Year: 2008

Final Championship Weekend Series

With two weekends of the championship season to go, the final weekend series is being held this weekend. With a forecast of rain and gales for Sunday, it may be just a short series! There was a good breeze all

Thank You!

Would you please convey a very big thank you to all those people who worked so hard yesterday moving boats to safety and moved flying fifteens to a normally safe area but after a massive rise in lake level some people

More Water!

The water has continued to rise. All the boats have been recovered from the lake. The wind is picking  up. The club is almost marooned. There’s little chance of sailing. Snow is on its way. But hey, it’s November next

Whatever Floats Your Boat! Now you see them – Friday

  Please be aware that the heavy wind and rain has topped up the lake and the water is lapping under various boats (including mine!), and some have been blown over. It may be advisable to check or move it,

Are You Man Enough …

  … to be caught wearing a pinny while making breakfast the morning after the night before? Our boatman Tom was!

Super Sal’s a Gran!

I know you can’t believe that she’s old enough, but Sally Roberts has just become a grandma! Her first(!) grandchild was born recently and weighed in at 7lb 6oz and is called Isabella Jayne, a daughter for Sally’s eldest son

After the Rain…

The rain cleared overnight on Friday with a forecast of 10-12mph afternoon breeze from the SW for Saturday The FF team racing having been cancelled we had the lake to ourselves. There were many puffs of wind which made all

North West Junior Traveller

Sam Hall at West Lancs YC receiving the Overall North West Junior Travellers series trophy. Also won a £50 voucher and a bag full of goodies. (A couple of more years and he be filling that trophy with ale perhaps!)

Gay Abandonment?!

Saturday’s horrendous forecast was right! Wind and rain was probably the cause of a lack of interest and competitors. OD Toggle was ready and raring to go (home), but that was it. Shortly after the due start time he raised

Saturday Sailing

The wind freshened as the afternoon went on to give a pleasant sail, though the curve on the wind always seem to benefit those to windward. In the mirrors there was a dead heat in the first race and some