It is with great sadness that we have learned that Ian MacPherson died peacefully this morning (17 October) after a long illness. Ian has been a long standing member of the club having sailed in the Laser and F15 fleets.

Our thoughts are with his wife and family at this sad time.

Ian’s funeral is to be held at 13.30 on Monday 28 October at Carlisle Crematorium, followed by a reception at Dalston Victory Hall. If you are likely to attend the reception please let us, or Tim Chittenden, know by Wednesday evening so that the family can plan catering arrangements.

Due to various other commitments, numerous regulars are not available for the planned team racing on 26/27 October, so, due to low anticipated attendance, it has been decided to cancel this year’s event.

Club racing will continue as planned.

A sunny but chilly Saturday had a fleet of 10 boats enjoying lighter than forecast winds. AJ was in a spin soon after the first start due to a port/starboard incident. He was spotted doing another turn later having hit a mark! At least he was close enough to hit that one as a group of boats then headed for the wrong mark…. They did realise their mistake and correct their course. Barbara had a couple of capsizes before retiring. Mike/Kayla and Ant each had a win from the afternoon’s racing.

Latest Saturday results

Sunday was nothing like the day before, with a light wind fading as the sailors arrived together with the rain showers. However, the wind soon filled back in from the SE to get racing underway, and it unexpectedly strengthened, albeit for a short while. The wind eased as it backed to the east, and losing the beat, but Dave/Lynn held their lead to win the race.

The afternoon race was held in very light airs, taking an hour to complete the one and only lap. Dave/Lynn taking the honours again, ahead of Neil in his Laser.

Latest Sunday results

A fair number of potential competitors turned up at the Club with the intention of racing but rapidly changed their minds when they saw what foul winds Bass’ micro-climate had delivered. These included Ian & Tim, Paul & Vicky and Hon treasurer to name but a few.  AJ / Sue said maybe but opted out when their Geep nearly blew over with only the jib up! Paul G’s Radial went one better by taking off and turning over on the slipway.

So we had three boats in the pre-start area for Race 1.  This was reduced to two when the kicking strap on Hugh’s Vareo came adrift.  It left the two Pauls – Gannon & Clark – to take the start in their Radials. PG had a capsize on the beat but, as PC took what he described as an Asymmetric course on the next leg, the return to the finish was close with PC nosing it by 8 seconds.  Yes, it was only 1 lap!

Both helms fancied (?) a second race.  PC took an early lead which extended when PG had a number of further capsizes.  To his credit he continued to the finish, and on being asked after how he felt, said he urgently needed a bag of chips.  Hey ho!

Latest Results
Latest Results for Sunday racing

The overnight rain eased through the morning, leaving a dry afternoon for the start of the final weekend series of the club championship season for which more than 20 boats took to the water.

The wind was lighter than forecast, but there was still opportunities for planing conditions on some of the gusts.

The occasional light patch created opportunities for some to make up ground, but, generally, positions remained consistent throughout the afternoon, with Simon/Jon in the F15s, Val/Ken in the GPs, and Andy/Lily in the Slow Handicap each had two wins, and therefore made them overnight leaders for their fleet trophies. In the Handicap fleet, Neil won in his Laser in the first race, and Tony in a Solo in the second one.

Another film video from John, this time 360 version so turn your phone/tablet, or drag the image, to choose your view

The wind and rain was forecast to return on Sunday, but, although it was miserably wet, the wind was similar to Saturday, and eased as the morning went on. The F15 and GP sailors were less than enthusiastic to race, while the Slow Handicap were tied up doing other things, including standing in as OD in Mik’s case, which left a the the Handicap fleet of five boats.

The changing winds strengths throughout the day led to a mix of race positions, with the overall result being dependent on the final race. Banter/Izzy’s win in their RS400 put them half a point ahead of Steve/Ruth in their Merlin to win the Comet Trophy.

Final results

The weekend’s results changed the club championship results with Simon/Jon taking the lead in the F15 championship from Mike/Kayla, and Andy/Lily winning the Slow Handicap championship from Mik. Congratulations also go to Dave/Lynn in the GPs, and Steve/Ruth in the Handicap fleet.

Club Championship 2019

Members will note that the lake level has risen considerably over the last week, and with a lot more rain in the pipeline, please consider moving your boat off the foreshore to avoid the risk of damage if flooding occurs yet again.

Lovely day, apart from the wind!

With the Indian summer continuing, there was clear blue skies, and a warm south easterly wind to greet sailors, the only problem being that instead of a gentle force 2, the Bass micro climate offered a force 6 with even bigger gusts, and plenty of white horses to prove it!

Our own John Reekie ventured out in his Solo, getting very wet in the process (spray, not capsizing), but after a three hour postponement, the wind had not eased sufficiently to tempt enough people out, so the OD postponed until the morning when conditions should be better.

By Sunday morning the wind had eased, but was still blowing from the south east, the blue skies had disappeared, and the rain moved in!

The wind strength eased throughout the morning, but not before Keith and Gayle broached at one of the gybe marks! There was only one premature starter in the Youth fleet during the two morning races, and there’s rumblings of a protest in the F15 fleet.

At lunchtime the sun started to shine, and continued throughout race 3, as did the light breeze. There were mixed fortunes in the race, including Simon/Jon hitting the committee boat at the start! However it meant that the overall positions were all to race for in the final race.

Simon and Jon’s win in the final race snatched victory from Mike Preston and Chris Robinson from Blackpool and Fleetwood.

In the GP masters, it was to be the final reach that determined their winner which changed twice in a matter of minutes from Andy and Phil, to Graham and Frank, then Mark and Sam Platt from Bolton.

Robert and James from Royal Windermere won the final race to keep their lead, and secure the Youth Championship from Alastair and Joel from Southport.

Flying 15 winners Simon Longstaff and Jon Denwood from Bass

GP Masters Championship winners Mark Platt and Sam Platt from Bolton

GP Youth Championship winners Robert Richardson and James Abbatt from Royal Windermere

With a large contingent of members at Southport for the annual 24 hour race, there was a limited number of takers for club racing, and one of those was a little reluctant due to the strength of the wind. However, Joanie overcame her concerns and went out with Tog in their RS200. As it turned out, the wind was stronger on the leeward shore than expected, so soon after the start a dutiful Tog was heading back to shore leaving John/Jack to finish the race on their own.

Sunday’s wind was much lighter, but as shifty as ever, with various light patches. With a mix of boats and skills on the water, racing wasn’t exactly close, but still a challenge. 1st places went to John in his Pico and Neil/Rory in their F15, but it was Paul Gannon that won overall, as he had been on rescue duty on Saturday, and therefore had three results to count.

Final Tinker Trophy results

The visiting Tinker fleet raced a total of six races during their open meeting, and had an evening meal in the clubhouse.

The winner was TCOA Commodore, Alistair Parker. Prizes were presented by Barbara Warden.

Team Bass had a hard, but fun weekend down at Southport for the 24 hour race finishing 23rd overall

Team Bass

The final results are shown below

Here’s some more footage that John Bracegirdle took this weekend

Some cooler autumnal airs, with blue skies as a backdrop, were the order of the day on Saturday. The winds proved to be variable in both strength, and direction, all afternoon.

Despite getting caught on the Bates’ anchor warp just after starting, Paul, with Evie and William crewing, in their Mirror beat Mik to the windward mark in the light conditions. The story goes that William helmed as Paul freed their spinnaker sheet from under the boat, Mik subsequently passed them, and held the lead to the finish.

The wind dropped during the start sequence of the second race, such that when AJ was starting in the GPs, and creating chaos as is often the case, there was still three late starters from the handicap fleet in his way, not that anyone did any turns…

Dave/Lynn won both races in the GPs, with Paul/Vicky, and Joan/Jack each securing a 2nd place. In the Handicap fleet, Stan won both races in his Solo, and Paul in a Laser two 2nds.

On Sunday morning the clouds rolled in, but brought no extra wind with them. While inspecting the beats, the OD noted two winds, the first from 5-9, the second from 4-1. How can that be possible? Relying on the 4-1 beat, a course was prepared but then the wind backed, seemingly settling on 4-0, so the course was adjusted, and racing got underway.

The wind did continue to have some big shifts to keep helms on their toes. To extend the race time slightly, the OD opted to finish at 0, but as the lead boats were on that final beat, the light patch around 0 quickly expanded over the full beat. Fortunately, after about 15 mins the wind filled in sufficiently to bring the rest of the fleet home.

Dave/Lynn secured another win from Joan/Jack to win the Autumn Cup, and Steve/Ruth won the Handicap race from Stan who won the Skiddaw Trophy, with Steve 2nd overall. Though not sailing, the F15 Dawson Trophy was won by Angus/Mike, and the slow handicap Bates Trophy by Mik.

Final DW results

The wind came and went over the lunch break, but never bedded in properly so the afternoon pennant race was cancelled.

Meanwhile several club sailors have been on the circuit and their results can be followed here
Mike Moore/kayla Sheard – Flying 15 Championship of Ireland, World Championship
Tony King – Solo Inland Championship
John Reekie – Musto Skiff Nationals

John Bracegirdle has been trying out his 360 camera…

A reasonably calm evening with a Westerly wind.  Jenny chose 9-8-A and 12 boats lined up for the start. It had to happen in the final outing and we had an individual recall as Nigel & Glenys were ocs.

Mark’s 400 with Cameron as crew led after the short windward leg but the helm was keeping an eye on Matthew so he wasn’t really racing. It was, therefore, Rory’s Solo who effectively led from Joan & Jack and Alan & Sue in their GPs.  Then came Paul with a Radial rig.

After several laps the light was fading fast so it was decided to finish John’s Pico on three.  Crews then returned to the Clubhouse where Barbara had a meal prepared for all.

Latest results

Saturday’s forecast was wet and blustery, and perhaps the reason for the limited number of takers for the two race Celebrity Glass Pursuit. As it turned out, there were some short, heavy, showers, but the wind was lighter than expected.

The 50 min races had Tog in his Solo starting first with the GP chasing just 30 secs later. In the first race Vice Commodore Jon was sailing with Commodore Naomi as a practice for the forthcoming 24 hour race, for which it is rumoured they could be starting on behalf of the club. They quickly caught Tog on the beats, but offwind, places regularly changed  if the wind picked up. On rounding the final mark before the finish, Jon had a strong lead but a gust of wind had him looking at the centreboard wondering whether it would take his weight, if he could get on to it! Fortunately they recovered, but it was to be a close finish as seen above.

For the second race, AJ/Sue took control of the GP. AJ blamed his failure to catch Tog on spinnaker problems… Tog’s 1st and 2nd won him the trophy.

Final results

Sunday was less showery, but had various short, torrential, downpours. The westerly F2-3, had some good gusts for the reaches, but proved to be very shifty throughout the day. There were a few capsizes, but Steve/Ruth in a Merlin led the handicap fleet to win the morning race with Peter 2nd in his Laser, and Mike/Joanie in their RS200 3rd. Dave/Lynn won in the GPs ahead of AJ/Sue.

Latest results

The afternoon pennant race just took the small fleet of eight boats to Scarness so they avoided the worst of the Sale Fell down draughts. Nigel/Glenys capsized at the first gybe mark, but retired after getting help to get their mast out of the mud. Steve/Ruth took another win from Dave/Lynn, with Toggle in his Solo 3rd.

Banana Stakes final results

The race counted towards Sandra’s Salver for female crews, which Sue is still leading

Sandra’s Salver latest results