Month: May 2012

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

After there being too much wind last weekend, today seems looks like it will be the opposite. There has been a slight breeze, but as the start time approaches, the wind has disappeared!… It was to be the sea breeze

F15 Open Sponsored by Waples Wine

Eleven visitors joined five boats from the home club to contest the Waples Wine Flying Fifteen Open at Basssenthwaite SC on the weekend of May 26/27. The forecast ‘champagne conditions’ materialised with unbroken sunshine being complemented by a strong, warm

As for the Club Racing…

Although there were no takers for Saturday’s club racing, the fairer weather tempted out a small fleet of Handicap boats, and GPs. With Scumper crewing for Neil Platt in the F15s in the morning, Toggle had free reign in the

Thomas is Twittering Again

Kirky the commodore and his merry men help as Ken Bell mole ploughs the new electric cable in to the back field. Robbie D must have been to spec savers as he seems to have found the grass without too

Weekend of Two Halves

Earlier on in the week it seemed that sailing could be blown off by too much wind. Then it changed to too much wind on Saturday, but not enough for Sunday. However, by Saturday, the forecast winds had eased, and

Thursday Evening

Anyone passing the lake during Thursday afternoon might have been forgiven for assuming racing in the fourth round of the Night Jar would be a test of resolve and endurance. The wind was cold and blustery; the water grey and

Sunny Saturday

After a wet week, and a cold start to the season, it was a pleasant surprise to have a good westerly breeze with sunshine helping everyone at least feel a little warmer. There was a good turnout of 17 boats

Another Bank Holiday

Although the GP Inlands are being held at Northampton, and F15 Northerns at Windermere, there is a full racing programme arranged for the Bank Holiday. The forecast, was fairly dry, with mixed winds. Saturday certainly met with mixed winds –