Annual Prize Giving

So we can prepare for our Annual Prize Giving Dinner Dance, please can last year’s prizewinners return all club racing trophies to the Committee Room by Friday November 16 at the latest.

Flying Fifteen Club Championship
Brackenrigg Cup (1st)Mike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Anderson Trophy (2nd)Ian Campbell & Lezli-Ann Pearson
Wheel Trophy (3rd)Neil Currie & Rory Yardley
Maurice Dalton Memorial Trophy (4th)Angus Corry & Mike Hunter
Lawson Trophy (1st classic)Wendy & John Somerville
Handicap Club Championship
Osprey Trophy (1st)Joe Roberts
T.S.B Trophy (2nd)Steve Hunt & Ruth Critchley
Eagle Trophy (3rd)Mark Somerville
Kirk Decanter (4th)Alex & Olivia Leonard
1972 Trophy (1st junior)Ciaran McKettrick
Arthur Carr Trophy (1st Laser)Joe Roberts
GP14 Club Championship
Elwyn Banner Mendus Cup (1st)Dave & Lynn Lawson
Philp Prize (2nd)Mike Fairlamb & Eric Smith
Twiname Prize (3rd)Val & Ken Bell
Hatrick Prize (4th)Alan Jones & Sue Watson
Beginners PrizeMark & Helen Hunt
Slow Handicap Club Championship
Mirror Trophy (1st)Phil & Oliver Smith
Bassenthwaite Bell (year 1 progress)Katia Smith
Excalibur Trophy (1st not Mirror/Topper)Matthew Somerville
The Kirkpatrick Trophy (1st Topper)Paul Gannon
Iberia Cup (1st under 16)Josh Hunter
Flying Fifteen Series Trophies
Blencathra TrophyMike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Scarness CupMike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Dawson TrophyMike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Morgan TrophyMike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Flying Enterprise TrophyMike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Bryson helms (Fleet B)Mike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Easterly TrophyIan Campbell & Lezli-Ann Pearson
Jak PotSimon Longstaff & Jon Denwood
Ullock MugNeil Currie & Rory Yardley
Transom TrophyNeil Currie & Rory Yardley
Denton Trophy (Night Jar)Tim Knowles & Martin Statter
Handicap Series Trophies
May Holiday CupMark Somerville
Grisedale CupMark Somerville
August CupMark Somerville
Comet TrophyMark Somerville
Dodd TrophyJoe Roberts
Wythop PlateJoe Roberts
Skiddaw TrophyJoe Roberts
Barf PlateSteve Hunt & Ruth Critchley
Isel CupAlex & Olivia Leonard
Spring Holiday Plate (Fleet A)Stan Barton
Foxtail Trophy (Fleet B)Mike Fairlamb
Evening Plate (Night Jar overall winner)  John Reekie
Easter Holiday TrophyTony King
GP14 Series Trophies
Bass TankardDave & Lynn Lawson
Aitken CupDave & Lynn Lawson
Harney Hetherington Trophy (Fleet A) Dave & Lynn Lawson
Lyne TankardDave & Lynn Lawson
Mustard PotDave & Lynn Lawson
Commodores PrizeDave & Lynn Lawson & Ken Bell
Spring Cup (The Jak Plak)Mike Fairlamb & Eric Smith
Graham CupMike Fairlamb & Eric Smith
Night Jar Mike Fairlamb & Eric Smith
McMillan Cup (June Cup)Mike Fairlamb & Eric Smith
Ross Wear Helm (Fleet B)Val & Ken Bell
Stables PrizePaul & Vicky Bowmer
Autumn CupNigel Lewis & Glenys Kett
Slow Handicap Series Trophies
Reflection TrophyPhil & Oliver Smith
AB SeriesPhil & Oliver Smith
Round Table TankardPhil & Oliver Smith
Peel PotPhil & Oliver Smith
Windfall Trophy (Fleet A)Mik Chappell
The Albert Bates TrophyMik Chappell
Singlehanded TrophyMik Chappell
M Series (Night Jar PH winner & 1st Mirror)Katia & Andy Smith
Red Sails TrophyJonathan & Henry Bullen
Image TankardPhil & Rory Davenport
Orsova CupPaul & Emily Clark
Races & Series for All Classes
October Sat Series FHDave & Lynn Lawson
October Sat Series PHDave & Lynn Lawson
October Sun Series FHDave & Lynn Lawson
October Sun Series PHDave & Lynn Lawson
Jubilee Sailing TrustDave & Lynn Lawson
Eric Twiname Trust / Bass BurgeeDave Lawson & Joe Roberts
Banana StakesMike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Albert Bates RetirementMike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Celebrity Glass TrophyMike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Starters Prize  Phil & Naomi Smith
Calvert Trust PennantSteve Hunt & Ruth Critchley
Tinker TrophyAnthony Woodyer & Joanna Van Lachterop
Paul Carruthers Memorial TrophyJoe Roberts
Night Jar under 16Katia Smith
Ladies RaceVal Bell & Rhonwen Bryce
Senior RaceMike Fairlamb & Ken Bell
Junior RaceJames Reekie
2017 Winter Series Personal HandicapPaul Gannon
2017 Winter Series Fleet HandicapJim Christie
Jimmy Lancaster Memorial TrophyAlan Jones & Sue Watson
RNLI PennantPaul & Vicky Bowmer
Max Joule Memorial TrophyMik Chappell
Special Prizes
Sandra’s SalverMichaela Sheard
The Roger Pryde Memorial TrophyTBA
Consistency CupTBA

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Bonfire & Fireworks Saturday 10th November

The Club will be hosting our postponed Bonfire Night on Saturday 10th November.

Please come along for 6pm, and remember to bring a large firework! Snacks & hot drinks will be available, and of course, the bar will be open.

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Winter Series Begins

Following the rain and gales on Saturday, the weather on Sunday was mild with a gentle southwesterly breeze. However, only 7 hardy competitors arrived to contest the first race of the November Winter Series.

Racing was complicated somewhat by the absence of the committee boat driver, so the competitors themselves started racing on the water by using a gate start or as one competitor said, a rabbit start. Fittingly the rabbit for the first race was called Peter!

Both races were easily won by AJ/Sue in their GP14 followed in each case by the Rabbit – Peter Whipp in his Laser.

Series results.

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Saturday Blues

On this occasion, it was wall to wall blue skies that we had the pleasure of enduring, albeit that they were accompanied by a chilly northern breeze.

Eight boats took to the water in the freshening breeze. Dave/Lynn led the fleet again taking another two wins and the overall series on both personal and fleet handicap basis! Tony King secured two 2nds in his Solo, Neil and AJ/Sue each had a 3rd place.

AJ was trying out his new boom mounted camera, though no-one’s certain whether the footage is likely to become a best seller. However, in an incident in which AJ was crossing on port in front of Dave who was on starboard, the footage might have proved useful in determining whether or not he was at fault.

Autumn Saturday series final results

Sunday was glorious as well but with only two takers there was a lack of interest in racing, so it was cancelled. The honours for both the fleet and personal series again go to Dave and Lynn, with Mike and Kayla 2nd.

Autumn Sunday series final results

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Shadow of Sale

With the lake level down again, milder airs, and a gentle F2 it was good to get racing underway again after recent weekend weather conditions. Although there was initially two directions due to the wind coming round, or was it over, Sale Fell, the predominant SW prevailed so the course took the fleet on a beat from 3 to 9.

Though the direction remained true throughout the afternoon, the sailors were not so enthralled by the shifts, and holes, that they had to endure going into 9.

In the first race, John/Tim in their F15 gained a commanding lead in the strengthening winds. Paul had opted for a full Laser rig, but was caught out in the heavier gusts at a gybe mark and had his first capsize of the day before the wind eased again. Dave/Lynn sailed as well as ever, and took the win on handicap.

John/Tim were a bit too eager in the second race and had to be recalled, letting Mike/Kayla break away, though their lead was diminished significantly in the shifty winds leading into 9. Dave/Lynn remained in contention throughout taking their 2nd win of the day

Autumn Saturday series latest results

Low cloud and drizzle/rain was struggling to lure the five helms on to the water. Alex opted out, and then Sue decided she’d prefer to wait for the drier afternoon race. Nigel then offered to crew for AJ, so that meant there would be three boats racing. The suggestion of another shore based start was quickly taken up (so much better than spending a rainy morning in the Bates!).

Mike/Kayla opted to have a reaching start and raised their spinnaker, but started 10 secs after the two GPs because their stopwatch didn’t start when it was initially set. Mike soon was ahead of Dave/Lynn but couldn’t shake them off until the final lap by which time it was too late to pull out a big enough lead to win on handicap.

Over lunch the wind eased and Mike opted to pack his boat away, so there were only two GPs racing, both of which went for a reaching start, with spinnakers. AJ was heard to say “what could go wrong?”. At the start signal Dave/Lynn were half a boat length over the line, and AJ/Sue possibly half an inch behind it, so the recall signal was sounded and both boats returned to restart.

AJ sailed well and kept close to Dave throughout the race, but what would have been the result if he had not made an unnecessary restart?

So with another two wins under his belt, Dave and Lynn lead the Autumn Sunday series as well.

Autumn Sunday series latest results

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Check/Move Your Boat

As expected, the lake continued to rise overnight and the lower boat park is flooded.

Is your boat safe? Does it need moved?

With a mass of water, but lack of wind, those that were down were more interested in moving their boats to safety just in case the lake rises again, so the racing was cancelled.

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Shattered Dreams

The enthusiasm of the handful of people that turned up to sail rapidly waned as the light conditions at 1pm were blown away by ever increasing winds, evident by a mass of white horses visible when looking down wind!

Racing was cancelled with a vow to try again tomorrow.

With the lake level currently rising at a rate of 30mm/hour, and likely to rise more overnight, it may be prudent to check your boat on Sunday and decide whether it needs moved to higher ground.

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Flying 15 Team Racing Cancelled

Due to the atrocious forecast for Saturday it has been decided to cancel this weekend’s F15 team racing.

Club racing is still scheduled, but actual conditions will determine whether racing can proceed.

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Unwanted American Visitor

After causing chaos in America, there’s another storm heading our way with gusts forecast to exceed 60mph over the next few days.

Is your boat properly tied down? It may be a good time to check to avoid damage to your, and your neighbour’s, boat

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Another Sunny Saturday

October is here, the autumn is setting in, but with the sun shining again, there was a fleet of 15 boats across various fleets for the first races in the Autumn Saturday series. 

Alex took the lead in his RS100, but failed to properly note down the course so was keen to double check it as he pass the committee boat! Neil’s Laser sail was somewhat floppy as he forgot to put battens in it!

Bob managed to get entangled on the committee boat’s anchor warp – AJ was keen to point out that he had never done that. Watch this space!

There were occasional planing conditions, but generally the wind was relatively light with the inevitable wind shifts to contend with. It was good to see Joan/Jack back on the water (for the first race at least), and they haven’t lost their form finishing 3rd on handicap.

Alex’s strong performance, earned him two wins on fleet handicap. Mike/Kayla and Dave/Lynn each had a 2nd position. On personal handicap, Alex took the first win ahead of Joan/Jack, while Mike Cave won the second race, with Bob Gate 2nd

Latest results

Sunday had a forecast of high winds which would increase  through the day, and that is what happened. Though there was a good breeze when sailors arrived, various  persuaded themselves it was best to use smaller Laser Radial sails, or in Paul’s case Topper sails! The wind did increase even by the time racing was underway.

With no OD to hand, racing was started from the finish line transit at the race office. The simple, trapezoidal course, was no appreciated by Mike/Kayla because there was a true dead run, and without using a spinnaker they were nose diving from time to time. The gusty conditions were too much for all the single handers as they all capsized, as did Val/Ken.

The heavy keel on Mike/Kayla’s F15 worked to their advantage in the heavy winds, enabling them to win by 40 secs on handicap ahead of Dave/Lynn in their GP. Having caught up with Val/Ken when they capsized, AJ/Sue were disappointed that they had to sail one more lap so retired.

Although the wind seemed to settle over lunch, the sailors had warmed up, got comfortable, and opted not to venture out again, so it was an early finish and home.

Latest results

Next weekend the annual F15 team racing event takes place starting at 1pm. Club racing will run as usual, starting at 2.30pm.

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