Foxy Tales 2019

It’s that time of year again folks. The time when we ask for contributions to the new edition of Foxy Tales. Last year, saw a record response in terms of the number of contributors and pieces submitted, something we would like to equal or exceed in the coming edition.

So this request is for as much copy, if not more, than last year. So what can I write about this time you might ask? As previously I would suggest; reflections on sailing last year or further in the past, your plans for the coming season, thoughts on how the Club is progressing and, perhaps, what new initiatives you would like to see?

But don’t limit articles to Bass – Let us know what you have been up to when not on the Lake? Out of season or onshore activities? And we used to have adverts, quizzes, crosswords, recipes or whatever although these have been absent of late. And, if at all possible, please send an accompanying photo or two. As someone once said “A picture is worth a thousand words”!

I admit that I was apprehensive when we went digital but it has definitely stirred up the enthusiasm of members to get involved. William has worked wonders in getting past editions loaded to our website, sometimes from thumbed hard copy. If you want to view what’s there click on the Membership tab and select Foxy Tales – Members Magazine. But don’t click on it – instead move right to the Year column and drop down to the one you want to view first. There’s a lot of Club history at your fingertips!

To allow time to compile This Year’s edition contributions are needed by 14th February (we stick with that date as it’s an easy one to remember!). Although Robin will compile digitally, please send bits and pictures to me as the co-ordinator. I would prefer it to be emailed – although typed copy and even hand written stuff will do. But please get it done and send it as soon as you can.

Many thanks,


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