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Final Club Championship Races

Sunday’s Dessert. With early mist shrouding the Lake the prospects didn’t look too hopeful. It soon cleared bringing sunshine but there wasn’t much sign of wind.  So we had a postponement while the Bates went in search of some.  A

Final Championship Weekend Series

Saturday’s Serving. The Commodore’s Coms had reminded members to compete but the turn out was less than hoped for.  No sign of a GP, just one FF, and just the Handicap Fleets to keep the activity level buoyant. Yes, it

Storm Ali

Today’s strong winds blew a number of boats at the Club off their trailers. A small group of members have kindly uprighted and repositioned them, but it may be worth checking your own boats if you get the chance.

Sad News

Very sadly one of our past members passed away at the weekend. Many of us have very fond memories of John, Lillian and their children both on and off the water. The family have sent the following message. “It is

Paul Carruthers Memorial Trophy 16th September

A bit of a difference from yesterday.  There were only nine starters,  mainly due to the forecast of heavier winds.  Yes, the gusts were stronger and more challenging. Especially in the morning race where Ethan’s 100 and Neil, sailing a

Bart’s Bash 2018 – What a turnout!

Bass – Bart’s Bash : 15 September 18 A Bit of Bashing Not physically, but had to match the heading that William composed last week! The Bash had more competitors than a normal club race but, with many of the

Sad News

It is with great sadness that the club has to announce the passing of one of it’s longest serving members. Caroline Lawson had been a member of the club from the early 60’s and the family have sailed at the

RYA North West Junior Traveller Trophy

On Saturday 7 May Bassenthwaite hosted a round of the RYA North West Junior Travellers Trophy. Among the 14 sailors there were visitors from as far afield as Leigh & Lowton. The day was much warmer than recently with sun and a

Night Jar 2

The wind was extremely light last Thursday and it was no different for this second round. There were 13 starters and an X-shaped course 0-9-B-A. The starboard pin was alongside the Bates and Mike & Eric’s GP were luffed into

North West Junior Traveller Trophy

On Saturday 7th May, the club will host one of the RYA NWJTT series events. There will be no club racing on Saturday. Please let Lucy Thomas or Mike Hunter know if you are available to help in the galley or on