For a pleasant change there was a good wind forecast for the whole weekend, over which a club championship series is being held. The day started with some youth sail training. The wind freshened as the afternoon went on, and there were surprisingly few capsizes. Though a notable one was Val and Ken, having been in the lead earlier in the race, if only because they were caught on camera before colliding with the Bates after righting. The Bates seemed to be a risky place to be with Simon/Jon avoiding colliding with it, and then Mike/Kayla, just before the start of the second race.

Was it the lack of recent experience in higher winds that had various crews on the foredeck clearing spinnaker lines at the start of the windward leg? Banter/Emma joined forces in the RS400, but after breaking their spinnaker halyard, they popped ashore after the first race with the intention of being back out for the next one! – it was not to be…

Generally the stronger winds seemed to be shifty, making it hard work, and resulting in obvious relief from numerous crews as they finished the last race of the day.

On Sunday the wind started lighter than expected, but freshened as the day went on. The morning race had two beats, the 2nd one heading to mark A, partially blanketed by Sale Fell (though it wasn’t meant to be), which proved challenging as to how to approach it. Peter thought it was ideally positioned in the worst place possible!

There were a few more capsizes throughout the day, numerous spectacularly fast spinnaker legs, and some good racing. However, it all took its toll on the competitors that reduced in numbers as the day went on, to the stage that there was only one taker for the final race.

AJ was feeling the pressure with Dave crewing and jumped ship (or was he washed overboard?) on one reach! Steve/Ruth realised it was faster without a spinnaker than bearing away on a gust with kite, then beating back up to the next mark as Banter did more than once. Paul was sailing a Topper but struggled to tack at one stage adding more than 7 mins to his lap time (it was wondered whether he was sand bagging waiting for the course to be shortened!)

The overall winners were Simon/Jon in the F15s, Dave/Lynn in the GPs, Steve/Ruth in the handicap fleet, and Phil/Oliver in the Slow Handicap fleet

Final results

It nearly didn’t happen!  Only Bass member Mark Hunt turned in for safety but Neil saved the day giving up his Laser sail to drive the Rib.  They successfully dealt with John capsizing his Solo on the way to the start and a later long inversion of Steve & Simon’s L2000.

There was a good entry of 17 boats for this round despite it being overcast with a threat of rain. The wind was WSW 3-4 and the OD set 0-1-5-4 which was long for a Thursday but ok in the prevailing conditions.

The first leg saw the usual group pull away and continue their lead positions during a short mid-race shower.  But, as the rain stopped so did the wind!  James & Jenny were left with none at 0 and dropped from first to fourth after which they retired to the Clubhouse.  Val & Ken profited most moving up to have a tight battle with Mike & Eric. John and Rory in their Solos were also in the group and Nigel & Glenys’s GP not far astern.

The lack of any usable wind also created a problem for the OD (and for Sazzie / Hazel on food who kept asking when crews would be ashore!).  It was decided to shorten immediately although some boats including Joe Blease’s Radial had drifted across the line before Flag S was hoisted. Richard Hughes’ Radial got three successive hoots – two for shortening and the third for a finish!

More by luck than judgement wind came back and all had finished within the hour.

It is with sadness that we have learned of the death of John Dawson at the age of 98, father of rear commodore Robin.

Many longer standing members will know of John who was an active member for many years, both on and off the water.

Our thoughts and condolences are with his widow Beth, Robin, and families at this sad time.

Funeral details will be posted here when arrangements have been finalised.

As the fleet of 17 boats, in which it was great to have so many young sailors, prepared for the Mirror Inland Championship, the lake had numerous calm patches which the forecast didn’t instil confidence in many that they would disappear. However, shortly before the scheduled start the wind did settle and fill the lake.

The first start had three boats OCS, of which only one returned, but other starts were all clear. Although the wind swung rhythmically throughout the afternoon, the beats were maintained and there was some close racing throughout the fleet, with positions in different races being shared across several boats.

With the very light forecast for Sunday at risk of scuppering the day’s racing, the OD was keen to try and have an extra race if the wind held, which it did, but some boats opted out of racing it.

Andy and Lily Smith won race 4, with Luke and Tristan Shaw from Budworth 2nd, to secure the same positions on the overall leaders board overnight, with Phil and Oliver Smith 3rd.

Sunday started with the wind matching the forecast with the lake mirror like, but a few clouds moved in together a NE breeze, and then it disappeared, and came back, and disappeared again! It did fill in again about an hour after the scheduled start time, and stayed to enable racing to get underway. As with Saturday, racing was close, and positions kept changing, even on the final beat. Phil and Oliver held their race lead, but wife, and Commodore, Naomi had a stormer snatching 2nd place from Luke and Tristan by less than a foot (in old money). Although brother Andy and Lily lost out slipping from 3rd to 7th, they maintained their overall lead, though Phil and Luke were in close contention, so there was everything to sail for in a final race.

The start line was reset for the final race, but just before the course was displayed, a breeze filled in from the west. The start was moved and the final race was soon underway in another shifting, force 1-2. Phil led from the windward mark, and maintained it to the finish taking the Inland Championship trophy, with Luke 2nd.

National Inland Champions Phil & Oliver Smith from Bass

2nd overall, with race 1 trophy, Luke and Tristan Shaw from Budworth

3rd overall and winner of races 2 & 3 Andy and Lily Smith from Bass

4th overall, and 1st single hander, Commodore Naomi Smith from Bass

5th overall and 1st Junior, Ed Coady and Sebastian Shilling from Derwent Reservoir

10th overall and 1st youth, (Charlie Exley and) Josh Hunter from Bass

Endeavour trophy for 8 year old Alfie Duncan from Bass for helming all 6 races

It was dry but chilly with a NW wind.  The OD set a different course of 1-0-B-4 and 20 boats took the start.  Mark’s RS100 was first down the beat and continued to extend its lead.  Val & Ken’s GP, incognito with a white Kite, were next up followed by James & Jenny’s L2000 having re-rigged from Ullswater and the second GP of Joan & Jack.

Then came a tight contest between the single handers; Rory’s Solo, Paul’s Radial (sailing above the helm’s handicap as usual) and Mike’s Streaker which moved through to be first of the group.

The course was shortened for Barbara’s Radial and the Teras of Matthew and Katia. Also, the Vision of Dave Era / Dave Pearson which had earlier capsized.

Then all headed back for the meal prepared this week by newcomer John Bracegirdle.  

Latest results

The sunny Saturday started with some junior sail training in variable light airs. It was hoped that a sea breeze would be the saviour and fill in the various flat patches, and steady the swinging breeze.

On setting the course it seemed that the sea breeze was on its way as the fleet headed to the start line, so the start sequence got underway despite a late swing back to the north resulting in a reaching start for most fleets. However, they did have to tack to reach the windward mark, as the alternate breeze filled in again. The twin airs continued to battle it out throughout the afternoon.

Perhaps it was one of the lulls between the airflows that AJ/Sue took advantage of to catch and pass Mike/Eric in the GPs? In the next race, AJ again took the lead when Mike had to do some turns, but Mike pulled back through, and presently leads the series.

A last minute decision to sail scuppered Scumper’s chances in the first race as he started behind the Mirrors & Teras! It was John Reekie in a Solo that won race 1 ahead of Colin May in a Laser. Scumper won race 2 with Stan in a Solo 2nd. Stan leads the series.

In the Slow Handicap fleet, Matthew/Cameron were practising for next weekend’s Mirror Inlands, finishing with a creditable 1st and 3rd to lead the series. Katia and Poppy were in Teras again, and vying for position with Mik in his Mirror. They all ended the day with 6 points, but Poppy’s win split the tie putting her 2nd overall, and Katia 3rd.

Latest results

Sunday’s forecast was not at all promising with less wind than Saturday. Fortunately the Bass micro-climate filled the flat patches to get racing underway in another day of sunshine. There were some occasional lighter patches, and various shifts, but that’s fairly normal!

A couple of Mirror crews stepped up to the Handicap fleet with Andy/Lily in a GP, while Phil/Oliver were in a RS200. On handicap Andy took 1st place just 8 secs ahead of Phil, with Ian/Lezli-Ann 3rd. Mik won the Slow Handicap fleet, with Katia 2nd, and John Roberts 3rd.

After lunch there was a pennant race in aid of Calvert Trust. With the light winds the fleet were only sent to mark 10 which took the lead boat more than 30 mins to reach. On the return the wind strengthened, and lifted benefitting the boats further down the fleet one of which was AJ/Sue, sailing Andy’s GP, who broke through to the lead for a while. Ian/Lezli-Ann did regain the lead, but not sufficient to win on handicap, finishing 6th overall. It was to be Mik’s day, taking another win almost 50 secs ahead of AJ, with Rory in a Solo 3rd 14 secs later.

Calvert Trust Pennant results
Sandra’s Salver latest results

A drab, light westerly evening started serenely enough, But, when the Thursday evening Bates driver decided to launch the Rib it became highly entertaining as he ended up waist deep in the water! Luckily the combined skills of Ken, Keith, Tog and others were able to get things on a drier footing and racing started albeit around 30 mins late.

 Mike & Eric got a flyer in the Geep with Val & Ken following.  But the latter boat came under pressure from Eric’s FF and James & Jenny’s L2000. There were shouts for mark room which resulted in turns for the L2000.

The Tera and Oppy battles had the Somerville / Reekie boats vying for their lead.

Great to see.  But the chill caught up and your correspondent signed off despite good craik with Wendy & Gail.

Latest results

Another sunny Saturday with a light SE breeze greeted a fleet of 50 boats with helm and crew under 19.

As racing was about to get underway at 1200 hrs the light breeze faded and started to swing through 180 degrees… With hopes of a sea breeze moving in to settle things down, it was noticed that wind was filling in from the SE again, so the course was reset and racing got underway.

Half an hour into the race the wind swung to the SW, and a shadow was cast over mark 1, so the race was shortened, and Tom Brindley from Redesmere took his first of four wins of the day in the NWJTT, with Emily Page from Budworth 1st Topper.

The course was reset again, and the wind freshened for a short while, but then swung more to the NW, and back to the SW again. A sign of things to come? Will Burbridge from Chester was 1st Topper.

After a break, the wind clearly hadn’t settled as the OD set a windward mark, moved to position the leeward mark only to find the wind was blowing from the opposite direction! Fortunately, the SW wind took control again and race 3 was started. As with the previous race, the wind swung between the NW and SW. This time Tom Bates from Ripon was 1st Topper.

After a slight adjustment of the beat, race 4 was underway, but the wind soon eased for the back half of the fleet. With various zephyrs passing through the fleet continued on for another lap after which the race was shortened, before the wind faded altogether. George Colquitt from WKSC was 1st Topper.

Tom Brindley was overnight leader for NWJTT and Emily Page led the Toppers.

Strong winds were forecast for Sunday, but the Bass micro-climate resulted in windy, but sailable, conditions which put off some less experienced sailors.

Unlike Saturday, the stronger winds were more settled in direction so the course just had to be set once! There were numerous capsizes, some notable (an Oppie nosediving), but there were some very determined sailors that tried their best and carried on racing even after various capsizes.

Tom Brindley continued his mastery of the NWJTT fleet winning both races and the winner’s trophy. In the Topper fleet, the conditions suited Tom Bates who took two wins and overall lead in NW Areas.

Topper NW Areas winner Tom Bates from Ripon

NWJTT Winner Tom Brindley from Redesmere

A cloudless and very warm day brought virtually all the Thursday regulars to the Club with the intention of cooling down out on the water.  But they found a brisk southerly with the wind rattling rigs.  Some opted to give it a miss with Emma, for one, taking to safety. But there were still over 20 boats on the line upwind of 1 which was followed by a long beat to 8, a run to B and a reach to 1 completing the triangle.

Initially, the line was incredibly biased with Mark reckoning port on port might be an option but the bias went neutral in the countdown.  The Sale Fell effect made the first beat difficult but a gradual swing to SSE and a dropping of wind strength made decision making easier.

Barbara decided to match Mik’s decision making by following astern (not a good practice at the best of times!).  She eventually ended up with a brief capsize and he was able to concentrate on trying to get the better of John’s Pico.

Back at the club Richard had prepared curry and a vegetarian option so no one went hungry.  

Latest NJ results

We are delighted to learn of the birth of Saskia Florence, first born daughter for Alex and Olivia, on 24 June.

We send our best wishes and congratulations to mum and dad, grandma Caroline, and great grandma Beryl, not to forget granduncle Robin, grandaunt Becky, and first cousins Ethan, Erin and Amber!