Month: March 2008

They’re Off!

  The Youth Squad has taken to the water for their first race much to Rhonwen’s delight! The winds were a bit on the blustery side, there were some spills but many thrills. There were six boats that left the

You Just Wouldn’t Believe It!

After a glorious morning the forecast came true! Rain greeted sailors as they arrived for the afternoon race, and the wind freshened from the South. T wasn’t going to be put off by all the malingerers(?) and went out in


It was more like Christmas! On Sunday morning, after a night’s snow fall on the surrounding hills, the lake was looking at its most spectacular The wind freshened from the North just before the start, but it was not as

Everyone’s Mad..

.. keen! Well they must be to be camping down at the club, and then even contemplating sailing while the snow and hailstones come down in between some wild squalls! Until a couple of hours before the start the weather

Don’t Worry

Or should you? You may have noticed lots of activity on the webcam as boats took to the water this weekend. No,  the season has not started yet, but several sailors decided that it would be useful to get some