Year: 2007

November Series

Yes, it’s November. Sunday only racing on a personal handicap basis. For the first weekend, Steve Hunt and Ruth Critchley mastered the light winds, and despite having their handicap amended for the 2nd race (well doctored!), they secured two wins

Weekend Series

The final championship series of the year is being sailed this weekend. At a thank you dinner for Council members there was an opportunity for some dirty tactics between the key helms in the Mirror fleet to try and make

Pete Goes Brazilian?!

I’m aware that some of you have been following the race on the website and have even contributed. I thought it worth putting down how I feel and sharing it while it’s fresh. So thanks for your interest and support.

FF Team Racing

For various reasons there has been a disappointing turnout for this year’s team racing. With three boats from Derwent that expected to race as a team, they were split up and teamed randomly with one of the other competitors. On

Sign of Things to Come?

Just received these photos of a long term project by Trustee Graham Kirkpatrick that was finally completed earlier this year. Obviously still drawn by the Flying 15s which he sailed for many years, he can be seen crossing the part

Windless Weekend

Plenty of sun, glorious views of the lake, somewhat obscured bye a wandering spider (on the webcam), but no wind was what greeted sailors on Saturday. Ah well, you can’t have everything! Surprisingly the a light breeze did fill in

Don’t Forget to Read the Instructions!

and don’t get caught if you do, which is what happened to Andy T. Having just bought a Laser Vago the instructions were out to determine how to rig it. Stephen Kirkpatrick and T took it out for their 1st

Macarthur Park Pete

  Here’s a snap taken the day before the start of the Clipper race on ‘Liverpool 08’. Sadly (for Pete) Dame Ellen Macarthur is not part of the crew!The 10 yachts are currently heading away from the coast of Portugal

Weekend Series

Saturday – What a glorious day for sailing – T-shirt, shorts and sun cream (well for William at least), though there seemed to be a multitude of capsizes including the Commodore. With the wind coming in a SSW direction over

2 out of 10 – Must Try Harder!

Although of naturally modest and unassuming nature – I feel that the widest possible circulation is necessary to draw attention to the above result. With a northerly gale behind us we wizzed down the Irish sea – one other boat