Month: May 2005

Wind of Change

Saturday started off with so much winfd (not a spelling mistake!) that no-one was prepared to take their own boats out. However, it didn’t stop the younger generation (and Toggle) from trialling out the alternate BSC (Bathenswaite Swimming Club). With

Flying Fifteen Inland Championship

The Flying Fifteen Inland Championship was held at Bassenthwaite Sailing Club on 4/5 June. 32 boats came from as far afield at Loch Earn in Scotland and Bala in Wales. Saturday saw moderate westerly winds with a few testing gusts

Celebrity Glass Trophy

After heavy overnight rain had cleared, the sun came out with the wind was from an ominous south westerly direction. Alan Nicholson was first to fall foul to one of the sudden windshifts, and capsized before racing started. Roy and

The Things People Do

Some people will do anything to get a mention. How about the young boy’s ball that is kicked on to the lake and drifting away on the off shore breeze. Good Samaritan tries to retrieve it but can’t reach, so

More Wind!

Saturday started out blustery, and seemed to get worse as the afternoon went on. John Crosby and John Halliday, both in RS400s, capsized before reaching the start area. Shortly after the start, the wind picked up, the rain and hail

Home Grown Talent

Congratulations to Pete Lawson and Dennis Swain on finishing 4th in the May bank holiday weekend’s Enterprise Inland Championship at Rutland Water What a Weekend! Saturday started off with plenty of sunshine, but a lack of wind. Bridget was the