Year: 2008

Christmas Comes But Once a Year…

…and when it does Santa gets an invite to the Bass children’s party. A fresh layer of snow meant he could again land on Skiddaw and get a lift across the lake in a dory using Rudolph’s nose to show

Top Dog

Following the 57th AGM, Dave Nicholson has been elected Commodore. – full list of council members can be found here Following much discussion it was agreed to alter the championship points awarded for weekend series to be double that of

Aren’t we privileged?!

Don’t you feel privileged to enjoy such wonderful scenery as this? The two pictures show it’s not just a fluke!

What a way to go!

The forecast for the day implied that sailing might have been over for the season before any happy sailors turned up, but surprisingly the conditions were quite enticing – sunshine and a decent WNW breeze. Seven boats made it to

Up and Coming Star!?

What’s that all about – something to do with Christmas? Not quite. Who could it be? You guessed it, none other than our own Sam Hall won the Up and Coming Star award at the recent Cumbria Youth Sports awards.

Guided by the Light….

The morning started off wonderfully clear, with no wind. Not very good for sailing! However, some clouds moved in together with a light north westerly breeze. Perhaps it would settle down for a good days sailing? The wind did fill

All Dressed Up…

Have the storms passed through – uncertain. The forecast is not quite as breezy as was being forecast yesterday, but the conditions still seem challenging! Perhaps the rescue crews had a whiff of the forecast, as they’d either slept in

Youth Squad Prize Giving

As a prelude to the bonfire night celebrations, the first prize giving for the youth squad was held this evening Vice Commodore Dave Nicholson gave a short speech outlining the (short) history of the squad, and prizes were given out

Back to Normality

What a glorious day for a sail. The wind didn’t always rise to the occasion but when it did some boats were able to plane for a short while. Mike Moore suggested there were elements of skill and elements of

RYA Regatta

There was a Mini Regatta at Derwentwater on 22 October which was an adventure what with the strong winds and freezing temperatures! The kids did really well just to go out and most seemed to love the experience and are