Month: June 2013

Hot Pursuit

Good sailing conditions tempted 11 boats to the water for the Celebrity Glass pursuit. Pam in her Mirror was the first to start, and she held her lead well until a rope caught as she tacked resulting in a capsize

Night Jar A10 – 27 June 13

The mist at Bothel was so thick that even the base of the turbines was obscured. Conditions on the Lake were a little clearer but it was still a murky and damp evening with a light SW wind. A course

Weekend Rescue

Just a quick reminder that, if we are to have any racing this weekend, we need volunteers to provide adequate rescue cover as the rescue staff are all away. If you are available to help, please let us know. Thanks

Riding the White Horses

The weekend arrived with a forecast of showers, and strong, gusting winds. AJ needed to double check the wind conditions before choosing which boat in his fleet to sail. It didn’t take much persuasion to opt for his F15. Others

Night Jar 9

Wind refused to fill so hoisted “N over A”. Nobody complained about that and it taught Neil’s trainees, using the Race Office as a classroom, how to abandon a race from ashore. Another super meal from Val but no crack

Last Man Standing

This weekend’s racing comprises a series of six races for the Fleet Challenge B trophy with results calculated on a personal handicap basis. Although it was again sunny, perhaps the forecast of strong winds had put sailors off as there

Night Jar 8

The forecast was for a fair bit of wind and this was the likely reason for there only being ten competing boats. In fact it was only Force 3 Westerly with the occasional heavier gust. Race Officer Steve Sharpe set

The End is Here

Yes the deadline for receipt of Bass Week entries that qualify for maximum discount is here. Don’t miss out. Payments must be received by today, Saturday 15 June

Summer has arrived!

For what felt like the first time this season, there was sun and a genuinely warm, but light breeze. Though there was initially a northerly breeze, the sea breeze soon caused the wind to back and the beat was no

Night Jar 7

Again, it was a warm and sunny last Thursday evening with enough wind to keep all boats moving. Race Officer John Crosbie set a line on the beat from A to 0 with the remaining legs being a beam reach