Month: April 2012

Mik Puts His Foot Down

For those that have not read the Twitter feed, Mik Chappell has been in hospital over the weekend after landing badly on his ankle jumping from his cruiser to the pontoon. A three hour operation, some pins and plates later,

Great North Asymmetric Challenge – Sponsored by Ronstan

The members of Bassenthwaite SC must, surprisingly, be more righteous than most, because their collective prayers for wind, in the run up to this year’s Great North Asymmetric Challenge, were rewarded in abundance. Forecasts during the week preceding the event,

Thursday Evening Racing

With the weather being cold, and sometimes wet, a night in front of the fire could be your first choice for something to do on a Thursday evening, but the Night Jar series starts this week, and it’s certain that

Alan has the Advantage

After a mixed week weatherwise, 20 boats raced on Saturday in a continuation of two long championship series in medium airs. There were a couple of late starters, by people who should know better, though Steve’s excuse was that the

Fleet Challenge A

Saturday morning started off bright with light winds. An hour before racing started, the wind filled in, potential sailors were looking upwind at white horses, and it was lashing it down! However, the squall passed through quickly, and all but

Bank Holiday Weekend

There was a good turn out for the first pursuit race in the Celebrity Glass series on Saturday. Ethan sailed a Mirror with Harry Binns, and held his position very well for the first lap but he then slipped back while

Sunday Shockers

First shock of the day was the weather! The forecast rain did not appear and there was a good westerly to blow the fleet around the course. The first race in the Asymmetric Cup, where the course is set on

New Boats Launched

Two new boats were launched this weekend. First there was our new RIB, named Christopher Graham after our rescue crewman that was tragically killed in a car accident. Secondly, Mike Moore launched his new F15 and named it Highwayman in