On Saturday there were two races contributing to the Max Joule Memorial Trophy.  All classes started together, the results being calculated on boat handicap.  

In the first race, the wind was light and shifting round to the north.  The windward mark, buoy zero, often has shifts, but Saturday’s were exceptional.  As the boats neared the mark, much to the consternation of the sailors, those who had gone up the left hand side of the leg were lifted about 20 yards from the mark, as were those who had gone up the right hand side of the leg! 

Consequently, no-one could tack for the mark.  Andy Thomas (Branthwaite) somehow managed to pick the perfect line and was first round the mark in his laser.  The two flying fifteen boats had gone via Keswick and were well down the fleet.  However, by the third leg, the fifteens were back in front, followed by Andy Thomas and a couple of GP 14s sailed by Robin Dawson with Phil Graham (Wigton) and Mike Fairlamb (Deanscales) with Mike Cowan (Maryport).  First across the finish line was Tim Smith (Harrington) in a club topper – the light winds allowed him to sail a lap less than the rest of the fleet.  Dave Lancaster with Steve Hannah (both Cockermouth) were next to cross the line, but lost out on handicap to Robin and Phil.  Andy Thomas was third on handicap.  

The wind then picked up to a good blow for the start of the second race.  Mark Somerville (Carlisle) sailed an excellent first leg to take the lead ahead of the two flying fifteens sailed by Mike Moore (Preston) with Ian Smith (Harrington – but no relation to the other Smiths!) and William Carruthers (Carlisle) with Alan Smith (Harrington). William and Alans’ hard work putting on new sails and adjusting the rig tension while the first race took place, paid off and they took a considerable lead.  The wind then decided to drop and shift through 180 degrees before picking up again.  Fortunately, there was still a beat in the course.  William and Alan crossed the line first, followed by Mike and Ian.  These places stood even after handicaps were calculated.  In the light winds, the lasers and GPs were trying their hardest to roll tack and make use of what little wind there was.  Unfortunately, Andy Smith tried a bit too hard and got wet!   There were lights winds again on Sunday, but they were a bit more consistent.  In the first race (part of the championship series) Dave and Steve in their fifteen took an early lead but were caught by Ian Campbell (Papcastle) with Tony Fisher (Carlisle) and also by William and Alan. Ian managed to get well in front, but William kept catching him.  However, William could not get close enough and Ian won the race.  The laser race was closely fought between Ian Macpherson (Brampton) and Hugh Godfrey (Whitehaven) with the lead changing every lap.  Ian was the eventual winner.  

The GP14 race was much closer with four boats going round the first mark together with Mike Fairlamb and Mike Cowan in the lead.  They held this lead for a couple of laps, but were overtaken by Robin and Phil who won the race.  Andy Smith and Mark Somerville had exchanged their lasers for a GP in this race, but were notable by their absence from the front of the fleet.  Apparently it was a bit warm for them and they decided to go swimming!  

The Jimmy Lancaster Memorial Trophy was the final race of the weekend. It was sailed as a pennant race and the course took all sailors around the lake.

Although there was a south westerly wind in the Northern bay, the wind curved around the corner at Scarness to allow the boats to enjoy a broad reach with spinnakers for the next part of the leg. However, some wind sneaked over Sale Fell and swooped down vertically on to the course resulting in gusts coming from various directions at the same time.

Mike Moore and Ian Smith in a Flying 15, having secured several boat lengths lead by the windward mark, hugged the East shore to lead the Flying 15s into the second mark at the bottom of the lake closely followed by William Carruthers/Alan Smith and Ian Campbell/Tony Fisher. The vertical downdraughts started to take their toll after the fleet had manoeuvered across the lake to Mark 13 and started heading back up the lake. Although Neil Garrison in a Dart18 lead the fleet most of the time, the inconsistent wind prevented him from breaking clear away. William was the first to head back into the middle of the lake and took the lead F15 position. As Mike slipped back to 3rd behind Ian the other fleets faired well in the changeable airs.

There were a couple of casualties to the sudden gusts – John Sharp and granddaughter Kitty Hankins were the first to capsize; the second casualty was Ian Campbell who took on so much water that he had to go onto a reach to pick up speed but just seemed to take on more water!

Others suffered so much to the vagaries of the wind that they took a short cut to the finish (and missed out a couple of marks) – not good practice for the sailing secretary and his assistant sailing a GP!

First across the finish line was William, followed by Neil Garrison and Dave Lancaster who had sneaked past Mike at Scarness.

When the results were calculated on a personal handicap basis, Dave Lancaster was first, William was second (by 16 secs) and Robin Dawson third (by another 23 secs). So with Dave Lancaster winning the trophy awarded in his father’s memory it will be dubbed the Old Man’s Prize this year.

Overall results


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1 Pts
 1    3503  D LANCASTER   FF           1   1
 2    3268  W CARRUTHERS  F            2   2
 3   13326  R DAWSON      GP           3   3
 4   13327  MiFAIRLAMB    GP           4   4
 5    3473  M MOORE       FF           5   5
 6    3521  P BURNELL     FF           6   6
 7  167828  I MACPHERSON  LAS          7   7
 8   12329  H GODFREY     LAS          8   8
 9    6642  J SHARP       GP         RTD  14
 9    6905  N GARRISON    D 18       RTD  14
 9  169106  A SMITH       LAS        RTD  14
 9   33434  S WATSON      MIR        RTD  14
 9    3560  I CAMPBELL    FF         RTD  14

                     Points for RTD = 14
                     Points for DSQ = 14
                     Points for DNS = 14

 1 race to count

While the cats are away…

With the GP14 Inlands being held at Derwent Reservoir there was a chance for the rest of the fleet to enjoy the sweet smell of success. Ginge and Bridget (aka Jose) Hodgkins took the opportunity by the throat and ran away with Saturday’s first race from Hugh Godfrey and Tim Knowles. With the second race heading the same way, for the first lap at least, until Hugh and Tim broke through the excitement was so much that Bridget almost wet her Gnatsy Gants!!. Congratulations to them on their successes.

The Celebrity Glass Trophy was sailed for by a fleet of 13 boats. There was a fresh breeze at times, the sun broke through the clouds many times but the rain failed to materialise. The wind picked up for Monday’s racing. William Carruthers tried his hand in Neil Garrison’s Dart and some feel he failed miserably – ok so tacking in light winds in difficult enough but going on to pass mark 0 to port and starboard at the same time (i.e. letting it pass between the hulls!!) outside was not a good move. As the wind picked up he managed to get into 2nd position on the water (but last on handicap!).

The 2nd race started in stronger winds, but when some gusts knocked over several boats at once the OD abandoned racing. Of course there were many tales to tell. Was it stopped because Miles was in the lead. Was the Dart too much for William and that’s why he capsized? (Actually the main sheet had come adrift and was being tied up when the gusts came in toppled the boat)

Overall results


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4 Pts
 1  161866  M SOMERVILLE  LAS          2   1   1   2   4
 2    3521  P BURNELL     FF           3   8   3   1   7
 3    3385  M MIDDLETON   FF           5   4   2 DNS  11
 4    3231  M PARRY       FF           4   5   4  OD  11
 5    3729  N PLATT       FF           1   2 RTD DNS  15
 6   13371  J RILEY       GP           6   6 DNS   3  15
 7  167828  I MACPHERSON  LAS          6   7   5   5  16
 8  151286  P MURRAY      LAS          8   9 DNS   6  23
 9   13161  S SPENCE      GP          10  15   8   9  27
10   13118  V BELL        GP         DNS  14   7   8  29
11    6642  J SHARP       GP         RTD  12 RTD   7  31
12    6905  N GARRISON    D 18        11  13   9 DNS  33
13     530  K CLARK       FF         DNS  10   6 DNS  36
14    6372    MURRAY      LAS        DNS   3 DNS DNS  43
15  130579  A THOMAS      LAS        DNS DNS DNS   4  44
16   13013  N LEWIS       GP           9 DNS DNS DNS  49
17    3268  W CARRUTHERS  D 18       DNS DNS DNS  10  50
18   46053  L PEARSON     MIR        DNS  11 DNS DNS  51
19   12324  ?             GP         DNS DNS DNS RTD  52

                     Points for RTD = 13  16  12  12
                     Points for DSQ = 13  16  12  12
                     Points for DNS = 20

 3 races to count

You wouldn’t have thought it was the middle of May, and after a lovely spell of fine sunny weather when, on a foul Thursday evening, seven GP14 dinghies raced in rain, gloom, dark clouds and a variable wind. However, nobody capsized and all went well in the sailing department. The winner of the race was Mike Cowan (Crosby, Maryport) with Ginge Hodgkins (Brigham, Cockermouth) coming in second.

The weather was better on the following Saturday with a decent breeze for the first race, but the wind became a bit shifty and quiet during the second race. Both races were part of a series for each class of boat.

The Flying Fifteen series of 10 races is for the Dawson Trophy, and Mr and Mrs Somerville (Dalston, Carlisle) won these two races, in separate boats, John winning the first and Wendy the second.

Eight GP 14s raced on both occasions, the series of five being for the Aitken Cup. The first race was won by John Telford (Whitehaven), the second by Robin Dawson (Carlisle).

In the Mirror class series of 10 for the Bates prize, two races were held, the Smith twins of Harrington, Tim and Rob, winning both.

On Sunday there were two races, under sunshine and blue skies with light winds, for the Banana Stakes prize. The races are normally sailed around the lake but, because of the lack of wind, the first one was sailed at the north end of the lake, the second one being round the lake and taking two hours or more because of the slight wind.

The results of these two races jointly are worked out according to the Portsmouth (handicap) number for the dinghy classes, because the boats all start at the same time and are deemed to be of different speeds.

Those arriving first at the finishing line in race 1 were: GP14 – David Lawson (Kendal); Flying Fifteen – John Somerville (Dalston); Laser – Mark Somerville (Dalston).

In the second race, round the lake, the first Flying Fifteen was helmed by William Carruthers (Carlisle), the first GP14 by Robin Dawson (Carlisle), and the first Laser home was sailed by Mark Somerville (Dalston).

BUT, because the calculations seem to favour the slightly slower boats, the final results, when worked out, showed GP14s in the first four places, the winner being David Lawson (Kendal), one point ahead of Robin Dawson (Carlisle).

Overall results


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2 Pts
 1   13176  D LAWSON      GP           2   2   4
 2   13326  R DAWSON      GP           4   1   5
 3   13327  MiFAIRLAMB    GP           5   3   8
 4   13013  N LEWIS       GP           6   4  10
 5   93503  J SOMERVILLE  FF           1  11  12
 6  161866  M SOMERVILLE  LAS          7   8  15
 7    3268  W CARRUTHERS  FF          11   5  16
 8    3560  I CAMPBELL    FF          12   6  18
 9    3521  P BURNELL     FF           9  12  21
10    3503  D LANCASTER   FF          14   9  23
11   13161  S SPENCE      GP          10  15  25
12   13482  J TELFORD     GP           3 DNS  26
12   13254  A GREENHALGH  GP          OD DNS  26
14    6642  J SHARP       GP         RTD   7  28
15    3231  M PARRY       FF          18  10  28
16   13118  V BELL        GP           8 RTD  29
17    3332  W SOMERVILLE  FF          16  13  29
18     501  N CURRIE      RS400       15  14  29
19     530  K CLARK       FF          17  16  33
20  125514  R BRYCE       LAS         13 RTD  34
21  144638  J LAST        LAS         19  17  36
22   41143  LET US KNOW!  MIR        DNS RTD  44

                     Points for RTD = 21  21
                     Points for DSQ = 21  21
                     Points for DNS = 23

 2 races to count


Who cares if the South of the Country was at risk from a bit of rain? Rain what’s that? Yes sailors all enjoyed another weekend of blue skies and a bit of gloriously warm wind thown in. Ok, so the wind may have been suffering from a bit of sun stoke because it certainly struggled to make its mind up which way it should blow from! However it all lead to many changing fleet positions and some excellent racing.

Overall Results


PN    Boat  Helm             1   2   3   4   5 Pts
 1    3268  W CARRUTHERS     1   2   1   3   1   3
 2    3560  I CAMPBELL       3   1   4   1   3   5
 3    3473  M MOORE          2   3   2   2   2   6
 4     530  K CLARK        DNS DNS   6   4   4  14
 5    3231  M PARRY        DNS DNS   3   6 RTD  16
 6  161866  M SOMERVILLE     4   4 DNS DNS DNS  16
 7    3385  M MIDDLETON    DNS DNS   5   5 RTD  17

           Points for RTD =  5   5   7   7   7
           Points for DSQ =  5   5   7   7   7
           Points for DNS =  8

 3 races to count

PN    Boat  Helm            1   2   3   4   5 Pts
 1   13176  D LAWSON        1   1   3   1   1   3
 2   13326  R DAWSON        2   2   6   4   2   6
 3   13482  J TELFORD       4   3   1   5   3   7
 4   13327  MiFAIRLAMB      3   5   2   6   5  10
 5   13254  A GREENHALGH    5   6   5   2   4  11
 6   13371  J RILEY         7   4   7   3 DNS  14
 7   13142  A HODGKINS      8   7   9   8   6  21
 8   13013  N LEWIS       DNS DNS   8   7   7  22
 9   13467  T KNOWLES      OD DNS   4 DNS DNS  23
10   11679  R HODGKINS      9   9  10  10 RTD  27
11   13113  JuCRUICKSHAN    6   8 DNS DNS DNS  30
12   13118  V BELL        DNS  10  11   9 DNS  30
13    6642  J SHARP       DNS DNS  OD DNS DNS  35

          Points for RTD = 10  11  12  11   9
          Points for DSQ = 10  11  12  11   9
          Points for DNS = 16

 3 races to count

Apologies to Jose for reporting verbatim the tale of her getting her knickers wet again. Now it seems she may be suffering from the Bridgette Jones syndrome as she doesn’t want mention of her Natsy Gants(?) ‘cos she now wears her cossie! Only joking (about the apologies)….

The sailing season started with a vengeance for the May Bank Holiday weekend. Clear blue skies, brisk winds (interspersed with the odd hole) and an excellent turnout.

Sunday’s Starter’s Prize racing comprised a two race series for all classes, sailed on a fleet handicap basis. In the first race the Flying 15s struggled to shake off Mark Somerville in his Laser and Robin Dawson/Phil Graham in their GP; they finished 1st and equal 2nd (with Scott Beattie in the lead F15) respectively. The second race took the fleet to the bottom end of the lake. William Carruthers/Alan Smith took an early lead but was passed by Scott Beattie and Ian Campbell after falling into the shadow of the point off Bassenthwaite Church. However, as the wind eased on the fleet that had hugged and crept up the western shoreline, William took the lead again and managed to break away from the fleet for the next 50 minutes to take first place on the water and on handicap. Robin and Mark again sailed very well to secure 2nd and 3rd on handicap. Overall positions: 1st Mark Somerville, 2nd Robin Dawson and 3rd William Carruthers.

Monday’s racing was the first club championship series. Light and variable winds in the first race were the cause of several frustrations but who cared on such a glorious day? The swinging winds continued throughout the afternoon to turn reaches into runs, runs into fetches, and reaches into beats! Indeed for the last race, the wind changed so much between laying the line and starting that the Flying 15s started on a run, but with freshening winds backed by a sea breeze, the race proved to be the most exhilarating of the weekend.

FF Results: 
PN Boat Helm         1   2   3 Pts
 1 3673 S BEATTIE    1   1   1   2
 2 3560 I CAMPBELL   2   2   2   4
 3 3268 W CARRUTHERS 4   3   3   6
 4 3473 M MOORE      3   4   4   7
 5 3332 W SOMERVILLE 5   5   5  10
 6 3385 M MIDDLETON  6   6   6  12
 7 530 K CLARK     RTD   7 RTD  15 
    Points for RTD = 8   8   8 
    Points for DSQ = 8   8   8 
    Points for DNS = 8 
2 races to count


  • Submariner Tim Chittenden would have found a periscope (or should that be a snorkel) very useful after being tipped into the water by a wind change.
  • Ginge and Jose Hodgkins suffered a similar fate after another shift, however, although swimming was not necessary this time, Jose is believed to have got her knickers wet!
  • Richard and Philip Hodgkins were at risk of having their pocket money withdrawn after beating their parents in one of the races.

Ok so the forecast wasn’t very good and you preferred to stay at home and keep warm. But those that turned up braved the elements in shifty conditions and blew away all cobwebs!

The changeable winds lead to very close racing for the first lap of a windward leeward course. But Steve Hunt and Ruth Critchley then broke away in their RS400 and went on to win the first race.

Martin and Rachel Crouch are still new to the RS400s – a screaming reach, a lull and another gust lead to their demise. To top it all Rachel fell out on the way back to shore and they threw in another capsize for good luck (although Herb Telford may have distracted them at the time) but seemed to keep laughing about it all the way.

Strong winds eased throughout Sunday racing. Martin Crouch continued to dominate the first beats which again lead to some close racing. However, Steve Hunt pulled back through to win both races.

Prizelist: 1st Steve Hunt, 2nd Martin Crouch



One of the more unusual, but one of the best enjoyed, events of the northern sailing calendar is the annual Flying Fifteen team racing weekend generously sponsored by Harper and Hebson of Carlisle.

Teams of three boats combine all their scores in four races to find the winning team so allowing for a bit of tactics as well as serious sailing in this fun event.

A fleet of boats from around the country enjoyed some excellent courses set by Andy Smith and Herb Telford and, together with mainly warm southerly winds varying from a force 1 to a stiff force 5, gave every dog the chance to have its day.

Mastering all of these conditions, Neil Platt (Liverpool) forsook his GP 14 and very creditably won three of the four races sailing a new boat with a scratch crew, Bass S.C. member Andrew Nuttall {Whitehaven), who hadn’t sailed competitively for a few years whilst away at university.

Race two was won by Tyneside’s John Hardisty, chased by Cockermouth’s Neil Currie who has just returned to sailing after a year’s lay-off with back problems. Neil was sailing Paul Wright’s boat with Paul. Just how versatile the Flying fifteen is, was demonstrated with a wide range of helms and crews. It was great to see the wily old pensioner from Loch Earn, Ian Cameron, still up there with the top boats after a long beat up Bass in a force 5 making it look all so easy. At the other end of the age spectrum young Elizabeth Donkin, who has barely reached her teens, crewed for Graham Donkin in her second open meting. Well done Elizabeth!

Socially the event was also a big hit with a meal in the clubhouse on Saturday evening. Free lunches and teas were also provided on Sunday – thanks to Linda Beattie and her band of helpers.

So, if you sail a Flying Fifteen, make a note in your diary for next year. Get yourself to Bassenthwaite where there is free camping, caravanning and lots of socials to have an excellent weekend in the Lake District at this annual event with a great prize list on offer.

NB The wind change in the first race was NOT the reason why Neil Currie finished with only one boat behind him in the first race – he just sailed ****!







Someone has
to sail with
the old get
3702 T Crumpton
3636 J Hardisty (The Old Get)
3950 D Douglas
62 1
The Good
The Bad &
The Unlucky
3641 A Dunning
3268 W Carruthers
3673 S Beattie
73 2

The Fat Boys
3704 N Platt
3593 I Preston
3640 N Currie
92 3

The Cronies
3451 I Cameron
3606 I Laidlaw
3666 J Gerrard
144 4

The Discard
3332 W Somerville
3473 M Moore
3560 I Campbell
3385 M Middleton
162 5

Wot No Tent
3303 G Donkin
3232 S Robinson
3705 K Vials
174 6

The winners from Derwent Reservoir
Karen the winner of the Grotty Potty for 'Designing' Paul's trousers

 (Full prizelist)

For the last championship series of the season, the flying fifteen and laser fleet champions had already been decided, but the following places up were for grabs

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th in the Flying 15s
2nd and 3rd in the Lasers
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th in the GP14s

The unsettled forecast proved correct and Saturday produced some steady southerly winds, dampened by a few showers. However, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the fleets. The adrenalin was also high due to some crews who had not realised that the start time was earlier then usual.

In the flying fifteen fleet, Scott Beattie (Beverly) had already won the championship, so let his crew, John Somerville (Carlisle) take the helm. William Curruthers (Carlisle) was second in the championship and could only be beaten if Mike and Christina Moore (Preston) took five first places this weekend. Unfortunately, Mike and Christina were among the latecomers and never caught the rest of the fleet in the first race. John had an excellent start and was almost first round the windward mark. However, John’s wife Wendy, sailing with Elaine Fairlamb (Deanscales) was also battling for first place at the mark. John decided he wanted his tea and Wendy led the race. Wanting to prove how good a helm he is, John never gave up and pulled back the place to win the race. In the second race, Mike and Christina led from the start, but again John pulled through to win.

In the GP14 fleet, Dave and Lynne Lawson (Kendal) needed two first places to take the title. They have been sailing superbly since the middle of the season when they joined the fleet. Mike Fairlamb (Deanscales) and Mike Cowan (Maryport) had led the championship almost from the start of the season needed one more first place to win the championship. Further down the field, only two points separated Julian and Jane Cruickshank (Bolton), Ginge and Jose Hodgkins (Brigham) and Hugh Godfrey with Rhonwen Bryce (Whitehaven). This is the closest end to the GP14 championship for a few years. In almost predictable form, Dave and Lynne led from the start in both races to take the places they needed to win the championship. Lynne has done exceptionally well considering this is her first season in a boat. Mike and Mike took a second and third place, alternating with Julian and Jane. In the strong winds, Richard and Philip Hodgkins did very well to finish the first race without capsizing and finish with a very respectable championship position.

The gales forecast on Sunday did not materialise and the officer of the day, Hugh Godfrey, did very well to avoid most of the showers during the races. The first race saw John and Scott win the fifteen series. Behind them, William sailing with Rhonwen had been in second place, but the last leg proved their downfall when several places changed and Ian Campbell (Papcastle) with Tony Fisher (Carlisle) were second over the line. John also won the fourth race, but in the final race, Ian led from the start to avoid John getting a clean sweep.

In the GP14 fleet, Dave and Lynne again proved that they are worthy champioins, although they were pursued closely for most of the last race. Mike and Mike, Julian and Jane, Tim Knowles with Philip Hodgkins (both Brigham) and Ginge and Jose were all battling closely for the other places. There was considerable tactical play with everyone trying to steal everyone else’s wind. Mike and Mike took the three second places. The last two races, although not significant for the series and club championship, did decide the handicap championship. Julian and Jane, and Ginge and Jose had identical points for the fifteen races to count. Each took a first place on handicap, so discards were taken into account and Ginge and Jose were winners.

Light winds on Saturday lead to the postponement of a race and meant an early start on Sunday for three closely fought races held in a good breeze which helped blow away cobwebs after the effects of the night before!

PN    Boat  Helm          FleetClub             1   2   3   4 Pts
 1   13671  N THOMPSON    G    CHASE            1   4   7   1   6
 2   13686  C JEFFS       G    TRIMPLEY         4   1   2   3   6
 3   13676  J JONES       G    SSSC             5   2   1   4   7
 4   12876  I PLATT       G    BOLTON           3   5   3   2   8
 5   13681  M SENIOR      G    BOLTON          26   3   8   5  16
 6   13609  N EAVES       G    BARTLEY         10   7  15   7  24
 7   13176  D LAWSON      G    BASS             2  11  12  13  25
 8   13218  M BRENNAN     G    HLSC             7   9  20  11  27
 9   12655  S GRAHAM      G    BURWAIN          6  19  18   8  32
10   13650  A ROSE        S    RWYC            14   6  13  15  33
11   13482  J TELFORD     G    BASS           RTD  21   4  14  39
12   13687  J SINCLAIR    G    WEST LANCS      16  14  28   9  39
13   13680  N BROOK       G    HOLLINGWORTH    19  13   9  26  41
14   13225  J DIXON       S    WEST KIRBY      13  10  19  18  41
15   13463  A GILKINSON   G    CASTLE SEMPLE   11  22  11  24  44
16   13678  B KENYON      G    BUDWORTH        21  25   5  22  48
17   13484  T TAYLOR      G    SOUTH STAFFS    29  15  24  10  49
18   13371  J RILEY       S    BASS            17  18  14  29  49
19   13374  P GARDNER     G    COMBS           18 DSQ   6  27  51
20   13406  G DEIGHAN     G    BOLTON          20 DSQ  25   6  51
21   13693  P OWEN        S    SOUTH STAFFS     8  23  34  21  52
22    8162  C AUBREY      G    BOLTON          27  17  17  19  53
23   13254  A GREENHALGH  S    BASS            12  16  27  28  55
24   13561  C KNOTT       S    HOLLINGWORTH    31  28  16  12  56
25   13327  M FAIRLAMB    S    BASS            24  12  33  20  56
26   13603  A DAVEY       S    BURWAIN         15  26  32  16  57
27   13515  T HARPER      G    WEST LANCS      34  27  10  25  62
28   13164  L OWEN        S    WINSFORD FLASH  36  24  23  17  64
29   13215  G KNOX        S    HOLLINGWORTH    25  34  21  23  69
30   13683  D MIDDLETON   B    BLACKPOOL & FL  38  20  22  31  73
31   13444  J SHARMAN     S    BURWAIN         22  29  29  30  80
32   13322  S TAYLOR      S    RWYC             9  38  39  40  86
33   13630  B MOSEDALE    B    WEST KIRBY      30  30  30  32  90
34   13115  J WADDINGTON  B    BOLTON          32  35  31  33  96
35   13453  P DUTTON      B    WEST KIRBY      42  31  35  36 102
36   13701  N HARRISON    B    HORBURY         28  42  42  35 105
37   13113  J CRUICKSHAN  B    BASS            33  40  37  38 108
38    6425  R MARSDEN     B    B&FYC           46 DSQ  26  37 109
39   13633  N PLATT       G    BOLTON / WEST  DSQ   8 DNS DNS 110
40   12682  E SMITH       B    BASS            41  33  36  43 110
41   13142  A HODGKINS    B    BASS            37  39  40  34 110
42   13338  A MONK        B    GLOSSOP         48  32  38  42 112
43   13340  M MITCHELL    B    WINSFORD FLASH  39  37  43  39 115
44   13075  R DIN         B    HOLLINGWORTH    35  41  41  41 117
45   13467  T KNOWLES     S    BASS            23 DNS DNS DNS 125
46   11772  D HOOK        B    WEST LANCS      40  36 DNS DNS 127
47   13013  N LEWIS       B    BASS            47  43  45  44 132
48   12220  R BALDWIN     B    WINSFORD FLASH  43  44  47  45 132
49    6642  J SHARP       B    BASS            44  45  46  47 135
50   10822  R COY         B    BASS            45 DNS  44  46 135

                              Points for RTD = 51  49  48  48
                              Points for DSQ = 51  49  48  48
                              Points for DNS = 51

 3 races to count


Overall winner Neil Thompson and Andy Hateley
2nd - Carl and Adrian Jeffs 1st in silver fleet - Alistair and Andrew Rose1st lady, 3rd in bronze fleet - Julie and Chris Waddington