Month: October 2014

The ones that didn’t get away

Thanks to the Paparazzi for these shots from last weeks F15 team racing  

October is nearly over

The final weekend of the October Series greeted competitors with strong, gusty winds from a predominately WSW direction. Three intrepid competitors took to the water, Jim Christie in his Supernova, Peter Whipp sailing a Laser Radial and a new combination

Congratulations in Order!

As the championship season draws to a close, we have prepared the winners prize list. There will be two prize givings this year, one for the Youths and Juniors which is to be held in the clubhouse at 6pm on 8

Youth Squad at Bolton

Three of the Youth squad (Ethan, Lottie Winfindale and David Rodger) took part in the end of season Junior traveller event at Bolton SC on Saturday. Weather was medium wind with a few very strong squalls giving many spectacular capsizes.

F15 team racing, Osprey & 505 Open

Our Flying 15 team racing, Osprey & 505 Open is being held this weekend, however the weather forecast of strong winds proved to be accurate and put many off travelling. Even those that did turn up were surprisingly reluctant to

October is Here

You can almost tell it’s October by the high lake level following recent heavy rainfall. Be aware that with any further significant rain that boats on the foreshore will be at risk from flooding. When sailors arrived the lake was

Championship Concludes

After weeks without rain the weather system was determined for us to catch up so we endured 24 hours of rain which topped up the lake level considerably. A forecast of gusty winds increasing as the weekend progresses may have