Month: February 2016

10k run

The Lady Rear Commodore has sent the following link to the school’s fund raising run. She hopes that the many runners in the club will consider taking part and aid their training for the various other runs in which they’ll

Winter Walk

The popular “Winter Walk” today was less so today due to the poor weather conditions, but it didn’t stop a select group  trekking through fields and back to the clubhouse for a warm up and lunch.

Foxy Tales

Final call for copy for the next edition of Foxy Tales. Please email Mik Chappell with any articles or anecdotes which you may wish to share with the rest of the membership. Please get your articles to us by the

Fleet list 2016

We are presently preparing information for the handbook. The following fleet list is based on data in Webcollect. If there are any changes please let us know as soon as possible (and amend Webcollect if you can) Thanks

Club Championship 2016

Flying Fifteen and GP14 Open 2016

North West Junior Travellers Trophy 2016

Topper NW Areas 2016

Banana Stakes 2016

Fleet Challenge C 2016