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Tinker Trophy

With a large contingent of members at Southport for the annual 24 hour race, there was a limited number of takers for club racing, and one of those was a little reluctant due to the strength of the wind. However,

Saturday Sunshine

Some cooler autumnal airs, with blue skies as a backdrop, were the order of the day on Saturday. The winds proved to be variable in both strength, and direction, all afternoon. Despite getting caught on the Bates’ anchor warp just

Night Jar 17

A reasonably calm evening with a Westerly wind.  Jenny chose 9-8-A and 12 boats lined up for the start. It had to happen in the final outing and we had an individual recall as Nigel & Glenys were ocs. Mark’s

The Chase is On!

Saturday’s forecast was wet and blustery, and perhaps the reason for the limited number of takers for the two race Celebrity Glass Pursuit. As it turned out, there were some short, heavy, showers, but the wind was lighter than expected.

Night Jar 16

Yet another No Show.  Again wild south westerly gusts were to blame. A few turned up but no one wanted to launch.  The OD didn’t even bother to hoist flags – just told all it was off!

Flying 15 Sail No 3232

Fflatus Builder Rowsell and Morrison built in 1988 Wood/ G.R.P. It has two masts A set of good quality racing sails including a spinnaker A further set of sails with spinnaker which are also top notch Another set of sails

August Bank Holiday

Blue skies, southerly wind, temperature in the mid 20s – champagne sailing conditions no less, surely it can’t really be a bank holiday? The junior were having more fun on the water with relay races, and Pirate netball (not sure

Sail and Splash

Fantastic day today at the club. As a prelude to the long bank holiday weekend, 16 young sailors took part in Race Training with Curtis Mearns from the RYA. A further 16 youngsters enjoyed “Sail and Splash” with fun and

Night Jar 15

The forecast said Gusting 40.  It wasn’t that extreme but heavy nevertheless.  The OD said there would be a race if members wanted one but the trouble was that people could not make up their minds! Except a couple of

Stormy Sunday

A number of crews turned up at the Club hoping that Bass’s winds would be less extreme than around their homes.  But conditions on the Lake were still marginal for racing.  The Sailing Secretary who was the OD consulted all