Due to various other commitments, numerous regulars are not available for the planned team racing on 26/27 October, so, due to low anticipated attendance, it has been decided to cancel this year’s event.

Club racing will continue as planned.

Lovely day, apart from the wind!

With the Indian summer continuing, there was clear blue skies, and a warm south easterly wind to greet sailors, the only problem being that instead of a gentle force 2, the Bass micro climate offered a force 6 with even bigger gusts, and plenty of white horses to prove it!

Our own John Reekie ventured out in his Solo, getting very wet in the process (spray, not capsizing), but after a three hour postponement, the wind had not eased sufficiently to tempt enough people out, so the OD postponed until the morning when conditions should be better.

By Sunday morning the wind had eased, but was still blowing from the south east, the blue skies had disappeared, and the rain moved in!

The wind strength eased throughout the morning, but not before Keith and Gayle broached at one of the gybe marks! There was only one premature starter in the Youth fleet during the two morning races, and there’s rumblings of a protest in the F15 fleet.

At lunchtime the sun started to shine, and continued throughout race 3, as did the light breeze. There were mixed fortunes in the race, including Simon/Jon hitting the committee boat at the start! However it meant that the overall positions were all to race for in the final race.

Simon and Jon’s win in the final race snatched victory from Mike Preston and Chris Robinson from Blackpool and Fleetwood.

In the GP masters, it was to be the final reach that determined their winner which changed twice in a matter of minutes from Andy and Phil, to Graham and Frank, then Mark and Sam Platt from Bolton.

Robert and James from Royal Windermere won the final race to keep their lead, and secure the Youth Championship from Alastair and Joel from Southport.

Flying 15 winners Simon Longstaff and Jon Denwood from Bass
GP Masters Championship winners Mark Platt and Sam Platt from Bolton
GP Youth Championship winners Robert Richardson and James Abbatt from Royal Windermere

As the fleet of 17 boats, in which it was great to have so many young sailors, prepared for the Mirror Inland Championship, the lake had numerous calm patches which the forecast didn’t instil confidence in many that they would disappear. However, shortly before the scheduled start the wind did settle and fill the lake.

The first start had three boats OCS, of which only one returned, but other starts were all clear. Although the wind swung rhythmically throughout the afternoon, the beats were maintained and there was some close racing throughout the fleet, with positions in different races being shared across several boats.

With the very light forecast for Sunday at risk of scuppering the day’s racing, the OD was keen to try and have an extra race if the wind held, which it did, but some boats opted out of racing it.

Andy and Lily Smith won race 4, with Luke and Tristan Shaw from Budworth 2nd, to secure the same positions on the overall leaders board overnight, with Phil and Oliver Smith 3rd.

Sunday started with the wind matching the forecast with the lake mirror like, but a few clouds moved in together a NE breeze, and then it disappeared, and came back, and disappeared again! It did fill in again about an hour after the scheduled start time, and stayed to enable racing to get underway. As with Saturday, racing was close, and positions kept changing, even on the final beat. Phil and Oliver held their race lead, but wife, and Commodore, Naomi had a stormer snatching 2nd place from Luke and Tristan by less than a foot (in old money). Although brother Andy and Lily lost out slipping from 3rd to 7th, they maintained their overall lead, though Phil and Luke were in close contention, so there was everything to sail for in a final race.

The start line was reset for the final race, but just before the course was displayed, a breeze filled in from the west. The start was moved and the final race was soon underway in another shifting, force 1-2. Phil led from the windward mark, and maintained it to the finish taking the Inland Championship trophy, with Luke 2nd.

National Inland Champions Phil & Oliver Smith from Bass
2nd overall, with race 1 trophy, Luke and Tristan Shaw from Budworth
3rd overall and winner of races 2 & 3 Andy and Lily Smith from Bass
4th overall, and 1st single hander, Commodore Naomi Smith from Bass
5th overall and 1st Junior, Ed Coady and Sebastian Shilling from Derwent Reservoir
10th overall and 1st youth, (Charlie Exley and) Josh Hunter from Bass
Endeavour trophy for 8 year old Alfie Duncan from Bass for helming all 6 races

Another sunny Saturday with a light SE breeze greeted a fleet of 50 boats with helm and crew under 19.

As racing was about to get underway at 1200 hrs the light breeze faded and started to swing through 180 degrees… With hopes of a sea breeze moving in to settle things down, it was noticed that wind was filling in from the SE again, so the course was reset and racing got underway.

Half an hour into the race the wind swung to the SW, and a shadow was cast over mark 1, so the race was shortened, and Tom Brindley from Redesmere took his first of four wins of the day in the NWJTT, with Emily Page from Budworth 1st Topper.

The course was reset again, and the wind freshened for a short while, but then swung more to the NW, and back to the SW again. A sign of things to come? Will Burbridge from Chester was 1st Topper.

After a break, the wind clearly hadn’t settled as the OD set a windward mark, moved to position the leeward mark only to find the wind was blowing from the opposite direction! Fortunately, the SW wind took control again and race 3 was started. As with the previous race, the wind swung between the NW and SW. This time Tom Bates from Ripon was 1st Topper.

After a slight adjustment of the beat, race 4 was underway, but the wind soon eased for the back half of the fleet. With various zephyrs passing through the fleet continued on for another lap after which the race was shortened, before the wind faded altogether. George Colquitt from WKSC was 1st Topper.

Tom Brindley was overnight leader for NWJTT and Emily Page led the Toppers.

Strong winds were forecast for Sunday, but the Bass micro-climate resulted in windy, but sailable, conditions which put off some less experienced sailors.

Unlike Saturday, the stronger winds were more settled in direction so the course just had to be set once! There were numerous capsizes, some notable (an Oppie nosediving), but there were some very determined sailors that tried their best and carried on racing even after various capsizes.

Tom Brindley continued his mastery of the NWJTT fleet winning both races and the winner’s trophy. In the Topper fleet, the conditions suited Tom Bates who took two wins and overall lead in NW Areas.

Topper NW Areas winner Tom Bates from Ripon
NWJTT Winner Tom Brindley from Redesmere

The longer term forecast for this one day open was wet and windy which put off several competitors. However, our Bass micro climate defied the forecast in terms of wind strength at least which, generally, was a pleasant force 2-3. The light rain was persistent through the morning race though eased as the afternoon went on.

Racing was delayed when the first signal was as relentless as the rain! Disconnecting the switch from the horn didn’t help.. Some air horns were brought to the rescue along with the bar bell, and a whistle just in case.

When racing started, the winds seemed to be freshening, but it was not to be. They did fluctuate, and swing back and forth, from time to time, but it led to some exciting, close racing that continued throughout the day. There were a small number of capsizes, not that anyone ended up any wetter than they were already!

A three race series, with two results to count, meant that the competition carried through to the final race that would determine overall winners. Indeed, the final result was determined following two protests.

Streaker Winner Mike Fairlamb
Solo winner John Reekie
Laser winner Tim Keighley

With Easter being late this year, GNAC is being held early, for which there was a fleet of 27 boats. Although the sun was shining, the cooler than usual, and stronger than forecast SE breeze put a few competitors off sailing. Those that sailed enjoyed some spectacular reaches, and several suffered capsizes to boot!

Four races were sailed back to back, which took its toll energy wise, and the numbers in each race decreased. Only one general recall, so no need for any black flags. The conditions suited the faster RS400s, led by Richard Catchpole and Gary Coop from Leigh and Lowton, which take up the first two places overnight, but Alastair and Evie Coates, also from Leigh and Lowton, had a brilliant afternoon in their RS Feva and are holding 3rd place overnight.

Sunday was neither as sunny, nor as windy generally, but there were again strong gusts of wind to add to the excitement to the offwind legs, and they seemed especially vicious on the beat at times. There were more capsizes, and numerous changes of position, and race winners, throughout the remaining four races, but overnight leaders Richard Catchpole and Gary Coop, through their consistent sailing, continued to top the leaderboard and win the series overall.

Alastair and Evie Coates led the slower handicap boats finishing a creditable 4th overall.

Overall winners Richard Catchpole and Gary Coop

Final results

Although our season has not yet started, preparations for our first open meeting are all in hand.

This year’s GNAC is being held on 13/14 April, eight windward leeward races scheduled, and entries are now open at via WebCollect

Early entries benefit from a £10 discount so don’t delay too long!

A sun soaked Saturday, together with force 2-3 SW breeze, gave champagne sailing conditions for two fleets of boats.

The 18 strong fleet of F15s were a bit too eager to start and caused a general recall in their first race. Neil/Rory secured a strong lead winning race 1 with Simon/Jon 2nd.

It was Simon’s turn to build the lead in race 2 ahead of Andy/Tom Goddard (from Dovestone).

Simon was a bit too eager in the third race start forcing Keith/Alan upwind but resulted in both boats being OCS at the start. Keith returned but Simon didn’t and subsequently retired. There was some close racing between Neil and Andy, who secured the lead on the final beat, and is overnight leader.

In the GPs there was little sign of Dave/Joe in the first race who left Mike/Eric to battle with Val/Ken who were delighted to secure 1st place. Dave had to work his way through to the lead in the next race beating Julie/Chris Waddington (from Bolton). They took the same positions in race 3, so Dave is overnight leader.

The day wasn’t without incident. There was one capsize, a couple of protests, and some raised voices on the water. Perhaps the sun had taken its toll on some sailors?

Sunday greeted sailors with a stronger breeze more from the south so the opportunity was taken to use the buoys in the southern end of the lake. Just one beat, but it was a couple of miles long!

In the F15s Simon pushed the line again with a port on port start, but got it spot on this time! He went on to win the race just ahead of Mike/Kayla. In the GPs Dave continued his winning ways with Julie/Chris 2nd, and with the same results in the final race Dave/Joe won the event with Julie/Chris 2nd.

With the wind swinging more to the SW, and strengthening, the final race was held in the northern bay. Graham/Sally had a cracking first beat but slipped back to 3rd (on handicap). Neil won by a good margin with Simon 2nd, which was enough to secure 1st overall.

Flying 15 Waples Wine winners Simon Longstaff and Jon Denwood
GP14 Open winners Dave Lawson and Joe Roberts

Sunday benefitted from wall to wall sunshine with a light, but freshening, wind from the southwest though there were some regular major shifts from the northwest. The shifts did cause some calm patches but the fleet of 11 boats kept moving. Dealing with the shifts and calm patches was key to the leaders.

John Reekie seemed to successfully hitch a lift up the A66 to take the honours in the first race from Richard Critchley. In the next race Joe Quick from Coniston mastered the shifts to take 1st place with John 2nd, so that there was all to race for in the final race.

After lunch there was an expectation that the sea breeze would bed in, but the northwest gusts continued to kick in on the northern side of the course and they were Rory Yardley’s downfall as, having led throughout the race he was caught between the two winds with just two legs to go. John used a gust to take the lead and blanket Rory who subsequently lost one more place. John’s win earned him 1st overall, with Richard 2nd and Joe 3rd

Winner John Reekie with Commodore Robin Dawson

Three fleets totalling 42 boats took to the water for an afternoon of sun and shifting winds. With light winds forecast from the east, there was a bit of hope that a sea breeze from the south west was starting to bed in. However, when the OD set off, there was a good northerly which gradually swung to the west. With the course set racing was soon underway, but the wind swung further to the SW on the 2nd lap resulting in boats having to tack into the first wing mark, so the race was shortened.

The course had to be reset for the following two races as the winds swung to and fro but the beats were maintained, even though sailors had some major shifts to contend with. The Smith family single-handedly led the charge at the start of the 2nd Mirror race resulting in three general recalls! The introduction of the one minute rule for the 3rd race had the desired effect and no-one jumped the line.

Throughout the afternoon there was only one capsize, but Andy Smith was caught out by one shift and went for a quick swim! The Lasers gave the the Teras and Optimists a chance in the final race when they mistakenly used the wing mark as the windward mark, only overcoming their error on the next lap!

Overnight leaders are Lorcan Knowles from Leigh & Lowton in the NJWTT, Phil and Oliver Smith from Bass in the Mirrors, and Noé Peckham from Leigh & Lowton in the Toppers.

A barbeque and a game of rounders on a sunny evening – what better way to end the day?

There was a bit of a waiting game on Sunday morning, and it was mid-day before the the breeze had filled the bay, and th OD set off to get racing underway. Again, there were two winds vying to take control, and, as on Saturday, it was the westerly that eventually won, but it was a gradual process as the races went on, and resulted in the beat swinging more to the wing mark in a couple of races.

With time being of the essence following the later than planned start, the black flag was introduced, which caught out four boats in total, but there was no need for any general recalls! There was certainly enough wind to keep the fleets sailing, but there were no spectacular reaches, or any capsizes. There was a lot of consistency at the top of all three fleets, and the onl;y change to the leaders board was Tom Platt from Bolton won all three races to win the Topper fleet overall, squeezing Noé Peckham into 2nd place.

Final results

Mirror Open Winners Phil and Oliver Smith (Bass)
Topper Open Winner Tom Platt (Bolton)
NWJTT Winner Lorcan Knowles (Leigh & Lowton)