (in celebration

Handicap/Laser/Mirror Open

The sun shone and many visitors had an excellent weekend’s racing with a fantastic backdrop of Skiddaw. Some even had the energy to dance the night away at the disco. The racing was close enough such that the handicap and

Swimming with an Osprey

Well that’s what David Heal and Blackburn were doing during the Jimmy Lancaster Memorial Race on Sunday afternoon. David was pleased to be trying out the spinnaker in his Osprey, but mark 4 got the better of the pair each

Flying 15 Open – All Change!

On Saturday, the hot sunny weather with a good southerly breeze to boot was looking extremely promising. The OD, who vowed to start on time, had to delay matters when the effects of a sea breeze started to put his

Spice up your life!

The GP14s were at Derwent Reservoir this weekend in the North West Area Championships. Again, we had some excellent results with Bean and Toggle securing 2nd overall, Telf and Smithster 4th, and Neil Currie with Scumper 8th. At the club,

More wind!

The weather forecast again put many off venturing out for a sail. However, those that did had many thrills and spills. With Rich and Philip Hodgkins running rings around their parents in Saturday’s racing, Bridget had had enough and buried

Weekend Update

Bass GPs continued to fly the flag at Bolton last weekend – 3rd Telf and Smithster, 5th Bean and Toggle, 10th Robin and Scumper. Meanwhile, high winds at the club depleted the fleets. Weekend results: ALBERT BATES RETIREMENT TROPHY PN

Fleet Challenge

With a strong contingent from the GP14 fleet taking on the challenge on the vageries of Windermere, club racing comprised a four race all fleet challenge series whereby finishing times are adjusted on a fleet handicap basis. Sunday morning racing

Easter (Egg) Blow Out

As everyone looked forward to a continuance of the barmy spring weather over the Easter break, they were in for a bit of a shock. The airs cooled on Friday, increased on Saturday, eased a little on Sunday, and brought

All or Nothing

While the GP fleet went away en masse to the Scottish Area Championships at Annandale, it left a select few at the club to compete for the Celebrity Glass Trophy. Another glorious weekend, but the lake was mirror like at