Year: 2007

Christmas Spirit

As the end of the year approaches, the last party of the season, and probably most well attended(!) took place in the clubhouse last weekend – The Christmas Party! – there was a buffet, plenty of games, some dancing and

In the News

Find out what you may not have known about long standing club member Ian Macpherson from a recent local newspaper article WHATEVER FLOATS HIS BOAT

Hang ‘Em High

Have we had some members mis-behaving? Is it to do with getting out those Christmas baubles and keeping them out of reach of the family pet? No, it’s related to another addition to the Preston / Kirkpatrick family! ‘Barley Wine‘

Winter’s Here!

Just as well the sailing season’s over. As you can see from the webcam, the weather has not been too inviting. There’s snow on the top of Skiddaw, and the few boats left by the lake are at risk of

Birthday Girl

Oh yes, it had to happen. Another birthday for Kayla. I know you should never reveal a lady’s age, so I’ll make an exception this time and won’t! However, the clue might be in her email address kayla1967.So many congratulations,


At this year’s AGM Steve Hunt was re-elected Commodore for his second year in office. For the full list of council members click here. It will be noted that we still need someone to be responsible for the running of

Adieu, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

Unfortunately, today was boatman Josh’s last day at the club before he goes and gets a proper job with the big boys! He’s been with us a couple of years, and he’ll be missed by one and all.

It’s All Over

The winds were somewhat more moderate for the final race of the season. There were 10 takers, although the competition was only between the Commodore and Barry Lancaster. Steve and Ruth had to get 4th or better to beat Barry,

That Age Old Question

How many lakes in the Lake District? Find out if the BBC Two QI panel know with this link (select Ep10 – Alan Davies)

Birthday Boy

Yes Toggle has reached one of those key milestones in life. Three score year and ten I hear you ask – No. The first half century – surprisingly no! It had to be the big 40 – many congratulations. At