Month: September 2005

Brain Cell on Offer!

At Ullswater YC’s RS open meeting on Saturday, three members ventured down to brave some strong winds only to sit in the eye of the storm all day. The wind came and went from time to time, and the short

Indian Summer

Sun and wind – what more could you want? Even the water isn’t too cold for those of us that ended up in it! Saturday’s racing concluded the Dodd Trophy for the handicap fleet, and OD Rich Hodgkins set simple,


Wedding bells will be resounding for another happy couple sometime in the future  – congratulations to Mark Somerville and Kirsty Nixon on their recent engagement. An impromptu party took place on Saturday evening, that left a few people somewhat jaded on

There’s Those That Can…

Although Saturday started off muggy but overcast, a slight breath of wind was sufficient for the OD to gets the boats on the water. In the time it took to set the line and get the boats out, the wind